The Story Of Rikidozan vs Masahiko Kimura: The Wrestling Match That Turned Too Real

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It was a match dubbed the Duel of the Century — between Masahiko Kimura and the Japanese Professional Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, Rikidozan. Kimura earned his fame by being pretty talented at real fighting — he had only lost four judo matches in his entire life, and even had an arm lock named after him that’s still used consistently in modern MMA. Rikidozan, on the other hand, dabbled briefly in sumo wrestling before really building a career throwing himself around professional wrestling rings.

But even though one of the fighters was the real thing, the Duel of the Century was staged as a series of fake matches that would have toured around Japan, highlighting the evenly matched skill set of each man. We say “would have” because they never got through more than one match; Rikidozan made it clear that the only thing more important to him than piles of money and attention was winning.

The very first match was supposed to end in a draw, setting up all the future matches in the Duel of the Century, but Rikidozan went into business for himself just a few minutes into the fight.


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Top 10 Most Horrifying Wrestling Injuries Of All Time

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10. Sabu Suffers a Broken Neck by Chris Benoit – ECW November to Remember 1994

Chris Benoit was always known as a ‘stiff’ worker and that was never more evident than in 1994 when he broke the neck of Sabu. The incident took place at the 1994 ECW November to Remember when Sabu landed wrong after a suplex, breaking his neck. Sabu was paralyzed for a few moments after taking the fall, but was able to recover and make it back to the ring.



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A History Of Hulk Hogan’s Backstage Politicking

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Here is a list of reasons as to why many people in the wrestling industry don’t have many good things to say about The Hulkster.

1985 – Would Hogan be willing to work a program with Rick Steamboat if Steamboat agreed to turn heel? No. Give him Big John Studd instead.

1986 – Hogan-Savage is tentatively planned for WM 2, after the two had feuded in house shows which Savage had won by DQ or countout. Hogan nixes the idea of facing the dynamic, atheltic Savage at ‘Mania, even though he would be booked to win. Hogan handpicks King Kong Bundy to embarass in a cage match. Savage wrestles George Steele far down the undercard.

1986 – Hogan agrees to work with Paul Orndorff, but won’t do the job to him. Hogan agrees only because he is guaranteed a win at a huge event. He defeats Orndorff in a cage match on SNME to end the feud.

1987 – Hogan again turns down the idea of feuding with Savage; but suggests turning him face, so Hogan can step aside for awhile, film a movie and get some needed rest. Savage turns face that summer.

1988 – Hogan agrees to “drop” the belt to Andre, but only under questionable circumstances to preserve his character. Hogan agrees to “give the rub” to Savage at WM IV. Hogan only agrees because he is promised he will get the title back at WM 5.



The Toughest And Most Feared Wrestler Of All Time

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By Brian Damage

“There are 3 types of men: tough men, wrestler-tough men, and then there’s Meng.”- Arn Anderson

Very few men in the history of pro wrestling has garnered fear…legitimate fear for a single individual than Tonga Fifita. If the name doesn’t sound familiar, he was also known as Meng in WCW and Haku in the WWF. Regardless what you call him, make sure you do it with a smile and respect…because Tonga Fifita has one heck of a reputation.

The stories you hear or read are that of legend. Whether it’s gouging another wrestler’s eye out or breaking off someone’s bottom teeth in a brawl…Fifita has been called one…if not the toughest wrestlers in the business. A man who was truly feared and respected for his brute strength and unprecedented intensity. All it took was a certain look or glance from his eyes and you knew if you were going out of bounds.

Jake Roberts

“If I had a gun and was sitting inside a tank with one shell left and Meng is 300 yards away, he’s mine, right? Well the first thing I’m going to do is jump out of the tank and shoot myself because I don’t want to wound that son of a bitch and have him pissed off at me.”


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8 Backstage Stories That Show How Much Of A Badass The Undertaker Really Is

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Taping His Fists Up And Threatening Shawn Michaels

The most infamous backstage story about Undertaker is always going to be the occasion he taped his fists up and threatened violence against Shawn Michaels.

Taker did this because he had got sick and tired of seeing Shawn mess around with WWF business. The Heartbreak Kid had pulled out of a planned loss to Bret Hart at WrestleMania 13 due to an injury (which some believe he faked), he later went on to ‘screw’ Bret Hart at Survivor Series 1997 in what was a shock to the entire locker room. By conspiring with Vince to change a result without his opposition knowing, Michaels had betrayed the entire locker room – Undertaker was legitimately furious.

When it came to WrestleMania 14 it was the turn of Steve Austin to get a run with the WWF title. Austin was the hottest thing going and a genuine shot for the WWF to become a financial success again. Would Michaels do the right thing and put the star over? Undertaker as locker room leader was taking no chances. He got in Michaels face and showed his fists, letting the egotistical star know that if he did anything other than put Austin over he would face the consequences.


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The 10 Greatest Wrestling Matches Of All Time

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10. Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Eddy Guerrero, Halloween Havoc 97

Rey Mysterio had defeated Eddie Guerrero on two separate occasions prior to this. Guerrero’s frustration had caused him to try to rip of Rey’s mask, which led to this legendary title vs mask bout at Halloween Havoc. This match is borderline perfect, I mean really the moves are almost pulled off flawlessly. These are not just hip tosses and head locks too, I mean crazy corkscrew spins, backflips and hurricarana’s out the ass. One can really see that these two were on point when Rey Mysterio hits the fanciest DDT of all time. This is no spot fest though, it is paced very well and Guerrero orchestrates like the virtuoso that he is. Guerrero stretches and beats down Rey Mysterio through out the match. Rey keeps trying to hit Guerrero with big high flying moves, but the champ is just too sly for that. It’s interesting to see when Guerrero finally starts losing his concentration, it is subtle and not over acted like you would see in many other matches. Anyone who loves Jr Heavyweight action needs to see this one.



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This One Goes Out To All The Old School Wrestling Fans

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Ric Flair: The Original Mr Steal Your Girl



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10 Professional Wrestling Stories The Casual Fan Might Have Missed

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Kurt Angle’s Real Wrestling Match With Brock Lesnar

Angle and Lesnar have different versions of this story. An interviewer once asked Lesnar while he was in the UFC, what exactly was the result when he and Angle had a wrestling match? Lesnar angrily responded: “I tapped him in 10 seconds.” Despite the fact that there are no “taps” in a freestyle wrestling match. However, there are more than a handful of wrestlers confirmed Angle’s story as they were standing ringside watching it unfold.

In short, Lesnar had won an NCAA championship at the University of Minnesota and Angle was a gold medalist at the 1996 Olympic games. Angle had the more decorated pedigree but Lesnar was confident he would win in a freestyle wrestling match due to his 70 pound weight advantage. Before an episode of RAW in South Dakota, the wrestlers were messing around in the ring and the two decided to go at it, so everyone cleared the ring and watched.

“We fought in a wrestling ring during the day before our show,” Angle told Sports Illustrated. “It was fun. It was nerve-wracking. Someone was going to win, get hurt, or die.”

According to Angle, Lesnar thought that he would dominate the match due to his size advantage. Lesnar was not only taller than Angle, but at about 300 pounds, held about an 80-pound weight advantage.

“Brock was in the ring with Big Show,” Angle said. “He was literally throwing this 530-pound man around the ring like a little kid. I’d never seen anyone lift up Big Show like that without his help, but Brock was picking him up and throwing him around.”


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