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Documentary investigates the promise and perils of artificial intelligence – Frontline

Dog Who Has Been Chained Up And Ignored For Over 10 Years Gets A New Life – Ned Hardy

Comfiest, coziest, and softest blanket that ever was….I feel like a little bear cub all wrapped up in mama bear’s arms – Amazon

The hottest photos of the day – Caveman Afterdark

Scientists Reconstruct The Mutilated Face Of A 1,000-Year-Old Female Viking Warrior – All That Is Interesting

A Medication To Treat Meth Addiction? Some Take A New Look At Naltrexone – NPR

Here are your new income tax brackets for 2020 – CNBC

Woman Destroys Her Own Car Fighting For A Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich – Ruin My Week

A Man Was Arrested For Allegedly Groping A Disney Princess In Disney World – BuzzFeed

America’s Largest Health Insurer Is Giving Apartments to Homeless People – Bloomberg

The best plain tees I’ve found, really nice fit. A shirt you can wear everyday – Amazon

The One Sentence That Will Make You a More Effective Speaker – INC

Men Describe What Their Ex Did to Hurt Them the Most – Brass Pills

Here Are Some Insane Slides From SoftBank’s Presentation Explaining How It Will Fix WeWork – Intelligencer

This girl is talented! – Trending Views

Hollywood Costume Designer’s Racist Rant at CVS, Says ‘N**Gers Would All Be Dead’ If She Could Kill Them – The Blemish

Best Off-Road Vehicles At This Year’s SEMA – Gunaxin

Woman ‘locked-in’ own body for month after rare diagnosis – Fox News

Former Patriots Tight End Aaron Hernandez Linked to a Fourth Murder – Sports Gossip

Insane Pervert Gets Interrogated and Other Videos of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

Lindsey Vonn in Sexy Swimwear (nsfw) – The Slip

Are People Really Spitting During Sex as Much as Porn Wants Us to Think? – Mel Magazine

Meet Insta Model & Ex-Track Athlete Christina Khalil – G-Celeb

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