Total And Complete OWNAGE (PIC)

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where the white man went wrong


This One Goes Out To All The Folks That Got Bullied As A Kid

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bully gets slammedHere’s a pretty damn awesome video of some bully getting totally OWNED by a chubby fat kid. This pretty much sums up my youth in a nutshell, except for the fact that the bully was twice my size and any attempt at fighting back resulted in an even more serious beatdown.

There is a happy ending though as years of therapy and counseling has let me live a rich, full and normal life…with my imaginary girlfriend, my Mountain Dew and safely in the confines of my mother’s basement.


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This Video Will Make You Feel Better: Trust Fund Kid Gets Punked By A Bouncer

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rich kid gets punked by bouncerHere’s a pretty entertaining video of some self entitled brat getting punked several times by a bouncer outside a club. Not sure what they are arguing about but after getting pushed down on the street the first time, he should have learned his lesson and shouldn’t have gone back for the second, third, and fourth introduction to the pavement. There’s also an epic moment around the 4 minute mark where some dude goes for a back scratch.


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You Just Got Knocked The Fu*ked Out! 5 Videos Of People Getting Totally Owned

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knocked the fcuk out

Originally I was going to only post the first video of some dude getting his ass completely handed to him by some other dude but after viewing this video, I got inspired to post 4 extra videos of dudes getting totally owned because it really is that damn enjoyable.

Guy Gets Worked After Throwing A Sucker Punch

Dude Can’t Back Up His Big Words

Pimp Vs Karate Master

Pimp Vs KarateClick here for more free videos

Chollo Gets His Big Mouth Shut

English Moron Learns The Hard Way At A Bangkok Bar

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This Is Why You Shouldn’t Mess With A Thai Hooker

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Here’s a clip of a dude getting totally owned by a Thai hooker. Judging by the ass kicking he’s receiving, you should keep in mind when traveling to Thailand that Muay Thai is the national sport and hookers travel in packs.

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Refereeing Is No Joke, 9 Videos Of Referees Getting Completely And Utterly OWNED

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Although many of you avid sports fans will consider refereeing a cushy job, shiet gets serious when a huge and passionate athlete disagrees with your blown call. Here are 9 videos of the cushy job not getting so cushy anymore.

Basketball Referee Gets A Huge Right, Knocked Out For 3 Hours

Soccer Meets WWE: Player Puts Sleeper Hold On Ref

Ref Gets Up Close And Personal With A Rugby Ball

Referee Gets A Monster 1-2 Combination, Lights Out

Referee Gets Pushed Aside Like A Rag Doll

Referee Gets Powerbombed Into An Exploding Cage

Three words: Ball In Face

Hockey Ref Owned By Huge Check

Ref Learns The True Power Of A Left Hook

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This Is How They Deal With Hostage Takers In China

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Looks like they took a page out of Chuck Norris’ book. Mental Note: Don’t fcuking take any hostages in China.

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5 More Videos Of People Attempting To Eat The Worlds Hottest Pepper

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bhut jolokia

Here are 5 more videos of seriously misguided individuals attempting to weather the beast which is the Bhut Jolokia, the hottest pepper in the world, which measures in at over 1,000,000 scollville units. To put that in perspective, the Bhut Jolokia is 400 times hotter than Tabasco sauce and almost double the strength of the Habanero pepper, the second hottest pepper in the world.

Dude Eats The Whole Damn Pepper, Starts Freaking Out

Kid Can’t Take The Heat, Starts Crying

Idiot Went In For A Second One

Tom Did Not Respect The Bhut Jolokia, Pays The Price

No Amount Of Milk Will Stop The Initial Burn

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