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These computer speakers will literally shock you into submission. Full, rich sound. I recommend these 100%

These speakers will kick the ass of any bookshelf speaker at this price point including well known brands such as Klipsch

edifier r1280t


The smarter way to consume caffiene. Sustained energy thoughout the day with no crash like coffee or energy drinks

Regular caffeine rapidly peaks in the body and wears off. This leads to a temporary rush of energy, only to leave you dragging a short time after. Genius Caffeine uses a sustained-release caffeine to provide smooth, long-lasting energy that keeps you going for hours on end.

genius caffeine


Absolutely delightful phenomenon and one of the most fulfilling video games in years

This games is amazing. I thought it would just be a funny game, but it’s actually extremely well designed. Your mischievous goose antics are essentially a series of puzzles and they are honestly probably the cleverest puzzles I’ve ever encountered in a game

And the MUSIC oh my god. It’s the smartest game music I’ve ever encountered, hands down. It’s the equivalent of a live piano player at a silent film – just dynamically improvising along with whatever’s happening on screen. It works so well and it just makes the comedy work so well too. You have to get this game.

untilted goose game


I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love this massager. Tingles and goosebumps all day and dogs love it too!


This book changed the way I look at the world, and will remain a powerful reminder of the great things that can be accomplished with the right attitude

I have to admit that sometimes a particular book hits you with more impact than usual and after a couple of years some self-examination might leave you with the impression that perhaps the author has indeed influenced your choice of paths more than you would have expected.

This is the kind of book you read for that extra push to get you going in particular moments when things aren’t flowing as easily as you’d wish. And for that use, my preference goes to books that have an honest simplicity. This title isn’t verbose, it isn’t very technical or full or scholarship, perhaps even some of its examples are fully fictional. The truth is that I don’t care about that, because it has proven very effective.

magic of thinking big


More than 11,000 reviewers swear by these gloves for protecting their hands and fingers against cuts

nocry cut resistant gloves


Game Changer: A Clever Toilet Paper Holder That Lets You Quickly And Easily Change Toilet Paper Rolls Using Only One Hand




The World’s Most Sour Candy….These will suck the cheeks out of your mouth!

barnett mega sour


This Alien Abduction Halloween Costume Might Be the Best Thing Ever!

alien abduction costume


Sure, 4K TVs Are Nice, But This 8K TV Is 40% Off And Will Give You The Best Picture Of Your Life!

samsung 8k


More Awesome Products You Might Like:

Without a doubt, these are the best headphones for under $100. The clarity will blow your dick off!

Absolutely cannot be outdone at this price point. I gave my step brother’s son my Senheisser’s that were three times the price because he liked them. On a lark, I went with Grado. I will never look back. I only have 6 hours on them so there is still some break-in to do. Out of the box they are well balanced and have a good soundstage. Highs and Mids are crisp and clean. Mid’s can be a little tinny. Break-in should resolve that. Bass extension is a little low at the moment, but I will let the break-in do its work. No ear fatigue on my part. I won’t render my final judgment on speakers or headphones until I hit 100 hours. With that being said, you cannot go wrong with these. These are extraordinary headphones for the price and I am an audio snob. I used three different sources for listening. HD audio on PC, LG v30 with quad DAC, and McIntosh MX 160 with MHA 150. These guys from Brooklyn know what they are doing.

grado sr80e headphones



If you really want to test your spice threshold then you need to try The Death Nut Challenge! To claim victory you have to chow down on 5 progressively hot extra large Virginia peanuts that are infused with some of the hottest peppers known to man.

death nut challenge

One of the most impactful books I have ever read. It will teach you how to be a harder human being in a world that is perpetually trying to soften you.

It will teach you how to endure and fight through the pain, the discomfort, and all the failures that life will present to you. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

cant hurt me - david goggins


If you cook regularly, do yourself a favor and invest in a quality chefs knife

There really isn’t much I can say about an 8″ Chef’s Knife. Wusthof makes some of the best in the business and aside from the wretched plastic clamshell laminated in cardboard packaging, I’ve been highly pleased with this knife. Quartered a chicken like there was nothing there. The knife is full tang, meaning the blade is supported all the way down the entire length of the handle. For inexperienced, this is a good thing because it leads to tighter control of the blade and a more comfortable cut on harder foods. Very pleased with this new blade, it has already replaced it’s predecessor in the knife block!

wusthof classic chef knife


This bidet has reduces the stains in my underwear by 99%! 

I purchased a bidet attachment for my toilet; they basically just attach under the toilet seat and hook up to the water source from the wall. These things changed my life! We all get those horrible shits where you just sit there wipe for a 100 years and it never gets better. Later in the day you find yourself having a swamp ass and it doesn’t get better until you take a shower. Well this changes that! No more swamp ass! No more weird post-shit walking! It is so refreshing that it feels like you just took a shower! Not to mention it cuts down on TP usage as well. So now after each shit, TP is used just for drying off your ass! No more forever wipes! So if you enjoy a clean ass, I highly recommend getting one of these.

luxe bidet


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