16 Addicts Reveal The Worst Thing They Ever Did To Get A Fix

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1. A friend’s mom had a brain aneurysm about a year ago. She and her husband had about 300k in a safe in their basement (don’t know why they had that much). She was in a coma and wasn’t given long to live and her husband had been putting off the hospital bills or paying the minimum out of their bank account until she was out of there. Unfortunately she passed away 6 months later. When it came time for the funeral, the dad went to open the safe to find no money in it. The heroin addict daughter had gotten into the safe around the time when her mom went into the coma and spent the 300k that was going to be used for the bills and funeral on heroin. They couldn’t afford to have a funeral and could barely afford to get her cremated because of this. The dad got laid off and now has to sell his wife’s dream house because of addict daughter..


2. I was using pretty heavy at the time and was desperate for some quick cash so I met a guy on craigslist who was really into scat. I shit on him and let him shit on me for $100. He was pretty well off so it was a reoccurring thing that probably happened about 2 times a week for almost 8 months.

3. I stole from my family; antiques from my grandma and money from my mom and dad. Stole pills from my mom. Beat the shit out a close friend for not paying me when she was due to (I’m a girl too). I would pop any ppl anyone would give me.

The worst has got to be the sexual stuff. I was dating my dealer for a while and even after we broke up I basically gave him sexual rights to me anytime, anywhere as long as I still got oxy. After I moved I started hooking up with a new guy who sold, but not oxy. He ended up fucking me and paying for my drugs which led to me fucking for drugs pretty often. He would let his friends fuck me and I participated in multiple threesomes and orgies with the promise of money or drugs at the end.

I vividly remember being sandwiched between two guys both fucking me in a hole and broke down crying because of how disgusting I found myself.


4. When my boyfriend was out of the country for two weeks, I pawned literally everything of worth in his house, including the vacuum cleaner. My thought was that two weeks was more than enough time to make enough money blowing guys from Craigslist to get all the stuff out of pawn by the time he got back. I spent it all on heroin and coke. It was the night before he was arriving and I, of course, was unable to get any of his stuff out of pawn. So I staged a robbery by breaking one of his windows and leaving the door ajar. I picked him up at the airport, arrived at the house and acted as surprised as him when we discovered all his stuff was gone. Made a false police report and even gave a fake interview to the local paper. I blamed it on a nonexistent gardener who I said I saw snooping around the place. The worst part is that this was right before Christmas, so I told my boyfriend “they” had also stolen $200 in Christmas gifts I had bought. He gave me $200 cash because he felt bad. I was a total piece of shit. Bright side? Rehab finally worked and I just celebrated 3 years of sobriety yesterday! I’m not with the guy anymore. Also, I’m a guy.


5. Several years back, my uncle passed away. He was a self made man; built his own fishing company, and started raising oysters. He was like the jolly lumberjack of the ocean. He lived in the water, for fishing, and was just one of the funniest and happy fishermen I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. The oyster business got big, and they were happy. Tragically there was a freak accident with the air supply when he was underwater and he died.

Now his son, has been in and out of trouble with the law since he was a teenager, and had been getting into heroin. By the time his father died, it had come to dominate his life. Most of the family never knew where he was, what he was up to. Well, my uncle decided to leave his company, and the incredibly valuable oyster beds, to his two kids (a son, and a daughter who at the time had just been married, with one kid and another on the way). Needless to say the daughter had every intention of taking over her fathers business. However, the son, needing more money and seeing an opportunity, sold the company to one of his father’s rival fishing/oyster companies after forging his sister’s name on the deed/docs. For, I think, around ~$30,000, which is WAY undervalued. The sister and aunt found out from the folks who bought the company. They still have all the property.

My aunt and sister never pressed charges because they didn’t want anything bad to happen to the son, and I they were still deep in mourning.

He’s clean now, and living in a sober house. Still an unimaginable blow to the family though, and from what I understand, financially crippling.


6. There was this gross fat guy who owned a music venue/club in my home city who paid young indie-rock looking guys $500 a pop to jerk off in front of him. Did that a couple of times. At least I didn’t have to touch him or have him touch me.


7. My favorite drug always has been and always will be meth. I have been clean for 10 years, but I still want it.

When I spent all the money I had on it, I started stealing from my friends and family. Pretty soon, I didn’t have those people around either. I needed new income, so I started selling cocaine. I saw what my product did to people that was taking it. I didn’t care.

I learned how to make crack and sold that too. I saw an high school friend and I gave him a sample. He came back the next day and the next and the next. I got him hooked and I ruined his life. He dropped out of college and started stealing from his parents. I still got paid and was able to get more meth.

I saw him this summer, he switched to heroin a few years ago. He is nothing but skin and bones and is a repeat offender. He actually thanked me for introducing him to drugs. He said without me, his mind wouldn’t be free like it is now. His parents cut of all contact after he stole everything that wasn’t bolted down.

I destroyed an entire family. All because I wanted the next high.

8. I’m 23 and have been using iv heroin since my 17th birthday. I’ve gone to multiple rehabs, halfway houses and different states to get clean. I’ve done some extremely bad things I’m not proud of but its my truth, my reality that I have to remind myself of on a daily basis. Ive pawned every piece of gold or jewelry in my parents house, the majority of it during my mom’s open heart surgery which had devastated her when she was well enough to see what was missing. A lot of it was her mother’s who died almost 20 years ago and really all she had left of her. I live near a lot ofy family and used to unlock windows and later break in and steal anything of importance. I had written many fraudulent checks that belonged to my parents which the bank had caught up with. I didn’t even try hard to match the signature, it was so sloppy and desperate now looking back. Now I’ve done every type of prostitution that could ever be imagined.

