Confessions Of A Dude With Penis Implant

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What happened?

I was involved in a crash in which I impacted water and was then submerged. I was trapped in the wreckage but wriggled free as I was graying out. Had a LOT of broken bones including the back injury that caused the partial paralysis.

Thanks to modern science and an amazing surgeon, I was able to get an implant that I can inflate for a full erection.

WARNING: These images are of a penis and are NSFW. ALSO, the post accident pictures are graphic

Here are pics before my accident, post accident and pre/post surgery.

How exactly do you inflate it?

There is a pump in my scrotum that I can squeeze. It sends fluid to the chambers to make the penis erect. On the bulb/valve, I can squeeze a certain direction and the saline drains back into the reservoir. Before implants, men had rods and they were basically permanently erect. Now, I can be flaccid or erect whenever I want. I can keep erect for as little or as long as I like.

Remember the Reebok pump?

It’s EXACTLY like the Reebok pump, but different. Here is a video of how it inflates (not me). You can find other videos of how they put it in but it’s pretty gnarly.

How long is it?

It was 7 1/2 before the accident. Because it didn’t get erect after, I lost length. My surgeon said men as they get older will lose length naturally. Now it’s just at 5 inches. I lost length, but gained girth and firmness from the implant.

Does your erection have the same “direction” as it did before the accident? Is the angle of your erection (relative to your body) the same?

It’s not pointing up like it used to. It sticks straight out now when it’s erect.

Aside from working mechanically, can you feel it?

I actually have no feeling in my penis. It sucks. Really bad. BUT, what I kept getting told by all the doctors is, sex is mostly in your head. Once I figured that out, it made it much better. Now, I have other areas that are hyper focused and I get pleasure from.

So you have zero sensation in your penis? What do orgasms feel like, outside of the tactile sensations you would normally experience? Is it mostly a psychological thing?

It’s difficult to explain, but every now and then, I’ll get the almost whole body feeling, but not very often. Mostly, I get the feeling of the rush in my head because of the chemicals being released. Sometimes, it’s so subtle I’m not even sure if I had one or not. I can look down there and I had ejaculated (but it only just oozes out now).

So mostly butt stuff?

The butt is numb too. Anything above my waist has become hyper sensitized. It’s similar to someone losing their vision, their hearing becomes sharper. One ironic thing is, I have a VERY small area (the size of a dime) that has zero loss of sensation next to my penis. I wish that area I could feel would be just a half inch to the left and then I would have some feeling in my penis.

Does your wife blow you?

She does sometimes. She was really into it before the implant.. but I imagine it feels a little weird to her now. She’ll still do it though for me.

What’s your wife’s opinion of what your testicles feel like now? Does one feel like a regular testicles and the other like a small hollow plastic ball?

She says it feels weird. I agree. It took me quite a while to get over that feeling of a third ball in my scrotum. It’s a very unique feeling to it. It has texture so you can hang on to it better when inflating. It’s firm but squishy though and not hollow feeling. It only feels hard when the tubes are full of saline and you can’t squeeze anymore in there.

Did you, and if so how many times and when during the healing process did you think ‘holy shit. What have I done’?

Ha!! Funny you ask this. When I was looking at the pics before posting this, I remembered the horror and fear. My wife was laughing her ass off at my grapefruit size nut sack. I however, didn’t find it that funny. It was a HUGE psychological hurdle (took me a year) having it put in. I was on forums for a year talking to different guys and they unanimously said how it was the best decision of their life. I kept cancelling the appointment. Finally, I just did it. We’re both SUPER happy with it! I want guys who have sexual dysfunction to know that this is a FANTASTIC option!

If your wife and you had never met and obviously weren’t married, would you feel comfortable having a one night stand or anything like that? Basically any situation where you are having sex with someone who didn’t know you had been in an accident?

I’ve thought a lot about this. The girl wouldn’t know unless I told her (unless she fondled my testicles, that’s the dead giveaway). However, because of the other issues with the spinal cord injury, I would probably tell them. I can’t hold an orgasm any longer and when I get aroused, I spontaneously orgasm. Luckily for this though, I can keep going regardless.

Spontaneously orgasm? So are you saying you orgasm as soon as you become aroused?

It’s gotten a little better, but yes, sometimes if I get really aroused, I just have this spontaneous, not very good quality orgasm. I was in very good shape before my accident and had good muscle control of my orgasms. That part really sucks.

How do you deal with bowel and bladder paralysis? Do you time yourself or have a bag?

I got lucky that I don’t have to have a bag. I use what’s called a “In and Out” catheter. Every 4-5 hours (have to go by time because I can’t feel it) I just insert a catheter into my urethra and drain my bladder. One time, I was out and about and had forgotten to pee. I went into the handicap stall at a restaurant and right after I heard someone walk up to the urinal. You get a signal when your bladder is only 1/3 full so it’s really not that full. Mine gets REALLY full sometimes. I was peeing over 2 minutes and the guy at the urinal says, “GODDAMN MAN that’s a lot of piss!” I started laughing pretty hard! for the bowel part..This is pretty awful and I hate even talking about it, but I use “digital stimulation”. Basically, I use my (gloved) finger to stimulate my bowels and it just comes out. Otherwise, I would (and have) shit my pants. Humiliating is an understatement.

How many people in your life know about the pump and how easy/hard is it to discuss with those people?

VERY few. I’ve got a few close friends that know and that’s about it. I want to tell more men because sexual dysfunction is a real thing. Especially when you’re older. This is such a great option because the risks are low and can bring sexual satisfaction back to a relationship that it might be lacking in. As far as how hard it is to tell, before I had the surgery, I told those few friends that I was considering it. Just having to admit that was pretty tough. They were SUPER supportive though. My wife could tell me all day long that I should do it, but hearing it form another man was what helped.

How has the entire process been for you psychologically?

It was actually VERY difficult. It took me a year of being on forums talking to a LOT of men about their and several trips to the surgeon. It’s a huge hurdle to get over. I cancelled the surgery 3 different times. They were super patient with me though and said it was common. Once I was all healed up and able to put it in action, I knew I had made the right decision.

What was the total cost for the medical expenses?

It was crazy expensive. Somewhere near 40,000. I’m SUPER lucky that my wife has great insurance and I paid like 700. I did a vasectomy also so I’m not sure what just the implant would have cost by itself.

How has partial paralysis affected your life aside from sex?

Good question. It changed my life completely. I had an awesome job that I LOVED but had to medically retire. I can’t walk very far at all before my legs are completely exhausted. Then there’s the whole bowel/bladder issue. It’s taken me a LONG time to accept this though and move on. My life is still fantastic, just in different ways and I’ve had to adapt. I’m working on a whole different kind of career now and have a new life.


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