22 Items That Will Immediately Make Your Boring Cubicle Feel Very, Very Fun

October 14, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Products

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This Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy will be your cheerleader through all your tough times at the office

wacky wavy inflatable tube guy


It’s impossible to look at this Dancing Groot Bobble Figure and not smile!


Let Pikachu snag all your loose change with this fun piggy bank


Cool desk buddy #1 Jason Voorhees


Cool desk buddy #2 Jack Torrance


Spock totem figure


Cassette Tape Desk Organizer


Julius Cesar Pencil Holder


There’s nothing that relieves stress more than being able to pop a fat pimple. This toy allows you to endlessly pop pimples and will help you refrain from popping your annoying co-worker’s jaw


You can get the same fullfillment of squeezing someone’s neck without the consequences with this Panic Pete Toy



Rule your desk with an iron fist with this Darth Vader paper clip magnet


Best Mug For Tea Drinkers: Benjamin Franklin Electrici-Tea Mug



Best Mug If You Like Happy Little Trees


Waste time at your desk with this skee-ball mini game


Or This Desktop Tetherball


The Rubiks Cube is the perfect time waster


Ask the Magic 8 Ball everyday if today is the perfect day to quit your job


Donald Trump Executive Order Sticky Notes


Jabba The Hutt Flash Drive



This Astronaut USB Light is cool as fuck!

The cable is bendable and supports the astronaut’s weight so you can manipulate how it is suspended in the air



Streamline Eager Beaver Pencil Sharpener


Your very own Red Swingline Stapler to subdue your urge to burn down the office


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