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Single best book on strength training that I’ve read. ‘This training method has been the greatest source of general well being I’ve come across in my life’ – Amazon

mark rippetoe starting strength


This smart bulb lets you manage your lights with your smartphone or tablet, including adjusting brightness and setting schedules and scenes and with access to 16 million colors

lumiman smart light bulb


This instantly frees up space on your phone and backs up your photos and videos


This was designed by neuroscientist to help clear mental fog and gives crystal clear focus

genius consciousness nootropic


Bought some fiber gummies. Decreases wiping time TENFOLD

vitafusion fiber gummies


The best cheap, coffee maker. If you like your coffee strong, look no further

vietnamese coffee maker

Learn how to make Vietnamese Coffee:


Drink one of these after you a night of drinking and you will never get a hangover

liquid iv hydration


“This was my first Boardgame I bought as an adult. It triggered my love for boardgames

pandemic boardgame


Can you really consider yourself a man, unless you have a multitool? This might be the best one of them all

leatherman surge multitool


A testosterone booster that actually works? With 23,000 reviews, they might be on to something

prime labs test booster


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This showerhead has a speaker planted dead center that hooks up wirelessly to any Bluetooth device

kohler showerhead speaker


For all those that take nasty ass dumps, there is a product called Poo-pourri. By spraying it on the water in your toilet and it traps the odors from your poop



One of the best tools to help you carve out 6-pack abs

perfect ab carver


Philips Norelco Multigroom All-In-One Series 3000

“I have had a few very good beard trimmers over the years, but this one by far is the best. As soon as I started using it, I could notice the quality of the feel and cut. Very precise and smooth. Furthermore, it has millimeter settings that are ideal for any beard length. I love that there is no need to oil the blades, which was always a hassle with the other trimmers. The charge lasts a very long time. I used it twice a week and the charge lasts for months. For my needs, it is the perfect trimmer. I am delighted with it.”


One of the best parenting books out there….If you don’t want to raise an asshole kid, read this book

how to talk so kids will listen

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