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The One Person Keeping You From Succeeding

February 28, 2014 | 1 Comment » | Topics: Life |

By John Brhel

Listen up, cause I’ve figured out who’s been keeping you from achieving all of your goals, from realizing all of your hopes and dreams, from securing your dream job or scoring a date with that cute redhead who sits in the next cubicle over. He’s been right under your nose this whole time, holding you back from working hard, from pushing yourself to be all you can be. Are you ready?

Drumroll, please. It’s…………….YOU!

Stop blaming your life circumstances, your appearance, your height, your lack of a prep school education, your horrible dancing skills, etc., etc., etc. and stop taking responsibility for your own actions. If you’re not where you want to be in life and you’re not giving it your all, the only one you have to blame is yourself.

No one is going to push you to become better than you already are. Did anyone force Einstein to come up with the general theory of relativity or John Lennon to write brilliant pop songs? No! Guys who get things done do so by their own volition. Okay, some may have it easier than others. Some guys are born rich, handsome, famous, etc., but all of us have the potential to reach great heights if we try.

Who’s in control of your destiny? If you believe in fate and just think life’s going to work itself out for you, good luck with that. If you don’t want to end up waiting around for life to happen to you, you’ve got to take the wheel and drive.

You can either be your best ally or your own worst enemy. You can be an independent, responsible man and take action to better your situation or you can keep playing the blame game, keep procrastinating, and keep living a dull, unfulfilled life.

No one, not your dad, girlfriend, professor, boss, etc. is your keeper. If you’re not living up to your full potential, you can’t blame your manager or your well-off friend for your own lack of success. That’s the easy way out, and it’s the one that will keep you where you are.

The only one keeping you from succeeding is that dude in the mirror, that lowly bastard who isn’t doing all he can. He’s the one who’s not taking the steps to achieve your goals. He’s the one who’s skipping class, not working out, sleeping in, feeling sorry, etc.

Now that you know the culprit, what are you going to do about him? Are you going to sit back and let him win or are you going to take charge? Do you want to be looking at a sorry loser or a go-getting winner the next time you go to shave? The choice is yours alone.

You can either be the person that keeps you from succeeding or the one who propels you to success. No one else is holding you back; don’t hold yourself back either. Be the guy you want to be and the other guy won’t know what hit him.

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motivatonal quotes


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Read THIS To Start Off Your Day Properly

September 12, 2013 | 1 Comment » | Topics: Motivation |

I don’t know you. I don’t know a thing about you. I don’t know where you come from, where you’re going, or why you do what you do. I don’t know if we’d get along if we met. But there is one thing that I do know: You are capable of much more than you have been led to believe.

As I am writing this, there are 7 billion people walking and breathing on our humble rock. The overwhelming, vast majority of them will pass through their 720,000 hours like a match struck in the wind. Hardly noticed, scarcely remembered.

Tomorrow, as you go about your day, take your time to look around. Are there a lot of people around? What do you see? You see mediocrity. You see average. You see everything about yourself that you hate, that you fear, but that you have been conditioned to believe is acceptable. Fine. Enough. A good job.

I’m here to tell you that you will NOT settle for what is fine. You will NOT settle for a good job. Fine is for the loser. Fine is for the guy who skipped the last set of his workout because he just didn’t feel like it. Fine is for the guy who cheated on his diet (this goes for you too, you skinny fuk) because he just couldn’t do it anymore. Fine is for the guy who took a nap instead of sprinting around town in the torrential downpour. Fine is for the guy who got the job, but not the one he wanted. That guy made second place. He has never embraced pain, personal sacrifice, or thrown himself into the fires of dedication. Most importantly, and starting today, this guy is NOT YOU.

