A Few BADASS Artist That Should Definitely Be On Your Radar

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The Artwork Of Aaron Kai is BADASS!

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Performance Artist Stood Still for 6 Hours and Let People Do What They Wanted to Her Body

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In 1979 Marina Abramovic, an as yet unknown performance artist living in Soviet Russia, created one of the most controversial, fascinating, and dangerous performance pieces in art history. She called it Rhythm 0, and it was as much a work of daring contemporary art as it was a massive social experiment that pulled the veil on human nature, and laid bare the consequences of leaving ourselves, our bodies and our lives in the hands of strangers.

For six hours, she put her life and body completely in the hands of strangers, turning herself into an object to be used, as one wished. During this time she agreed to remain passive, and unresponsive until the experiment was over. Abramovic decided that she would just quietly and limply observe. For the audience, there were no immediate consequences. 

At first, only photographers were going near her.

The premise of “Rhythm 0” was deceptively simple: Abramovic would stand still for six hours straight while the people who came to see her were urged to do whatever they wanted to her using one of 72 objects that she had placed on a table.



This Is What The Artwork of Adolf Hitler Looked Like

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Before putting his hand to the executive order that lead to millions of innocent individuals being killed, nearly destroying the Western world as we know it, Adolf Hitler was an upcoming (re: unsuccessful) artist.

He actually applied to the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, only to be turned down not once but twice due to his “unfitness for painting” – it’s not hard to see why.

It’s hard to believe that before he instigated the rise of Nazi Germany and appointed himself Supreme Ruler Of The Reich, he was actually painting flowers, buildings and monuments.

Ironically enough, it was those very scenes and landscapes which were ultimately laid to waste by his future actions.

These artworks provide an eerie glimpse into the mind of one of the most evil and dictatorial individuals in modern history, even amongst colourful scenic landscapes are images of German tanks from WW1 littering a barren wasteland, still smouldering.

“Smoking Tank” (1916)

'Smoking Tank” (1916)



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A Few BADASS Artists That Should Definitely Be On Your Radar

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