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How feasable is it to escape a prison by jumping the fence?

You, an inmate, think you have found a weakness on my fence line. My Fence Line consists of 2, 14ft. Tall, topped with Rolls of GLEAMING RAZORS, Razor Wire, Twisted and Triple Bladed, which my Sergeant in charge of Razorwire Installation, Sergeant B. manually created this twisted razorwire design.

One roll at the very top, 2 straddling each side, eight rolls down the fence on each side to the ground. Stacked as a pyramid from the ground to underneath the top three rolls. Imagine if you will, the entire perimeter is the jaws of the mouth of a HUGE GREAT WHITE SHARK, WITH MULTIPLE ROWS OF STEEL TEETH.

Well, right after the 7:45p Yard closing for Master Roster count, depending on daylight savings time. You, ( Gangster/Mobster/Escape Artist Extrordinaire, inmate in question), decide to HIT (Slang for Use), what you perceive, is a blind spot, on my Fence Line. Specifically, The Tower casts a shadow towards the inner perimeter fence in Zone 18. You have a couple of blankets and jackets, that you stashed to use as cover over the razorwire. (Keep in mind, this is going on while, Master Roster count is happening.)

So, you take the blankets and you lay them across the razor wire at the bottom of the fence, and start your climb. As you move up, you must reach back and grab the last jacket or blanket, and move it up the razor wire. Each time the razors shred the cloth just a little bit more.

Meanwhile, the control room has already called me, “Sir, We have an alarm, Zone 18 is in violation and we have an attempted escape. Post 10 is enroute. The inmate is reaching the top of the inside fence.” I call Post 10 and advise him to only Use Deadly force if the inmate gets over the fence and refuses your order to stop. (I already knew, this man stood less than a snowballs chance in the SHU, of making it even over the top of the fence, without being seriously injured)

I go to the control room and proceed to watch this guy climb. I call Inside Security and God Smiles on Your close to dying butt. Sergeant B. answers the call as well and is enroute along with a couple of Officers and we proceed to Zone 18, I drive up from perimeter road and Sergeant B. approaches the inmate from inside Zone 18.

We get there just in time to SEE YOU, ( Mr. or Ms. Dumb Ass Convict), SEE us coming. This is where you make a desperate leap, in an attempt to clear the Razor wire at the top of the inside fence. You actually clear it, at the top. You are at the top of this /|\ (Not to scale)!

But the pyramid effect of RAZORBLADES under you is what snags your right ass cheek and It drags a single razor, from the back of your ass, down your leg, as you fall head first, into the top of the razor blade pyramid, the cut stopping at the top of your Achilles‘ tendon.

Your body weight spins you, and as you spin your ankle is being cut to the bone. You come to a stop face to face with me on the other side of the outer fence, where I was standing, approximately 5–7 feet away. This mound of teeth also cut you in no less than 20 other places on your body. All requiring stitches.

Picture this: Remember what the old style nylons with the seam looked like? Well, as I walk up to the outer fence, I watch what I’ve just described. And your leg appears as if it were opened by a surgeon in an OR. You are bleeding out. Gashes across your now shredded jacket and shirt. Blood is everywhere. You hit the concrete underneath it all. (Keep in mind, ALL of this took place in an 8–10 minute span. Maybe not even that long.)

One of my Best Sergeants is in Zone 18 with you now. You are screaming like a stuck pig. We start talking to you to calm you because we are afraid you are going die right there. I speak with you really quietly so you have to almost relax to hear me. You stop screaming. But you are still bleeding badly. You start telling me how stupid you were for doing this. I tell you don’t worry about it, your football team sucks anyway. You laugh and seem to relax some more. You seem embarrassed more than anything.

Sergeant B., He backs up to where you are. Into the mound of steel teeth, without a thought for his own safety. Another really tall officer steps up and begins cutting the wires holding you and Sarge slides under you. So HE is between you and the razorwire. Your are upside down hanging and holding his back, and bleeding all over him.

If it wasn’t so life threatening, it would have been funny. We cut you out and Sarge walks you out of a now, mountain of razor wire. Sarge had six different cuts that required ten or more stitches on various parts of his body.

By the time the above action occurred, Central control had contacted EMS. As we got You, (Mr. or Ms. Nobel Prize winner for shear brilliance) to the front gate, we were met by an ambulance. 7:45p to 7:56p, the ambulance drove away. Fortunately for you, God made sure they were at another location nearby. Had they not been where they were, you, would not have survived.

That Sergeant saved your ass that night. His name was Sergeant B.

Almost Nobody has ever heard that story. One of those things no one knows about prison.

Everything I described happened in the manner and speed at which it happened, because of our training. Our diligence to train, not only ourselves, but each other. Under the most stressful times, Is precisely why this man survived.

The staff I had were the best prepared staff to deal with this specific situation. This was the best team work I ever saw, to save another Human Beings life. This was the best of our humanity coming out. The inmate survived. Spent awhile in the hole. I like to think he thanked us. It even if he didn’t? It doesn’t matter. I remember having a round of beers that night, after work. We were all very proud to have saved that man.

