Confessions Of A Dude Sexually Attracted To Mountain Lions

April 17, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Life Experiences

It started with me doing research on mountain lions. I saw some pictures and watched some videos. And something just clicked in me – their faces were absolutely beautiful. I couldn’t stop looking.

Their faces are perfectly shaped, and so expressive. Their eyes are so bright, clear, and knowing – you can see the soul in their eyes. They have flat, rosy-pink noses, and soft, furry, perky ears. Their facial markings are distinctive and really bring out their best features. They have soft, luscious fur the color of brown sugar, and around their snout and jaw, white sugar. And the way they move – so sexy, so graceful, so confident, so seductive.

But the best part of their faces is how expressive they are, how clearly they express their emotions. You can feel their confidence, grace, and majesty. You can see their feelings, unlike many other animals.

Mountain lionesses are perhaps the physical embodiment of pure sexuality and femininity. I mean, if femininity was given a physical shape, it would be a mountain lion. I see a mountain lioness, and I see “I am woman”.

Mountain lionesses represent the purest form of femininity – a seductive, powerful, confident predator on one side, and a motherly, caring, soft protector on the other, perfectly blended into the physical embodiment of femininity.

This extends to some other felines as well – such as cats, lionesses, and tigresses – but not to the gorgeous extent as the mountain lioness.

Compared to mountain lions, human women just cannot stack up. The most beautiful woman on Earth could not possibly hope to even compare to the raw beauty of an average mountain lioness. And, I’m ashamed to admit it, not even my partner does, though I believe she comes the closest.

I have no zoophiliac tendencies, however. I would never actually have sex with a mountain lioness. But if mountain lionesses were intelligent creatures on our level, and had humanoid bodies… sweet mama, I would be in heaven.

I’ve always admired the faces of felines, but it was only recently that I actually found they’re sexually attractive.

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