The Daily Man-Up: How To Get Yourself Out Of Bed On Time, Consistently, Forever.

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Why is it important to get out of bed on time consistently?

I assume that you and I are already in agreement that getting out of bed on time is absolutely KEY to most other forms of long-term success.

But if not, here’s why:

Getting out of bed on time, with the FIRST alarm, means that you can start your day with intention. It means you’re getting up on purpose as opposed to being dragged or forced out of bed. It means you CHOOSE to get out of bed. It will subtly influence how the rest of your entire day plays out.

You will have all the time you need to set yourself up for the day. You can be relaxed and take care of all of your different responsibilities and routines so that when it’s time get to work, you are on and poised and ready.

This, in turn, will allow you to have your best possible day.

How to actually do it.

First, decide on when you need to get to bed in order to get enough sleep. You know what’s right for you, if you don’t, then figure it out. And then when you do, go to bed on time.

If you’re one of these people that’s like: “But I never get to bed on time because XY&Z” then it’s time to get honest with yourself. Do you want to be in control of your life, or not? What’s more important, YouTube videos until 3:15am or manifesting your highest human potential? Make the choice and then act accordingly.

PRO TIP: Set yourself a hard, non-negotiable bed-time with no loop-holes or grey area.

Second, decide on when you need to get up in order to have enough time. So, again, choose the right time for you to wake up so that you can move easily through the morning. Give yourself tons of time. I like to give myself 60+ minutes for journalling and visioning with coffee while the sun comes up. It’s fantastic.

Third, don’t sleep with your phone by your bed. You and I know that we’ll just be on our phones in bed. It’s smarter to have your phone out of reach. This will also require you to get out of bed when the alarm goes.

Fourth, have something nice waiting for you when you wake up. If you’re one of those “I-have-a-cold-shower-and-punch-my-face-in-the-morning” dudes, then that’s fine, but at least have something to immediately look forward to in order to make getting out of bed nice. It’s MUCH easier to get out of bed for a piece of fruit, or an espresso, than a cold shower.

Fifth, have something that you’re doing this FOR. What sort of success are you aiming for in your life? What’s your next level as a human being? Whatever that is, you’re choosing IT when you get out of bed on time. When you choose to sleep in, your choosing to not be in control of your day.

If you do all 5 of these things, then you shouldn’t have to struggle with waking-up routines ever again.

I hope that helps! I have tons more free resources on my profile geared toward actualizing your higher potential, if that’s of interest.

All the best!

Brent Huras

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