15 Awesome Gifts You Can Treat Yo Self With!

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This Whiskey Wedge is an awesome way to perfectly chill your favorite liquor without dilluting it

whiskey wedge


Fill the uKeg with confidence, knowing your beer will stay carbonated for weeks and cold all day

The uKeg is vacuum insulated so it keeps your beer nicely chilled for a couple of hours after it has been filled. It also has a CO2 pressurizing system that allows you to dispense the contents through its small tap (instead of opening the growler and losing freshness and carbonation). This sealed system should keep your brew fresh for several days

ukeg growler

How to Use the uKeg


This spinal shelf is an awesome way to show off your book collection

spine bookshelf


There is something fascinating about watching the time go by while watching a flip clock. Plus it looks great on your desk!

retro flip clock


A replica of the oak barrels used to age bourbon, this mini barrel takes any mid-shelf bourbon and subjects it to one more round of aging. Oak flavors develop over one to three months, evolving the taste of the whiskey, and unlike actual bourbon barrels, this one can be reused.

2 liter barrel


Long Distance Friendship Lamp

When you turn one on with a simple touch of your hand, its mate emits the same ambient glow, no matter where it is and who is on the other end: Parent or grandparent, niece or nephew, or long-distance significant other. Each person sets up their lamp via Wi-Fi, then reaches out and touches the lamp whenever they want to let their loved one know they’re thinking of them.

long distance friendship lamp


Easily transform your kettle grill into a wood fired pizza oven with our the KettlePizza Oven

kettlepizza oven


This amazingly engineered kit forms a fully functional, three-digit combination safe. Basically, before you crack it, you have to build it. The all-wood kit requires no glue or hardware.

moving mechanical safe


This sophisticated but easy-to-use Smoking Cloche system lets you add complex, smoky notes to drinks and dishes at home

smoking cloche


Vintage Desk With Edison Bulb Included

Vintage Desk With Edison Bulb Included


Awesome outdoor fire pit for your backyard or balcony

outdoor fire pit


Preheat it with some hot water while your coffee is brewing. Dump out that hot water and add your hot coffee. Hot coffee will stay hot for more than 24 hours.


If you want a super clean shave, this razor is absolutely outstanding. It dethroned my Merkur and pushed back my Edwin Jagger to third place

viking razor

If you’re into vinyl, this is a great turntable to listen to your old and new records on

pro-ject turntable


A pair of Dr. Martens that will stay as badass as you are

“I have a pair that I got in high school in ’98 that still look brand new.”

dr martens 1460 boots

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