24 Essential Products You Need To Stay Alive During A Survival Situation

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Aside from the air we breathe, drinking water is the single most important resource in any survival situation. If you don’t have clean water to drink, you could be dead in as little a couple days. The LifeStraw cleans water you normally couldn’t drink. Removes 99.9999% of bacteria including Escherichia coli (e-coli), campylobacter, vibrio cholera, pseudomonas aeruginosa, shigella, salmonella.


These MREs (Meals Ready To Eat) are the ideal emergency preparedness and survival food — they are ready to eat, with no preparation required and with an average 1250 calories per meal


Having a survival first aid kit is not optional – this one is a requirement for any survival situation. This First Aid Kit is designed for easy transportation and offers Band-Aids, antiseptic alcohol and sting relief pads, gauze, CPR kit, and refill essentials.



Having a multi-tool is essential in any survival situation. The Leatherman Super Tool lets your fit an entire toolbox into your pocket.



Don’t be caught with a dead cell phone during an emergency. This Anker Portable Charger fits in the palm of your hand and will charge an iPhone three-and-a-half times

anker powercore portable charger


And when your portable charger runs out of juice, this Solar Panel Charger will pick up the slack. Charge with the power of the sun. Simply spread out the solar panels to start repowering your gadgets.



Buy these matches Iif your life may depend on starting a fire. The Titan Stormproof Match Kit boasts some of the longest-burning windproof and waterproof matches around. Each match has a 25-second burn time, will fire up in the harshest conditions.



This Fire Starter is a spark monster. It works great no matter what the conditions. It’s waterproof, the lanyard keeps the parts from getting lost, and the tinder storage was a nice surprise.


Things you should look for in a survival tent: durable, lightweight, waterproof, windproof and easy to setup. The Life Tent check them all.



Compact Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Bag



Mylar thermal blankets also known as solar blankets, or emergency blankets are super light weight and help people stay warm. Everyone from mountaineers to astronauts to surgeons use them. Their design reduces the heat loss in a person’s body, which would otherwise occur due to thermal radiation, water evaporation, or convection



This blindingly-bright LED flashlight runs for hours of just a single AA Battery and fits in your pocket.

j5 tactical flashlight


Headlamps are a great tool, giving you light where you need it and allowing you to work in dark places with both hands free



A quality hatchet can be a true lifesaver when it comes to building shelters and processing firewood in a wilderness survival setting.

fiskars hatchet


If there is a “nuclear event” and you are down-wind, you need to take Potassium Iodide tablets, before the radioactive plume reaches you.

Potassium iodide provides effective and easy protection from radiation



This Jump Starter and Air Compressor will get you and your car out of any sticky situations


If you’re off the grid, you need a navigation device that will ensure you get to a safe place without relying on batteries or wireless signals. The Eyeskeys Compass face is easy to read in daylight and it absorbs light and glows in the dark making it readable even in low light conditions.



The Marines wanted a do-it-all combat survival knife, and the KA-Bar is what they chose—76 years of use in and out of the military, on battlefields and wilderness hikes around the world has proven they made an excellent choice.



Darn Tough are the absolute best socks I have ever bought. It was raining, snowing, 30 degrees, and I was wearing running shoes (Hiking boots just died). Every Step I took water came pouring out of the mesh top of my shoes, but guess what…. My feet were warm. No blisters, no cold, nothing! Buy these or some variation of these socks. They’re ridiculously amazing.

darn tough socks


This Survival Cookware Kit contains everything necessary to cook and eat a piping hot meal. The collapsible, easy-to-store design makes it small and lightweight enough to store in your survival bag


Everyone should have cordage in their pack. Whether it be for camping, hiking, emergencies or whatever comes your way. With the waterproof jute for tinder, fishing line and snare wire included it becomes a multi-use survival tool that is lightweight & easy to pack. The Reflective Yellow version has the added bonus of being not only reflective but it glows in the dark as well.



A folding shovel can be an indispensable tool in a survival situation. When you need to move sand, dirt or snow, you’ll be glad that you have this shovel at your disposal.

The all steel construction entrenching tool uses a tempered steel blade with teeth cut into it for cutting and slashing. The triangular handle is strong and fits the hand well. Folded, it takes up about the same space as a stack of paper plates.


When you need a bag that can carry all the supplies you need to survive and you want to make sure it won’t fail on you, look no further than the Reebow Gear tactical backpack. This bag is super durable, with plenty of pockets, slots and compartments to store everything you need to survive a worst case scenario.



This should be considered the Bible Of Survival

It has everything you need to know , starting with basic knowledge. Prepping your B.O.B , mental preparedness. Then gets into more in depth stuff like identifying poisonous plants and animals on land , sea and sky. Then eatable plants and animals and Medicinal plants . How to track animals for water. How to acquire water and food. Trap setting , fire starting , animal tracking , self defense , signaling for help , how to use the jetstream when stranded at sea , emergency medical , child birth , evacing injured comrades and casualties , urban survival , how to survive natural disasters , rope tying and tons more.


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