From being homeless and literally tricking on the street to seeing sugar daddies to ‘highclass hooking’ as an escort on backpage ads and was a stripper off and on for years. I’ve been paid from $20 to $3000, pretty obvious which paid which. I actually had no problem with the sugar daddies because they were always kind and respectable or were paying me enough to do whatever insane fetish they were into. I’ve gotten paid thousands for three somes with other hot chicks and a grand to have olive oil rubbed all over me. The hardest blow to the diminished ego that was somewhat left was when I started tricking. I was living in abandoned houses or with different johns or drug dealers that I would hope and pray weren’t going to rape me that night. Sometimes I wasn’t so lucky.

I’ve done lots of other terrible things that I could list for hours, literally. I’ve been raped, stabbed, jumped, abused by so many people before and during active addiction, overdosed, committed and been in many programs. By some miracle I have never, ever had an std or any type of infection, last time around I swore I had to have gotten HIV because of how low I had gone and the disgusting men I was sleeping with. I have no kids as well.

I don’t blame anyone but myself for my actions and today take full responsibility for everything I’ve done and have slowly been trying to financially reimburse those I hurt so very deeply, back. I was a complete monster back then and used to accept my fate dying a junkie on the street and used to almost be comfortable with that. I am not the person I was a year and a half ago. It took me getting raped, a gun to my head, getting stabbed and a trip to jail. All of these events occurring in a few hours and were done to me by a dopeboy I was staying with. I had been arrested many times but never actually did time until that. My parents reluctantly bailed me out and sent me back to Florida for rehab.

I haven’t touched dope since. Today I’m a decently productive member of society, I have a great job, I’m super close with my family, have my own apartment, car and cat. I pay all my bills myself and am super independent, after everyone I’ve used or taken money from this is a huge thing for me.


9. My white-trash west virginia cousin used to go to gay clubs, let some guy pick him up, and then beat them up rob them when he got back to the guys house. He eventually had his picture up on all the gay bars in his town, and almost got shot by a guy he was trying to rob. Meth is a hulluva drug.


10. Alcoholic checking in here, I used to wait for my wife to get in the shower at night and them stumble down my unlit half paved street in my sweatpants and slippers in the rain to the corner liquor store, buy a bottle of cheap rot gut vodka, and then down the whole thing before she was done. She never knew I left the house. I know it’s not sucking dick or anything but I did it a lot and it was pretty low.


11. When I was in heavy addiction/drinking I stole both of my young daughters money from their piggy banks to spend on dope. Some of the money was even their “first money” given to them as mementos from their grandparents. Holy shit did I feel awful about that, especially during the times of when I was still using .

I can still feel the guilt and pain of sneaking into each of their rooms whole they slept, and very slowly and carefully, grabbing their piggy bank and holding it really tight so as to muffle the sound of clanging change shuffling against the sides of the piggy bank with each step as I exited the room. Then slowly and methodically going into another room and retrieving the paper money. Then, once again, going to the other daughters room and repeating the process, All the while nervous that my wife(ex wife now) would hear me. It is in moments like those when you realize just how quiet your house is. It’s an awful feeling. But the following day(s) when I wasn’t using felt even worse.

I’ve since gotten clean. Its taken a while, but I have forgiven myself. I was entitled to the full amount of emotional retribution that followed, however, I eventually stopped beating myself up over it. I’ve made my peace with myself, but especially with them. I will always be making a “living amends” to them to be the best dad I can be, a clean and sober dad, and a dad they deserve to have. That is my sentence. They are being repaid with more than just the money I stole. They’ve been given a responsible dad in return. And I’ve been given a new life.


12. My older sister decided to start doing meth in her late teens, in the late 1990s. She had always been a sneaky liar, and had already spent the first half of her teens putting my parents through hell with her drinking and drug use and promiscuity. They did their best, tried everything to get her help, but she was a nightmare and had an awful personality to boot.

My parents had a hollow sterling silver owl in their closet, I think they got it on their honeymoon. It was filled with rare and interesting coins that they’d found over the years and put away. I remember coming home from high school one day and my was on the floor with this owl, and one Canadian coin. My sister had taken all the other coins and cashed them in and bought meth. I offered my mom however much money my sister took, and she just cried and said it wasn’t the money, it was all sentiment. My mom is very stoic and doesn’t cry easily.

This killed me and I disowned my sister for many years afterwards. Obviously not the worst thing she did, as I found out later, but enough for me to never have a normal relationship with her again.


13. After my grandparents passed away, my family went to their house and divided what we might want to keep/hang on to. My brother kept one of their very old and expensive whiskeys (probably like 25 years old), and stored it in my parents basement. Said we should all drink from it on our wedding days, and save it.

I drank that bottle one night when the liquor store was closed and I had emptied every last drop in the house. All of it. Pretty fucking low. Stings to think back to it, actually.


14. Used to be addicted to fentanyl. I once poured water on the carpet, soaked it up with a towel and then drank this dirty water to get any that I dropped on the floor in the past. Not low in the sense of me being a dick but still pretty grim.


15. I once snorted a pill that I found in a movie theater seat. I worked at the theater and would sometimes go through the seats and gather the loose change and random items that fall out of pockets. I found three yellow Norcos one day while dopesick and I almost cried at my luck and ran into a private room and snorted them despite the fact that they were covered in all sorts of filth from laying in the seats for God knows how long.


16. A buddy of mine robbed a bank for drug money, and used his bike as a getaway vehicle. He’ll be in prison for another 8 years at least.


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