20 Problem Solving Products That Will Make Your Life A Whole Lot Easier

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Cleaning grills are a pain in the ass and this Grill Mat make it 10x easier to clean and maintain your grill

I bought these out of sheer laziness. I hate cleaning my grill and thought $20 was worth the chance. These mats do not disappoint. Not only do they clean up well, but they are a breeze to cook on. Grill marks, no flares, moist and tender food and no messy cleanups.

grill mats


Easiest way to carry ALL the groceries in one trip

mighty handle


Extend The Life of Your Fruits and Vegetables In The Refrigerator. These Freshness Saver Balls Absorb Ethylene Gas And Extend Produce Up to 2-3 times longer



The Ultimate Peanut Butter knife. Stir, scrape, and clean the entire jar

pb jife


An adjustable two-tier lazy Susan makes better use of kitchen cabinet space and helps keep things tidy. It can fit your space and your stuff, and with two levels of spinning storage, you can see everything as it’s all neatly kept in place.

2 tier lazy suzan


This Flexible Universal Tablet Stand is a simple yet elegant solution for using your iPad or tablet hands-free on any surface, including beds and couches.

nbyte tablift


This Handy Clip-On Device That Lets You Add A Cupholder To Anything

yoy cup holder


The Flip-It Deluxe Assures You Get Every Last Drop From Your Bottles

flip-it deluxe


Never struggle with opening a jar ever again

kuhn rikon jar opener


A magnet that helps you track if you feed the dog or not in a multi-person household

If you live with mutliple people, chances are you’ve wondered whether the dog has been fed enough. This handy reminder can be mounted pretty much anywhere in your house to serve as a reminder.

did you feed the dog


Perfect kitchen tool to keep your pot lid and stirring spoon while cooking


These air-purifying bags are an easy way to maintain fresh, dry and odorless shoes, gym bags, luggage and sports equipment.

moso shoe deodorizer


No more guess work when boiling your eggs with this color changing egg timer

egg timer


This Sink Caddy Is the Perfect Place to Store Your Sponge and keeps your sink area neat and everything you need within easy reach.

sink caddy


These Bag Cinches Will Keep Your Bread Fresh and works way better than those twist ties

oxo bag cinch


Real chefs know that sharp knives mean fewer injuries and faster prep time. Before you start cooking, run your blade through this knife sharpener and you’ll be good to go.

knife sharpener


Tame Your Unruly Pile of Garbage Bags with This Bag Dispenser

grocery bag dispenser


Take battery organization to the next level. It even has a removable battery tester so ou can make sure you’re only keeping the good ones.

range kleen battery organizer


Toothpaste squeezers so you can take advantage of every last drop

You can use this squeezer for medicine tube, cosmetics, adhesives as well as toothpaste, lotion, ointment, make-up, paint, etc.


Bacon Bin Grease Holder is a fun way to safely strain, cool, save or dispose of used bacon grease on the counter top or refridgerator

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