Elementary Schools Are Cancelling Halloween Celebrations Because It’s Not Inclusive

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school cancels halloween because its not inclusive

Some schools in northern Chicago suburbs have decided to “move away” from Halloween celebrations as part of an effort aimed at being more inclusive.

Evanston/Skokie School District 65 wrote in a message to parents:

“While we recognize that Halloween is a fun tradition for many, it is not a holiday that is celebrated by everyone for various reasons and we want to honor that,” the message reads. “We are also aware of the range of inequities that are embedded in Halloween celebrations that take place as part of the school day and the unintended negative impact that it can have on students, families, and staff. As a result, we support our schools that are moving away from Halloween celebrations that include costumes and similar traditions.”

“We are confident those who are choosing to move away from the traditional Halloween celebrations will find new and engaging ways to build community within their schools,” the statement read.

Lincoln Elementary School is one of the schools ending Halloween traditions during the school day. No parties will be taking place on Oct. 31 at Lincoln during the school day. Nor will students be donning costumes or receiving candy. Instead of a Halloween party, students will have a “fall celebration” on Nov. 1

This move has upset many parents. 

Nejra Bajric, whose son attends Lincoln, told the Tribune that her second grader is devastated.

“There were some tears,” Bajric said. “Every time I bring it up, he says, ‘That’s the worst; I’m just going to wear mine.’”

“They’re trying so hard to make everything inclusive that they’re excluding a lot of students,” she added. “They’re excluding those kids from having a Halloween, or low-income kids whose families work crazy hours.”

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