Confessions Of A Dude With A Waifu Girlfriend

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What is a Waifu?

A waifu is basically like a significant other, except from some form of media (that is, not being met in real life). While waifus are typically from anime, that’s not what they’re limited to and can be from anything from video games to books to other stuff.

Is your waifu a secret? Do your parents now? work buddies? friends? I can understand that it might not be the first thing you bring up when you meet someone new but is it something you actively try to hide?

Mine is sort of a half secret. People are aware that I’m in a relationship. I wear a wedding band on my left hand to symbolize that I’m married. My parents and other family don’t ask about it anymore, and when they did I just shrugged them off. I associate with a sizable group of online friends, most of whom also have a waifu of their own. But all in all, nobody knows that she is the one I love. That much is a secret.

How do you “hang out” with your waifu? I watched many shows that are like 11 episodes and if you´re waifu is in one of those and you´ve allready read/watched all the material like 20 times, then what do you do? Do you keep watching the stuff? or do you start looking for fanart or is the relationship more on a imaginable level where you dont really watch the show but more imagine conversations with her or how do you really hang out with your waifu?

Many people do many different things, but here’s my take. Her material I enjoy very much, but I don’t spend my time re-watching her stuff too often. I enjoy looking for and saving new pictures of her that I find to her folder. I like to think about her during my day. When I make a decision, I use her as a guide and try to choose what would make her proud of me or what she would do. I buy a lot of her merchandise, 4 figures and counting, and I’ll be getting an official Daki once she has one.

How do you handle your man/woman business? Yes this is a purely sexual question.

Now when it comes to fapping, there’s a bit of a divide in the community. Some feel it necessary to fap to your waifu and nothing else, some say it’s okay to fap to your waifu and others, and still others say that it’s not okay to fap to your waifu at all. I personally don’t care who does what, it’s a personal decision, but I never have and probably never will fap to her. I don’t like to sexualize her in any way, it makes me uncomfortable.

How many waifus have you had? Are there people having more then one at the same time? whats your view on switching waifu?

I have only one, as do most people. As previously stated, there are times when you think you’re in love and you’re not, but then you find your true love later; but that’s a special scenario. People who claim to have more than one at the same time are not part of Waifuism, as they have harems, not a waifu.

People change relationships often with real partners, but that’s because that’s simply a boyfriend/girlfriend situation. The term "Waifu" was chosen for a reason. This isn’t dating or boyfriend/girlfriend stuff. This is love. This is marriage. This is commitment. This is devotion.

What your view on faithfulnes from your waifu/husbando? For example, if you watch a new show and fall in love with one of the characters, and the character falls in love in someone else in the show. Or how do you feel towards others having the same Waifu would that anger you or is that something you are ok with?

Faithfulness is something very important to me as I consider myself to be very fundamental in Waifuism. You only have one waifu or husbando, anything more than that and you have a harem. Harems are not part of Waifuism. However, it does happen, though rarely, that you believe you are in love only to later discover that someone else is your true love. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes people find it hard to tell when they’re truly in love so they make mistakes. We’re only human.
As for others having the same waifu, it doesn’t bother me personally. I’m very good friends with one who is in love with my waifu as well, and acquaintances with a few others. So long as they treat her right, I don’t have any problems.

Would you give up your Waifu for a real life girlfriend?

As someone extremely devoted to my love for my waifu, I could never have a relationship with a real girl. I see that as nothing but betrayal of the one you love most; and clearly she isn’t your love if you betray her like that. If I’d had a girlfriend when I fell in love with my waifu, I would have had to break up with the girlfriend.

How would you respond to someone who says ‘"you can’t have a relationship with a drawing, it’s not real. a drawing doesn’t care about you one bit"?

This is a very common opinion of people who disagree with the waifu concept. As it is your opinion, you are entitled to believing whatever you like; just don’t force it on me or others.

You do make an important point about not being able to truly interact with a 2D character, and believe me, it’s not like we fool ourselves into thinking we can. We know it, and accept it as an unfortunate truth.

An unfortunate truth that goes well beyond being simply unfortunate. There is nothing quite like the taste of despair of being able to see the love of your life every day, but never being able to talk to her, to touch her, to make her smile, to listen to her problems, to go shopping with her, to take walks in the park, to watch movies together on the couch, to taste her cooking. The list goes on.

However the passion known as Love cannot be stopped by something so irrelevant as dimensional differences. I, among many others, fell in love plain and simple; and nobody can denounce that.

You could even consider me lucky. I found my true love, and I’ll love with that love for the rest of my life. There are millions of people in this world who never find the one they love and are always desperately searching. Some end up with someone they had to concede to because they didn’t want to be alone forever, and others die alone. I, and those like me, are never alone. And that is a very warm feeling.



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