The Best Hot Sauces, Ranked In Order Of Their Hotness

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If you are a hot sauce connoisseur, we made a definitive list of the best hot sauces ranked from not spicy to burn your insides and call an ambulance spicy

The Scoville scale is used to measure the “hotness” of a chili pepper. For some perspective, Taco Bell Fire Sauce is rated at 500 SHU, a jalapeño pepper is rated at 3,500 SHU, habanero is rated at 100,000–350,000 SHU and the world’s hottest pepper, the Carolina Reaper is rated at 2,200,000 SHU.

How far do you want to test the limits of your taste buds?

Mike’s Honey Hot Sauce – Less Than 450 SHU

If you got a sweet tooth and want to add a small kick into your food, this is the sauce for you.


Kumana Avocado Hot Sauce – Less Than 450 SHU

For all the avocado lovers, this mild hot sauce enhances grilled steaks, burritos, eggs, salads, marinated chicken and pretty much anything that you want to add a little extra flavor to.


The Pepper Plant Chunky Garlic Hot Pepper Sauce – Less Than 450 SHU

This is the ultimate condiment for garlic lovers! It’s not very spicy, however it packs a punch in taste. Goes great with everything.


Frank’s RedHot – 450 SHU

Frank’s is a great introductory hot sauce. It’s very versatile and is great as a condiment for pizza, fries, etc. Absolute best sauce for wings (as a base). Good flavor, weak heat. A staple, if not remarkable.


Valentina Salsa Picante – 900 SHU

The best-selling hot sauce in Mexico. It has tons of flavor with a nice kick and won’t overwhelm a novice.


Sriracha Hot Chili – 2,200 SHU

Sriracha has been a cultural phenom this past decade. It came out of Asian restaurant obscurity and hit the mainstream with a force no other hot sauce has ever seen before and for good reason. It has a nice sweet and spicy taste that goes good with ANYTHING. One of my favorite things to do is to mix 1 part Sriracha and 1 part mayo and use it as a dipping sauce for nuggets, fries and hamburgers.


Crystals – 4,000 SHU

If you like a vinegar based hot sauce you will love this. It packs just enough punch to please spicy food fanatics and it isn’t overkill for those in the family who think ketchup is spicy. Use it on tacos, dip it in fries, use it on ribs, Crystals is super versatile.


4. Secret Aardvark Habanero Sauce – 5,000 SHU

This is without a doubt, one of the best tasting hot sauces in the world. The heat is fairly mid-range but I’d say that anyone who isn’t a baby would love the flavor. You can put this on anything and it will enhance your food. Especially great with eggs!


El Yucateco Chile Habanero (Green) – 5,790 SHU

I believe each cuisine warrants a different flavor of hot sauce, but this sauce is pretty transcendental like Sriracha. It’s great on everything from mac & cheese, to cous-cous, to a burrito. Though I compared it to Sriracha in it’s multitude of cuisine uses, it’s definitely nothing similar in taste since it has a Mexican flavor profile. It’s not too overpowering with a super distinct taste, but provides a great amount of heat. A little goes a long way. If you dislike heat in any way, this is NOT for you. Just a drop will get your tongue tingling…


Queen Majesty Scotch Bonnet and Ginger – 9,000 SHU

If you love the smell and taste of fresh ginger, you’ll love this sauce. It has a bright flavor and aroma that makes it great for soups and fish. The heat is relatively mild, much less than you’d tend to expect from a sauce using Scotch Bonnets. It does build on you slowly, but never to an uncomfortable level. If you’re looking for a sauce that isn’t the stereotypical smokey habanero, this is a refreshing option.



Dirty Dick’s Hot Sauce – 21,000 SHU

Recently winning the First Place Screaming Mimi award at the New York City Hot Sauce Expo, this Vermont-based hot sauce is perfect for fans of bold and spicy flavor. Hosting a marriage of habanero peppers, mangoes, pineapple, bananas and brown sugar, Dirty Dicks offers a delectable balance of sweet and heat that’s no doubt going to enhance your dish, whether it’s for cooking or dipping.


Marie Sharp’s Habanero Pepper – 35,000 SHU

I discovered Marie Sharp’s on a dive trip to Belize many years ago and I instantly fell in love with this sauce. Its hot and flavorful, but no so painful it can’t be enjoyed and perfect with everything.


Pain 100% – 40,600 SHU

Don’t let the name scare you away… yes it is spicy, but it is also very flavorful. You can definitely taste the habenero and the garlic and spices complement it well. It is something that goes well with many foods and isn’t all heat and no flavour.


Da Bomb Beyond Insanity – 135,000 SHU

Extremely hot sauce, flavor is lacking as the sole purpose of this sauce is to bring the heat, which it does absolutely magnificently. I absolutely recommend this sauce to anyone that craves intense heat and doesn’t mind mixing this hate juice into their favorite flavor sauce.



Dave’s Ultimate Insanity Hot Sauce – 250,000 SHU

This hot sauce will hit you like a freight train! It is a real shock to the system. A single drop is just deadly. BE WARNED!


Mad Dog 357 – 357,000 SHU

If you aspire to be a fire breathing dragon, or just want your taste buds to explode, then this is the hot sauce for you. Only one or two small drops will do the trick for an entire plate of food. If you can get beyond the heat, it has a very nice flavor!


Zombie Apocalypse Ghost Chili – 500,000 SHU

It burns like a blow torch, yet for those with discerning taste buds will notice the flavors of a cooked Habanero followed by the slow and intense pain of this Ghost Chili hot sauce.


Satan’s Blood Chile Extract – 800,000 SHU

This is more of a challenge than a condiment you use regularly on food. As one reviewer said: "There isn’t much to say about the heat because it’s sheer pain!….I tasted a few drops and almost instantly my mouth started watering, my eyes flooded with tears and my nose ran like it was sprinting the Boston marathon!"


Blair’s Ultra Death Sauce – 800,000 SHU

When a hot sauce comes in a coffin shaped package, you know it ain’t messing around! You might want to invest in a comfortable toilet seat and keep a pillow stored tn the bathroom. This stuff is no joke and can leave you in a world of hurt if you’re not careful.


Da Bomb The Final Answer – 1,500,000 SHU

This thing is no joke! It will literally trigger the fear response in your body. Like, the urge to run (for no reason), as if it will get you away from the trauma you are experiencing.


The Source Hot Sauce – 7,000,000 SHU

You have to be a masochist if you want to indulge your taste buds in this preposterously hot, hot sauce. This stuff will incinerate your insides and make you consider calling for an ambulance. One reviewer said it put his friends "out of commission for like 6 hours." Try at your own risk!

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