Stuff You Buy When You’re Drunk Or High

September 18, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Products

Ninja Disguise Flip T-Shirt

Ninja Disguise Flip T-Shirt


Play with your food with this slam dunk basketball mug with an attached hoop; Toss marshmallows into cocoa, crackers into soup

basketball mug


BevBuckle – World’s 1st Drink-Holding Belt Buckle



A Fresh-Baked French Bread Plush Pillow

bread pillow


Hand Saw Pizza Cutter

Hand Saw Pizza Cutter


Make Milk And Cookies Shot Glasses With This Mold

milk and cookies shot glass


Layup your laundry and sink your sweaty socks into The Dirty Dunk


Are you ready to be a unicorn?

unicorn mask


Add some life to your desk with Otto The Otter Tape Dispenser by Streamline

otto the otter tape dispenser


Nothing captures the rich parchment of a legal document declaring an end to your failed marriage like a Freshly Signed Divorce Papers candle

freshly signed divorce paper candles

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