17 People Reveal The Things They Still Wish Existed From Their Childhood

June 18, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Nostalgia

1. Parents that didn’t believe that the whole world was out to kidnap / abuse / harm their children and let them go out and play instead.

2. Super Soakers. Water guns today suck, they are not even close to the first and second generation super soakers.

3. The occasional feeling of not having a care in the world.

4. My children look at me like I am their super hero, they believe in Santa and the tooth fairy, they believe they can call me in the middle of the night to look under their bed for monsters or just hold their hand.

I somehow make them laugh until milk comes out of their nose, I can carry both of them at the same time, (barely, but I still can).

They believe I can make anything out of Lego, wood and Duck tape, (Lego and wood are optional).

I miss my dad, and all that came with it.

5. Falling asleep on the couch and waking up in my bed in the morning.

6. I’d say the mindset and outlook of the pre-9/11 general public. I’ve heard that every generation has an event which shapes a lot of their lives, and 9/11 was definitely that for my generation. I always thought that there’d be a slow, almost seamless change, but it was the most abrupt end to an ideal that I’ve ever witnessed.

7. Saturday morning cartoons. You better believe I’d be watching Recess, Doug, and Pepper Ann on 1 Saturday Morning

8. The excitement of getting your pictures back from the photo place.

Now, I love digital cameras and love being able to take pictures on my phone and see them immediately, but I miss as a kid not knowing what I took until I got them back two weeks later.

It was so much fun going on vacation as a kid and getting your pictures back later and looking at them. It was a nice surprise.

9. Scholastic book delivery day at school. I’d go through the little catalog, and my parents would let me get any reasonable amount of books – they encouraged reading more than almost anything else. I’d submit the order, and wait and wait, and then finally… THE BOOKS ARE HERE! RIGHT HERE IN CLASS!! Best day ever.

10. Time. I feel like I can barely do anything anymore, without it eating up a couple of hours.

11. The excitement of seasonal changes. When you are a kid, at least when I was a kid, your year revolves around holidays.

The year starts when school starts, fall is the start of the year, the smell of leaves and cool days, seeing my friends at school, being at school and having fun, and prepping for Halloween. When October hits it’s all Halloween all the time, tv shows, themed food, costume shopping. After Halloween, you are in the downhill slope to Thanksgiving, aka, “Almost Christmas” you gather what toys you want, enjoy being warm in your bed at night, and once again hit all the themed tv shows and themed food. These holidays of course also mean long breaks from school, weeks off at a time.

After Christmas you hit the holiday barrens, nothing but card holidays, Valentines etc, for a while but everything still gets themed around them at school. But then as the weather starts to turn warm you know Spring Break is coming and you have more time to relax and play, that slowly turns into Summer which is the end of the year. Summer break hits, you have months of enjoyment, and then when the year starts you have new teachers, new classrooms, everything is new again and the cycle starts over again.

Nothing like that exists in adult life. No matter what time of the year it is my day is largely the same, I wake up and then go to work, and then go home with a few hours of free time. Five years from now even if the job is different, the routine will be pretty much the same. Seasons no longer have any special meaning as they might mean, maybe a day or two off from work, but not some large scale month long adventure with friends.

To this day when the seasons change I get a week or so of being depressed because I still have all those sense memories “The smell of leaves, oh shit its fall, that means!……..oh wait it means nothing anymore.” I get over it pretty quick but that’s what I miss the most. Even through college, life is this constantly changing adventure of new discovery. Once you become an adult it’s a single 40-50 year long routine with very little variety.

12. Being able to walk up to someone and say “wanna be friends?”

13. I wish that I still believed in Santa. Nothing in my adult life can compare to the absolutely wonderful feeling of truly believing magic was happening.

14. I always loved just wandering around the woods as a kid playing make believe games that we were explorers or ship wrecked. Me and my friends would play house and all other things like that all the time. I was excited for when my niece and nephew got old enough to play and now they’re 6 and 9 and both just want to play on their iPad or watch YouTube videos and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m not one of those people who hates the younger generations but it still made me sad to see kids don’t play outside as much.

I also used to love getting home from school and racing to get my bike to ride around the neighborhood with 20+ other kids for hours. I never see kids out riding bikes anymore. Too much fear

15. Being the greatest. A child can get away with declaring himself the greatest hitter who ever lived then when he swings and misses at that ball he just tossed in the air, he can immediately do a 180 and say “I am the Greatest Pitcher who ever lived.”

Try that shit as an adult and you’ll be mocked for bragging because you’re insecure. Not to mention flip-flopping. The constant self-deprecation of adulthood makes us all seem like cookie-cutter people.

16. Arcades. I know now home gaming is the rage but man those were fun time sinks in the 80’s. The holy trinity Friday night was great back then: Pizza Parlor with an Arcade machine then to the video rental store then back home to watch a family movie.

17. History Channel = Historical

Discovery Channel = Discovering Things

Animal Planet = Animal Shows

MTV = Music Television


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