Cop Promises No Arrest And Throws Hands With A Street Thug In 1 vs 1 Scrap

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cop gives thug 1 vs 1

 A former Springfield police officer charged with beating a man in February may have allowed rough times off the clock to spill over to patrol duties, according to internal affairs records.

Terminated by the city on May 9, Samuel Rosario faces charges of official misconduct and battery in connection with the beating of Robert Humes, whom the former officer challenged to a fight while responding to a call at Humes’ east side home. The incident, captured on Rosario’s body camera, has gone viral, with more than 1 million YouTube views of the altercation in which the officer gets the better of Humes in a fistfight.

Why did Rosario pick a fight with Humes, who had been criticizing police and arguing?

“I really don’t know,” Rosario told an internal affairs investigator. “It’s not like I went to work looking to fight for somebody or fight with somebody. … I think that that day was the boiling point. I think that day was the day that everything was just on my shoulders and just came down on me.”


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