You are not this person. You are destined for greatness. You have it inside of you, and you know it. You have always known it. You have felt it as a faint thumping in your gut. It is clawing, scratching, struggling to be set free. It needs your help. As long as you hold yourself to the standard of “average”, that is all you will ever be. In your dreams you aren’t average, so why the Fuk are you settling for it now? What should you be doing right now? What is eating at the back of your skull? Go do it! You know what it is, soldier. The time to act is now. You will burn. You will suffer. Your demons will not be defeated easily. Every step of the way they will whisper in your ear that you aren’t good enough. That you are not meant to succeed. “Just give up,” they will mutter, “you will never be the best.” “NO,” you will reply. You will embrace suffering. You will finish that last repetition. You will claw through the agonizing pain. You will destroy the mediocre pussy in your head. You will break boundaries. You will rise above the rest. You will realize your potential.

You are no average man. Now go do what you were destined to do. End of fuking story.

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Joe Rogan On Working Out

September 3, 2013 | 1 Comment » | Topics: Motivation |

Stephie Daniels: You’re 46 but you have the body of a 25 year old, you really do. You are in immaculate shape. You work hard for that. You eat right, you exercise and you do all the right things. Is that for quality of life now, or is it more for longevity reasons to be around longer for your children and their children?

Joe Rogan: It’s certainly both. I would love to be around for my children, no doubt about it. I love being a dad and the last thing I would want is my kids to miss me because I was an idiot and didn’t eat right, but It’s not totally selfless; I would still do it even if I didn’t have children. I would still take care of my body. One, because I’m sane, two because I love doing jiu-jitsu. I’m on a hiatus right now from jiu-jitsu because I’ve been having back problems, but they’re almost entirely worked out now, I’m almost 100%. I’m giving myself the right amount of time for rehabilitation this time. To enjoy jiu-jitsu you have to be in good shape, otherwise you just get f—ing strangled all the time. I’ve been doing Jiu-jitsu for a huge part of my life; it’s been a big part of my life since 1996, so that’s another reason why I enjoy exercise.

Also, I like blowing off stress. One of the most underrated aspects of exercise is the effect on the mind. I have friends that are really intelligent who sort of pooh-pooh taking care of the body as if it’s some sort of egotistical, vapid approach. I think they’re doing their mind a disservice by not clearing out all the cobwebs that come from stress and hormones building up. There is all sorts of fight or flight s— going on and reward systems that are in place in your body that are not being managed by day to day society working in a cubicle or sitting in your car in traffic. There are all sorts of things that your body doesn’t do that it’s sort of designed to do.

For me, one of the best ways of staying level is forcing myself to exercise extremely hard. Extreme, rigorous exercise. I have two gyms in my house. I have one gym that’s set up full of weights, kettle bells, chin ups and stuff like that. I have an elliptical machine in there and all sorts of different weights and a gravity bar to hang from my ankles. My other gym is an MMA gym. It’s in my garage and it’s all matted. It has heavy bags and it has a TV that I watch fights on to get motivated, and I work out there. That keeps me sane. It keeps my stress level low.

There’s a big difference between how I respond to situations in life when I’ve been working out hard on a regular basis and not. If I get out of jiu-jitsu class after a really hard roll and a boulder landed on my car, I’d be bummed out, but my reaction would be so different than if I was on my way to class all tense and angry cause I haven’t had a chance to work out for a few weeks, and a boulder landed on my car. Then I would be like, ‘What the f—!?’ The perspective changes depending on the stress level.

I think we would all do ourselves a world of good if we removed the stress from our lives and took care of our bodies. If I had a company, a place where everybody showed up at work, one of the things I would do is set up a f—ing gym. Set it up, have it be free and give people an hour every day, even if it means they only work seven hours a day instead of eight. I would be happy to have someone who only works seven hours a day instead of eight, but they work out for an hour. Then I would think I’m giving them something back, giving them something for free, alleviating their stress, lightening their load and, I would assume, improving their quality of life. I think most people burden themselves down with a lot of stress and don’t give themselves nearly enough release from that stress.

(via Bloody Elbow)

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You Could Use A Motivational Pick-Me-Up To Get You Over The Hump

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