Stuff You Buy When You’re Drunk Or High

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These Pizza Socks Comes In A Delivery Box

Not only are these cotton blend socks warm, comfy, and designed to look like actual slices of pizza, including Hawaiian, pepperoni, and Italian. The best part may just be their packaging: the four pairs of socks come wrapped up in a clever, classic pizza box.

pizza socks


Cactus Drink Coasters

cactus drink coasters


Compact Handcrafted Cocktail Kit: Just Add Alcohol

This cocktail-making kit includes ingredients you need to delight up to six guests with a classic old-fashioned cocktail; or a little variation on an old classic since the kit includes a bottle of aromatic bitters, one of orange bitters, and one of grapefruit bitters. This set also includes raw cane sugar cubes, stainless steel cocktail picks, a muddler spoon, and a linen cocktail napkin. You’ll just need to supply the alcohol.

old fashion cocktail making kit


Skull Ice Molds

Skull Ice Molds


The First Ever Bearded Headwear: It looks ridiculous, but how else are you supposed to keep your face warm?!

bearded headwear


This Moon Lamp is cool as hell!

moon lamp


Bread ‘Loafers’

bread slippers


World’s Hottest Beef Jerky

worlds hottest beef jerky


Godzilla Garden Gnome

godzilla garden gnome


Prescription Coffee Mug

prescription coffee mug


More Funny Gifts You Might Like:

A Fresh-Baked French Bread Plush Pillow

bread pillow


If you really want to test your spice threshold then you need to try The Death Nut Challenge! To claim victory you have to chow down on 5 progressively hot extra large Virginia peanuts that are infused with some of the hottest peppers known to man.

death nut challenge

Jaskon Pollock – Convergence: 1,000 Piece Puzzle

jackson pollock puzzle


Mug with built-in mustache guard

Bucardo Mustache Mug


Medieval Knight Toilet Paper Holder

Medieval Knight Toilet Paper Holder

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