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MMA fighter with crazy hematoma


The Faces Of Tony Ferguson’s Opponents

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The guy wearing this survived (wear your helmet on your motorcycle, kids)

The rider did survive and as of yesterday (about 20 days after the accident) he’s moved out of ICU into a rehab hospital. The impact did break his neck and sever his spinal chord, and he broke a number of bones and had some issues with his lungs. He’s on a great path towards healing now! Seems to be little to no brain damage. Obviously he’s got a long road, but he’s doing great.


Snitch Gets Branded As A Rat With Hot Iron


Why Time Seems to Fly By As You Get Older, and How to Slow It Down: A Scientific Explanation by Neuroscientist David Eagleman


Bettor Could’ve Won $500K On 89-Cents Wager If Redskins Beat Bears On MNF last week

Already having correctly guessing 19 winners from this past weekend’s college and NFL games, this person wagered 89 cents and has a chance to win a stunning $500,000 if the Redskins beat the Bears, completing the 20-game parlay.


Protestor wishes rape on a reporter for having different opinions than her


Elon used the Millennium Falcon as a size comparison for the Starship MK1

Elon Musk’s Starship Announcement in 8 Minutes – SpaceX


Crazy Divorce Settlement Check

Billionaire Continental Resources CEO Harold Hamm wrote a $975 million personal check to his ex-wife Sue Ann Arnall this week. It was meant to settle a bitter divorce that’s been in the courts for several years. At first, she rejected it, saying she was appealing. Then she abruptly changed her mind.


Elizabeth Hurley Ages Like A Fine Wine

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Some people in the USA modify their cars to produce thick black diesel smoke to protest/annoy cyclists and environmentalist. It’s called ‘Rolling Coal’


Sign at local Panera, reminding customers to be nice to the teenage workers


Dinosaur sounds

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Burger King stopped selling their #1 item for a day to encourage people to go to McDonalds so they can raise more for ChildrenWithCancer


Something’s wrong with this guys leg


Here’s How US Fighter Pilots Learn To Survive Under Inhuman Levels Of G-Force

“Essentially, you are placed in a chamber that is on the end of a long arm that spins around the room — the faster it spins, the more G-forces you feel on your body,”


A young Kane (WWE) with his family

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Unboxing FIRE TRUCK! (What’s Inside and How It Operates?)


The ceiling of an airport’s smoking area


How much classic consoles would cost in today’s dollars

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