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It’s natural to have anxiety about the future, especially when things aren’t do that” switch those thoughts into “I am good enough” and “I can do anything.” The word “not” maybe the reason you haven’t taken action towards a better life.

Another reason why we may have fear about the future is because of what has happened in our past. We must do our best to not allow our past experiences to determine our present actions and choices. Learn from the past and move forward.

It’s not about forgetting what has happened in your past, it’s using your past as the fuel to move towards a better future. We all go through hard times but it’s how you grow from those experiences that will determine who you’ll become.

These six tools can help you start living in the now:


One of the best activities to help you be more present is exercise. This is because exercise forces you to focus on your body and what you’re doing at that moment.

Research shows that exercising for as little as 10 minutes a day can significantly improve your overall health and reduce anxiety. Don’t miss out on these benefits.

Block out some time in your day to go for a walk, get out in nature, do some yoga or pushups. You don’t have to go to a gym to workout. There are plenty of workouts you can do in the comfort of your own home.

If you’re feeling anxious & stressed, exercise can change your life. If it works for me it may work for you too.


Journaling has significantly improved my self-awareness and emotional intelligence. It’s also a great place to write down your thoughts on how you feel about certain people or situations. The act of writing puts you in the moment.

Every letter that you write takes focus and concentration until you get to the next word and finally finish your sentence. Having a journal is a great tool because it’s a place you can write down dreams. Writing them down will turn them into goals.

The next time you start feeling anxious and stressed, take out your journal or piece of paper and write down exactly what’s going on in your mind. Doing this consistently will help you begin identifying which thoughts make you feel that way.


Meditation is another powerful tool to have apart of your toolkit for personal growth. The act of focusing on your breathe and how your body is feeling trains the mind to be present.

If you’ve never meditated before I’d highly recommend starting with guided meditations. Guided meditations are when someone tells you what to focus your attention on and they often offer new perspectives.

Through meditation, much like journaling, it can help you become the observer of your thoughts and emotions. It may not seem like you can control your thoughts but you can. It requires tremendous effort and focus but it is possible.

We all have an inner dialogue that never shuts off but with meditation, you’ll notice thoughts are only thoughts. It’s how intensely we focus on those thoughts that make them “feel” real even if it’s not true.

When negative or anxious thoughts arise, ask yourself: Is this thought true?

4)Change Your Self-Talk

The reason most people are stressed and anxious is that they’re focused on the same thoughts they were focused on yesterday. In the book Emotional Intelligence 2.0, it mentions how people have about 50,000 thoughts a day.

According to the National Science Foundation, 80% of thoughts are negative and 95% are repetitive thoughts. This means most people live in a negative state because of what they’re thinking about moment to moment.

“Every time one of those 50,000 thoughts take place, chemicals are produced in your brain that can trigger reactions felt throughout your whole body.” — Emotional Intelligence 2.0

Haven’t you ever felt upset or angry about something and you speak to a friend who makes you laugh and you instantly feel better. It’s like what were you even stressing or worrying about in the first place. It’s because your attention shifted.

Change your thoughts, change your life.

5)Consciously Feed Your Mind

Did you know that you can greatly influence your self-talk by simply consuming new information that is positive, educational, inspiring and empowering? What you feed your mind on a daily basis becomes apart of your self-talk.

Find self-help books, inspiring podcasts, speeches, motivational YouTube videos and shows that talk about personal growth and success. Another suggestion is unfollowing negative people on social media and to begin following more positive and uplifting individuals and pages.

The thoughts and self-talk you focus on the most will become your deepest beliefs. If you’re constantly focused on “I’m not good enough”, then you’ll believe that thought so much it’ll paralyze you from taking action on your dreams. This is how our deepest beliefs are formed.

Everything you learn how to do in life is a skill. That means skills require hard work, practice and deliberate effort. To begin reprogramming your mind for positivity and success, you’ll need to work on controlling your self-talk daily. It’s a skill.

A tool that works for me is changing my self-talk. This can be done by catching yourself when you use the word “not” after you say anything that starts with the phrase “I am”, “I can”, “I will” or “I must.”

I am traveling the world.urself saying “I am not good enough” or “I can not do that” switch those thoughts into “I am good enough” and “I can do anything.” The word “not” may be the reason you haven’t taken action towards a better life.

I challenge you to catch yourself every time you use the word “not” and really think about what you’re saying to determine if it’s true. I’d recommend writing affirmations for at least 5 minutes at least 3x a day.

Write down in the present tense everything you desire to be, do and have for at least 5 minutes and see where your mind takes you. Use the phrases “I am”, “I can” and “I have” for your affirmations. For example:

Doing this consistently will change your life and your mindset.

6)Focus On Today

The best way to ensure your future is close or exactly the way you want it to be, it will require you to set goals and get clear about what exactly you want to experience. You need to create a blueprint for your life which is like a life map.

This exercise greatly changed my life. Creating my life blueprint has helped me become less anxious about my future because I knew what I wanted in each area of my life and what I needed to do to get those results.

When we don’t have life goals, we feel lost. I’ve found that by setting goals for each area of my life, I feel like I have something important to work towards and I feel great with the more progress I make.

You can block out time to work on each area of your life. It may require sacrificing a couple of watching Netflix, time on social media or sleeping in on the weekend but your life depends on it.

Your time on this earth is limited and how you spend that time determines the person you’ll be in the next year.

You may not think a couple of hours of entertainment every day isn’t a lot but two hours of entertainment every day for a year is 672 hours. Just imagine the progress you could make if those hours were used for your personal goals.

Also, I just want to emphasize that you can’t get a refund on those 672 hours. Once they’re used up they’re gone forever. The average human spends roughly 79 years or 28,835 days on Earth. Think about that for a moment…

So, there is an average of 692,040 hours in a lifetime. That’s not really that many hours. We all have a limited amount of hours on earth but those who are successful spend their time much differently than those who aren’t.

If you don’t know how to set goals, look up the RPM method by Tony Robbins. If you already have goals then ask yourself: What’s one activity I could do today that could move me closer to my goals?

Block the time out, pick an activity that will help you move towards your goal and do your best to be consistent about it. Consistency and discipline are what breed successful results. Stick to it long enough and the results will manifest.

Taking action eliminates fear.


I know that having fear about the future is a real thing because I have my moments of doubt too. But with my life blueprint in place and by me taking conscious actions towards my goals daily, I feel much more in control of my future.

Everything you learn how to do in life is a skill. That means skills require hard work, practice, and deliberate effort. To begin reprogramming your mind for positivity and success, you’ll need to work on controlling your self-talk daily. It’s a skill.

Remember, we are all on the life clock and how you spend your time is absolutely what determines how your future will be like. Spend your time wisely because you never know when it’ll be your last day and life’s too short to not take action on your dreams. You are the author of your own story, don’t let anyone else hold the pen.

– raulinspires

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