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hollywood agent

What does a Hollywood agent actually do?

When I was starting in the industry I worked at a major agency. I am no longer in representation. When someone is a star they often require more negotiation. They get a piece of the back end (if the film makes money they get money) or what is more popular now because of wonky Hollywood accounting are box office bonuses. The film makes $100M you get $250k bonus for example. If there are multiple stars I’ve seen deals where the first person that signs on has some protection that their salary matches the other star that joins if it ends up being higher. But even just the base pay is always a negotiation and an agent has connections at the studio or wherever and is better equipped to gauge how much the production can afford. Does the actor just want max money? Do they want to roll the dice on an indie film for less money? Oh but wait, the indie is financed by the daughter of a billionaire – maybe they can get more. How you’re credited, getting a say in the poster art, what kind of trailer you get or the hotel you stay at. What kind of flights you take. All get negotiated. My point is that there is a lot of nuance that an actor might not even be aware of unless they spend their entire day trying to keep their finger on the pulse of the industry. At which point are they really saving money or are they basically taking on a second lower paying job?

Even very basic early deals that are relatively straightforward aren’t always that way. Like staff writers on a network tv show have some structure on how much they get paid. But I’ve seen writers on the same level join a show and then 3 seasons in one of them has a producer credit and the other one doesn’t. Suddenly the one without the credit is asking the other to meet with their lawyer and agent. It can impact the entire trajectory of their career.

Another important aspect is providing some buffer between the talent and the production. You think the actor wants to be in a screaming match with a producer on the phone negotiating and then be on set together? If it’s your agent it’s just “Yeah, deal with them. It’s their job. They’re a bulldog.”

From what I’ve seen the reps earn their money but sometimes I think about when you add it all together. Is a lawyer worth 5%? Sure. And agent 10%? Usually. But before you know it between your lawyer, agent, and manager you’re paying 25% to your reps. Some ever have business managers too.



Has there ever been a time when a casino could not pay a bettor cause he or she won so much?

On Sept. 14, 1986, a man walked into the Horseshoe in downtown Las Vegas with $310 and went over to the 2nd dice table (craps table). He started to play dice at 3:10 PM.

Those dice were hot. How hot? He held the dice for 93 minutes; meaning he never crapped out; established a point & made the point before throwing a seven; point after point. Numerous times the dealers, then the pit boss, would change the dice. After about 20 minutes additional floor managers were there watching him to make sure he was not cheating.

Old man Binion (Benny) had a policy that he’d cover any bet. This man pushed that line because he did not take any money off the table; just kept raising his bet.

Others played with him but none had his balls to let the bets ride. There were maybe 5 guys who were betting against him after 40 or so minutes. All of those guys lost as he won.

After 93 minutes he told the dealer, after he made the 4 point four times in a row, that he was through & wanted to cash out. Cash out he did; for $4,668,395! In the 93 minute run, the house had to bring more chips to the table 14 times.

When he went to the cage (cashier) to cash his chips, he was given $2,400,000 in cash and asked to return in the morning for the balance because it was Sunday and the banks were closed.

The excitement in the casino could be felt up and down the entire building. The cheers made by those encircling the table for each made point after about 20 minutes felt like the walls vibrated.

If not for those 93 minutes, the Horseshoe would have had a profitable year, but finished 1986 with a loss of a little over $4,000,000.

As a small aside, the gambler did little gambling prior to this magical day and not one penny after that Sunday in September, 1986.

Mark Drucker



What’s it like to work at Google?

I have never worked anywhere apart from Google, so I cannot draw a comparison but here is what I think.

Pros :

Cons :

On his 10th work anniversary, my manager at Google was asked how did he feel about his 10 years. He said something similar to :

“If you wake up one morning and don’t feel like going to work it’s okay. However, I would be worried if that happens often. For the past 10 years, everyday when I wake up in the morning, I have a new challenge waiting for me. I always feel excited about coming to work. I never feel like like not going to work

I think, that is what drives a lot of people at Google, including myself.

Ashish Kedia



What the hell is happening in Venezuela?

I am Venezuelan, and as such I feel I have the duty to inform about what is actually happening because there is just so much misinformation and so many misinformation agents.

First of all, the Maduro regime is NOT a democracy. Ever since Chávez was alive, all TV channels and radio stations that showed real news and spoke against the government were shut down. Slowly, the only media left was all pro-government. Now tell me, is that democratic? Also, the electoral power has been openly supportive of the government, without even masking it, and elections have been rigged in multiple occasions. So no, they haven’t stayed in power democratically, not at all.

With the anti-imperialist speech, slowly imported food stopped coming to our country. But no national industry took the place of imported goods, because national industry was expropriated by the government. Industries started to shut down and the food production in Venezuela dropped to where it’s never been before in its history. With all this process, food started to disappear from supermarket shelves and we had to make lines to buy first necessity items such as milk, rice, flour, eggs, sugar, cooking oil, tooth paste and toilet paper among many. Also, because of the shortage of food a system was implanted, your fingerprint would be taken every time you bought one if these first necessity items so that you could only buy it once a week, in only that place. Now if that is not communism at its best I don’t know what it is.

Many people have absolutely fallen for the socialist speech, but it’s all BS and none of it was ever applied. They are just very very good at propaganda. They have maintained themselves in power because of all the money they are making for themselves and so many others around the world.

Chávez created the Arco Minero in a part of Orinoco in our Amazon, and contracts were made with about 156 companies to exploit the Venezuelan land for gold, diamonds, coltán, iron and of course oil. Nobody wants Maduro to leave because so many will lose MILLIONS, and even BILLIONS.

Chávez also created civilian militias called “colectivos” and armed them. These colectivos threaten the barrios and neighborhoods and are responsible for killing thousands of people in pacific protests.

Chávez is no saint, he did nothing for Venezuela but destroy it and I’m sick and tired of him being glorified by ignorants who can’t even inform themselves or have the ability to listen to the experience of Venezuelans who have suffered and had everything taken away from them by this terror regime.

I could go on and on about all the terrible things Chávez and Maduro have done but this is not my goal right now.

What is happening right now IS NOT A COUP. Maduro was “elected” in illegitimate elections, so by the constitution, he is not the president. This is an insurgence against the dictatorship, and that is what we should be calling it in forums and social media.

The US backs Guaidó, yes, and I am glad it does, because with no international support we would be doomed, as we have been for so many years because the world did not recognize our crisis.

Contrary to what most leftists say regarding USA wanting to take Venezuela’s oil, just so you know, USA is one of the few countries that actually PAYS for the oil they receive from Venezuela, unlike Russia, Cuba or China who are involved in internal affairs and are literally stealing our resources.

To those who don’t know nothing about Venezuelan history, we were a very modern country with a great economy and excellent commercial relations with many countries, including the United States. We want to be that Venezuela again, and the US recognizes our potential as a country and as business allies.

It’s easy to base all your theories on conspiracy theories based on communist propaganda and anti-imperialism, but the Venezuelan situation goes beyond those mind sets, and it goes beyond left or right. In Venezuela we are dealing with a dictatorship of terror that runs a major machine of money-making out of the exploitation of natural resources, theft, drug-dealing and starving its people.

– imalissamaria



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