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Money has been a symbol of status and power for thousands of years. And for thousands of years, women have desired wealthy men.

It makes sense…money makes the world go ‘round.

A man with money provides stability and a better standard of living. He can support children. He can offer new experiences.

We, as men, know this. It’s why so many of us work hard, dress to impress, and buy possessions that display our financial status. We want to position ourselves as high-value mates over other men.

However, some guys take this too far. They shower women they just met with absurd amounts of money. They pay for fancy dinners, lavish gifts, and high-end vacations.

The thing is, overspending doesn’t always get you the outcome you desire. It can be a viable option when you’re looking for a short-term hookup or a one-night stand…but when you’re looking for a more substantial connection, using money to attract women only sabotages your chances.

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Welcome To Caveman’s Fight Club!

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Brutal Guillotine!


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Hot Instagram Girl Of The Day: Elizabeth

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Child Actors Who Were Way Too Young For Their Controversial Roles – Ranker

Male escort exposes 36 actively gay priests in a file sent to Vatican containing erotic Whatsapp messages and photos. The allegations were compiled by a gay male escort who told local media he couldn’t put up with the priests’ "hypocrisy" any longer – Newsweek

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This shotgun sprays table salt and decimates flies on contact…only in ‘Murica! – Bug-A-Salt

How to invest money in 2018: The best beginner’s investment plan, with funds, stocks, bonds and more – Mic

How did life begin? It’s Chemistry 101, but in space – ARS Technica

Sommer Ray Insta Thot in Fetish Gear of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

WTF is an Airdrop? A Detailed Guide to Free Cryptocurrency – Hackernoon

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Girl Poses For Class Photo. 30 Years Later, Her Fiancé Looks At Bottom Left Corner And Gasps – OMG

What Americans can learn from Scandanavians, the happiest people in the world – Thrillist

The Killers Of Kiev: How Putin Created An Assassin’s Metropolis –

Selena Gomez, Becky G and Other Random Women – G-Celeb

If you want your kid to get a good job, let them play more – Quartz

Lindsey Pelas Will Get Your Blood Boiling – Hollywood Tuna

When You See What’s On These Post-Its, Your Faith In Humanity Will EXPLODE – Slip Talk

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The Dumping Grounds

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Confessions Of A Former Klansman

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interview with former klansman

Who brought you into the fold of white supremacy?

I was introduced to racist ideology around the age of 14, by some other teenagers who were skinheads. I never really joined, but I shaved my head and put boots on. Not necessarily because I believed any of it. I thought it made me look edgy and tough. I moved from my all white semi rural town at 19 to an outlying suburb near a predominantly black inner city area. This is where I dealt with my first encounters with African Americans. After some ugly altercations and having a few guns stuck in my face, my immature mind decided that because I had dealt with some black people who happened to be bad, all black people must be bad. I found Klan contacts on a WN message board and reached out.

What sort of views did you hold about those of other races compared to your own? Were those outside of the WS/KKK movement seen as inferior physically, intellectually, or otherwise even if they were your own race?

There are varying degrees of this. A few get really into the whole Ubermensch thing. For the most part I was more of a segregationist. I didn’t necessarily think whites were by nature better, but that we should live separately from other races. Toward the end, I became more irrational and hate driven.

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What Is Dating And Sex Like In Japan?

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dating and sex in japan

Flirting in Japan

Flirting seems like a misnomer. It’s more like an absense of flirting. If you like someone in Japan, there are a couple of different ways of showing it and/or approaching them, none of which really resemble flirting in the west. 

1. Nanpa (the “pickup”) First off, only guys do nanpa; in the rare case that girls do it, it’s called gyaku-nan (“reverse nanpa”), but I never heard of gyaku-nan actually happening, it always seemed like it was more of an amusing theoretical idea, rather than something girls really did. 

Nanpa only refers to the case when you don’t know the other person at all, and you want to pick them up. Nanpa is direct. “You’re cute. What’s your name? Do you have time? Let’s go somewhere.” That is the classic script of nanpa. It can be shortened to just: “Kawaii yo. Jikan aru?” If you hear that, you’re being nanpa-ed. Of course, if you are a non-Asian foreigner, you will probably never hear that, because Japanese guys are too shy to try and nanpa a white or black woman. Most Japanese guys are too shy to nanpa at all. If you ask a Japanese if he has ever done nanpa, he’ll probably say, “ZOMG! No way! I’m too embarrassed!” since nanpa is direct, and mostly, if you are Japanese and you like someone, you embark on a series of subtle, indirect stealth manoeuvres, because liking prohibits action, especially for women, but also for men. 

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Social Justice Gone Too Far

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