Confessions Of A Dude With A Micro-Penis

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(photo: @markusspiske)

How small is your penis?

It is an innie when soft. Erect, and this was before the addition of all my extra weight, I’m a whopping 3 1/4 inches long (and that was pushing the ruler in as deep as I could) and under an inch in diameter which means short and very skinny.

Does it fit inside a condom?

I haven’t found a condom yet that isn’t like sticking my dick in a sandwich bag. They are that loose.

How old were you when you realized you were different? Were your parents supportive?

I kind of started to realize in high school, and that was during the early 90’s. I wound up seeing a Hustler or Swank or something and was horrified at the difference between me and guys in there. I started noticing bulges on guys at school and I had none. I’ve never talked about it with my parents but they really botches the whole sex thing and had me convinced that if I even kissed a girl I would go to jail for rape.

Ever tried penis enlargement pills or a pump? Did it help even temporarily?

I haven’t tried pills. All the science says they don’t work. The pump didn’t do much except swell it a little and it was very temporary.

I read somewhere that micro penis can be fixed slightly with an operation. is this true?

The operation involves snipping the tendon at the base of the penis. This lets it extend about another inch, but you also loose some of the ability for it to stick out perpendicular to your body. It is generally considered not worth doing.

Silicone injections look like a horror show and that just does width.

I have had to accept I just have to use what I have.

Is it hard to masturbate? Like can you use your whole hand? or just the thumb and pointer finger?

Yeah, thumb and pointer mostly and that is while laying back. I usually use a massager with a vibrating ball and it works pretty well. It gives me some extra reach and feels good at the same time.

Are you afraid to pee in public restrooms? Does the thought of it being seen terrify you in any way? What do you hate most about your condition?

It’s not that bad as long as there are stalls with a door. Otherwise I hold it and find facilities elsewhere. I have an amazing ability to hold urine.

What I hate most is the social stigma attached to having a small penis. The world pretty much considers you worthless.

Do you ever walk around with a strap on?

I have thought about it but never done it.

What was your first sexual experience like? How did she react?

College. Me 21, her 18. I had no self confidence as I had been rejected recently by two girls I had fallen hard for, and right in a row. So, we dated for a couple weeks and while we were watching a movie one night I heard her sigh in frustration and she grabbed my hand and put it on her boob. We finally moved to the bedroom and we fooled around for a while and then she put her hand in my pants and said, “Oh, its so….um…..hard.” She rubbed me for a while but it didn’t go anywhere and we went to sleep. Dumped me a couple days later.

Was that the worst? Are there any that really stick with you?

Yeah, it was the worst and I didn’t have another one until I was 29. However, I wound up with a totally psycho chick that litarlly only wanted oral. So 5 months of me eating her out and then her blowing me and swallowing. EVERY NIGHT. She was also on some sort of heavy birth control so no cycle. It was GLORIOUS….until the psycho came out.

How did you meet your wife react and how did she react upon finding out?

The internet is an amazing thing. As I basically became a hermit after college, staying online when I wasn’t at work, I started webcamming on places like Webcamnow. I would just sit there broadcasting my micropenis and some random women would start talking to me. I found out that there was a rather large group of women that like small penises. I had a hell of a lot of really hot cam on cam and phone sex over the years.

I met my wife online so she actually saw it by camera first and she likes the small size. It fits her mouth perfectly and she had a bad vaginal tear at some point that required surgery so she is extremely tight for a normal penis but perfect for mine.

Do you often attempt penetration with your wife?

Not often, maybe twice a month or so. But, we have lots of toys and the Hitachi magic wand has become her personal savior.

Penetration is really only possible with her laying on her back on the edge of the bed and me standing on the floor.

How exactly do the mechanics of sex work when you can’t penetrate that deeply? I imagine it’s kind of difficult.

My wife is the only woman I’ve had intercourse with so she technically took my virginity. The position we discovered that works well is with her on her back on the edge of the bed with her legs pulled back and me standing on the floor. It gets in and actually gives her pleasure because of prior vaginal surgery that makes her very tight.

The trick though is a Hitachi Magic Wand. We wedge it between us after she gets excited enough and orgasms just roll out. She usually stops after around 10 or so.

Side note – Anal is impossible for us. So many men are always going on about how they want anal and can’t get it. For us, my wife wants it and I can’t give it to her so she has to rely on her buttplugs for that.

I would say nothing is holding you guys back from a fantastic sex life.

It really is pretty good. She’s also got a pretty regular cycle so I can guess what days she is in the mood and when she isn’t. It makes things pretty easy and keeps her satisfied.

Are you with your wife because you were physically attracted to her, or because she accepted you?

Very valid question. At first, I was so desperate for companionship, I didn’t care. She was female, alive, and willing to touch me. I literally moved her across the country in the hopes that I might finally lose my virginity. She was willing to move because she was sick of living with her parents.

It was rather awkward in the beginning because while we had talked for over a year, we never got to date. So she would stay shut in her bedroom for the first couple weeks, only to come out and talk occassionally and get meals. Then one night she comes to my room naked and throws me on the bed. She climbed on and took my virginity.

Things improved once that hurdle no longer existed. We found out that we had a lot of common interests. Over a couple years we got to really know each other wound up getting along really well with each others families.

So now, yes, I am physically attracted to her. I also care very much for her and feel protective of her. I know I got very lucky because it was entirely possible that it wouldn’t work out. We beat the odds.

Given that you do have a small penis, but have found a woman so accepting of it, do you feel it’s overrated, having a large penis? What I mean is, is the love in your relationship stronger than feelings of inadequacy?

Yes, our love is stronger and it has greatly lessened my feelings of inadequacy. When you hear most small penis jokes, they still involves a relatively normal size, just on the smaller side. Me however, I was scared to date because if things went well, I couldn’t wear a condom and that whole scenario terrified me. So I just didn’t date and on the rare occasion that I did go out, I just ignored any signals and never let it progress.

I think society’s emphasis on penis size, and looks in general, is one of our worse attributes. I shudder to think how many people that could have gone on to great things faded away because of their personal inadequacies.

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