10 Best Sleep Products That Will Help You Get A Restful Night Of ZZZs

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Weighted blankets are designed to provide a warm, gentle pressure on the user that mimics the feeling of being held (known as Deep Touch Pressure). This type of pressure has been shown to increase serotonin, a neurotransmitter involved in the regulation of sleep that has a calming effect.

Chronic insomniac here, when I don’t feel taking sleeping pills that give me that ‘sleeping pill hangover’ effect in the morning, I use a weighted blanket and it puts me out within 30 mins. There would be nights that I’d just stay up and stare at the ceiling for hours and then fall asleep finally an hour to 2 hours before my alarm goes off, don’t have that issue with my weighted blanket. I cut my dependency on sleeping pills greatly over the past few months.

ynm weighted blanket


Winter air is dry air. Humidifiers put moisture back into the air, which helps you breathe more easily and get more restful sleep



This white noise maker is one of the best at truly masking external noise and creating a quiet environment for concentration and sleep

I have had the LectroFan for the past week at this point, and my initial experience has been excellent. I use this device at night to aid sleep, and I have not felt this well rested in quite some time. I live in a large condo building that is usually very quiet, and if I awaken in the middle of the night, the dead quiet becomes the object of my mental focus. This seems to keep me awake. My wife’s sniffles and snoring can also prevent me from getting back to sleep. The LectroFan has been able to hypnotize me back to dreamland, and render me blissfully unaware of any other noises around me.

lectrofan noise machine


When you’re trying to get to sleep, the Philips light clock will help by showing dimming sunset colors and related sounds. Then, before it’s time to wake up, it’ll gradually fade in a representation of natural light, along with one of five calming wake-up sounds, including birds, Zen garden, a gentle piano, and more.


A memory-foam mattress topper, a cheaper alternative to buying a new mattress altogether that’ll save you from uncomfortable sleepless nights from here on out.


This sleep aid promotes deep restful sleep with a combination of natural ingredients including; Melatonin, Valerian Root Powder, Chamomile and L-Theanine



If you just can’t seem to part with your nightly Netflix ritual or scrolling through your phone, you should wear blue light blocking glasses. The blue light that’s emitted from these screens can delay the release of sleep-inducing melatonin, increase alertness, and reset the body’s internal clock (or circadian rhythm) to a later schedule.



Darkness is key to keeping our bodies on the right wake/sleep schedule and our bedrooms are anything but dark. These blackout curtains are so good, they will have you questioning whether its day or night.

I have insomnia. I’ve had it as long as I have memory (all the way back to being a toddler). I cannot sleep if there is any light. Period. Even moonlight will wake me up, and keep me up. The little glowing light in the light switch, so you know where it is? For me at night, it might as well be a lighthouse. If our bedroom door is open, the lights from the clock on the microwave keep me up, too bright. I have to be in a dark, dark room to sleep. So for me, black out curtains are a literal lifesaver.



These bed sheets give you the feeling of laying in freshly washed sheets every time, so nice

“First off, they are so unbelievably soft it’s as if you’re sleeping on a giant puppy,”


Buy yourself a good pillow. You use it every night and the difference between a good pillow and a stack of cheap ones is almost immediately noticeable



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