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October 25, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: Products

The best wireless car charge and mount for your car

zeehoo wireless car charger and mount


One of the most comfortable walking/running shoes out there


The best trimmer to keep your hair down there nice, tidy and presentable to a lucky lady

phillips norelco multigroom


Fucking hell these things are addictive. It’s like an flavor orgasm in your mouth

daelmans stroopwafel


If Elon Musk were to design a vacuum, this beautiful piece of machinery would be it

dyson cyclone v10


A small price for piece of mind. This reinforcement prevents your door from being kicked in

defender home security door reinforcement


If you’re looking for a mental edge, this stuff keeps your brain sharp, gets rid of mental fog and relieves stress

lions mane mushrooms


Super funny and easy Halloween costume that will get you tons of compliments

chicken fight halloween costume


This Kitchen Knife Is Crafted Like A Samurai Sword

shun chefs knife


 This is the ultimate in laziness, perfect for playing watching movies on your phone in bed

cellphone holder


More Awesome Products:

Honey Butter Chips are absolutely addicting!

In August 2014, Honey Butter Chips hit the shelves of the Korean peninsula and thus began the hottest snack trend to hit the Asian market this millennium. Within months, Honey Butter chips were impossible to find. Convenience stores were consistently sold out of the item. Disgruntled employees became so annoyed by beleaguering inquiries about the next shipment they posted signs on their door notifying that they were out of stock. Luckily for you the hysteria has died down and is now widely available for purchase

On the first bite these instantly became my favorite chips. They almost taste like toasted potato bread smothered with butter and honey

honey butter chips


“I nearly ruined my favorite sneakers with mud, but this $16 shoe cleaner brought them back to life”

jason markk premium shoe cleaner


The World’s First Radially Tensioned Umbrella That Can Withstand 55 MPH Winds

radially tensioned umbrella


The Ferrari Of Nail Clippers. Best Nail Clipers Ever.

harperton nail clippers


Best investment I’ve ever made. You’re instantly more credible than the other person if there’s an accident.

Got into an accident with a crazy woman who lied and said I ran a stop sign and that it was my fault. Showed her my dashcam footage, she shut right up and paid me appropriately

rexing v1 dashcam

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