God is Good, All the Time.

Just sayin’


Capt. E.



How would a 185 lbs pro-middleweight MMA fighter do against 3 untrained teenagers who are skinny?

About 2 years ago I got jumped right outside of a local bar by 3 guys. They were very intoxicated and I was mildly buzzed, so take that into account. At this point I had been kickboxing for well over a year and a half and had wrestled since middle school (I was a little over 21 at the time, so we’ll say about 9ish years or so of wrestling experience). I’m not on the level of a pro MMA fighter by any means, but my training is extensive enough to where I’m not threatened by anyone that doesn’t also have their own mixed martial arts or combat background.

The men’s punches and movements were extremely slow and well telegraphed that even while being buzzed, I had no issues keeping myself out of danger with my head movement, footwork and just general knowledge of my surroundings. Sparring with partners at the gym makes you realize how slow and sloppy the striking of those without proper training really is. I wasn’t harmed and didn’t get touched once, however, I also made absolutely no effort to form any offense of my own. This was purely because I knew that focusing on one person for more than a second could have resulted in one of the others getting ahold of me and then I could have been in serious trouble. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe that I could land some big shots of my own and put them down one by one, but in my mind it wasn’t worth it at the time and all I was worried about was my own safety. This lasted for probably 40 seconds before other people from the bar broke it up.

As I said, I was buzzed and they were very drunk. With no alcohol involved I’m still confident that I could have kept myself out of harm, but I still wouldn’t have fought back at all. There was way too much risk involved for me to do anything but defend myself.

In the case of a pro fighter, he/she would likely have a better chance to get some shots in, but again, there’s just so much risk involved that you really need to think a couple steps ahead and consider the possibilities of every action in a situation like this. One misstep and your life could legitimately be in danger. All of the actions would need to be carefully thought out and any offense would need to executed perfectly. The numbers game can add up fast, especially in terms of conditioning and getting winded, but a professional fighter would likely be able to get out of an encounter like this as the victor if they had to.

Ryan Williams



How much harder are the classes at an Ivy League school compared to a community college or a state school?

I graduated from Dartmouth in the 1990s so my info may be old. I also have taken several classes in both the sciences and humanities at public state schools such UC Berkeley, the University of Minnesota Twin Cities and my local California State University. The main difference as many answers here have noted is not so much the materials, instructors or professors, but the students’ abilities. Rather than giving statistics which you can google, here are my personal undergraduate experiences.

I took an undergraduate chemistry class at Berkeley and I found the professor, teaching assistants and students to be quite comparable to those at Dartmouth. The material was challenging and the pace was fast and rigorous. Except for the larger class size and less posh buildings at UCB, I saw no real difference. Recently, about 9 students at my daughter’s high school’s graduating class are going to Berkeley. They are mostly in the top 5%. So basically, a top public university like Berkeley is pretty close academically to an Ivy League and its student body has similar capabilities.

The first time I noticed the difference between an Ivy League and a state school was when I took several undergraduate history courses at the University of Minnesota (a fairly good state school). I took a European History course that had several hundred students in a lecture hall. The class were then divided into smaller discussion sections of about 15 students each led by a Teaching Assistant (TA). We were assigned primary source reading materials to discuss. I don’t think I was ever assigned to read more than 100 pages a week. As a comparison, I remember reading 500 pages/week in some of my history courses at Dartmouth. After a couple of lectures, I noticed that the professor at the U of MN did not cover anything beyond the reading assignments, so I stopped coming to lectures and still passed with flying colors.

I also took a smaller class of maybe 40 students in urban geography at the University of Minnesota. Here I got to interact with the professor a bit. He was just as competent as any professor at Dartmouth. He gave me extremely good and insightful comments on my papers and really knew his stuff. However, the difference is the student body. Although there were a few top students in this U of MN class, the lower performing students had gaps in basic knowledge such as longitudes and latitudes. At the University of Minnesota, I did not find the teaching or the materials wanting in relation to Dartmouth. However, because of the students’ abilities (I think), it was easier, much slower paced and less in-depth. I simply learned a lot less.

A couple years later I took an English literature class at the local Cal State in my hometown. The class was fairly small so the professor actually graded all of our writing assignments. I thought the class was uninteresting so I became the bored student in the back who tuned out. I was getting really good grades on my assignments with very few comments until one day I got an assignment back with a comment to the effect that it was “so good, it could have been professionally written”. I think she thought I plagiarized because I could write relatively well as compared to others in her experience.

So in short, there is a definite difference in education level between my Ivy League school and the state schools I had experience with. A undergraduate education is not just learning from professors and materials, it is also learning from your student peers. Higher ability student peers allow for better discussions, in-depth thinking, more intricate assignments, more research and the ability to simply learn more. I think a few public state schools like Berkeley do have higher ability students similar to the Ivy League. However, except for a small percentage, most students at most state schools in my experience are not comparable to those of elite schools. For my own children, I am encouraging them to go to the best school they can get into because I want them to learn as much as possible.

Alexander Khuu


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