The Best International Condiments And Sauces That Will Take Your Foods To Places Its Never Been Before

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Kewpie Mayo is a way better version of mayonnaise. It is satisfyingly rich, slightly sweet, and gets a serious boost thanks to its kind-of-secret ingredient: Monosodium glutamate. This stuff makes everything taste better.

kewpie mayonnaise


The Mexican Secret That Instantly Turns Fruits and Veggies Into Addictive Snacks

tajin mexican seasoning


Harissa is a spicy Tunisian pepper paste. It’s smoky, hot, and deeply flavorful thanks to the inclusion of garlic, saffron, coriander seeds, and olive oil. Stir it into scrambled eggs. Add it to marinades. Stir it into sauces. Mix it into yogurt for a spicy, peppery dip. Toss roasted and grilled vegetables in harissa or plop a spoonful on top of your hummus. Stir it into softened butter and slather it on boiled corn. Spread it on sandwiches. Sub it for ketchup!

harissa pepper paste



Gochujang is a sweet and spicy Korean chili paste. It is one of the popular pantry essentials in Korea and a key condiment in many famous Korean dishes. The condiment is commonly used to marinate meats and can also squeezed into stews, bibimbaps, and noodle dishes.



HP Sauce is a British brown sauce and is often compared to American steakhouse due to its sweet, salty, tangy, and savory flavor. HP (which stands for the Houses of Parliament) goes perfectly with potatoes, beef stews, bacon

hp sauce


Peri-peri is made from the African Bird’s Eye Pepper. This hot sauce has more depth and complexity, and–depending on the formulation– a hint of sweetness. Enjoy it on chicken, burgers, or any other sandwich that calls for a whole lot of spice. Delicious with almost anything.

nandos peri peri sauce


Curry ketchup hails from a mix of Eastern Europe and Scandinavian countries and takes the ketchup you know and amplifies it with fragrant curry powder. Works great on fried cutlets of meat, hamburgers, hot dogs and french fries.

curry ketchup


Maggi is like soy sauce but better. It has a cult following in a Vietnam, India, and Thailand. It’s frequently mixed with mayo and spread on Vietnam’s famous banh mi sandwiches. Just a few drops of this will amp up the flavour of soups, stews or even a simple bowl of noodles

maggi seasoning



Sweet Chile Sauce is a Thai staple. This sweet-and-sour, crimson-colored condiment is made of red chile peppers, vinegar and garlic that’s been sweetened with sugar or fruit. often used as a dip for egg rolls, shrimp toasts, lettuce wraps and spring rolls. You can brush it on grilled ribs, chicken legs or shrimp.

mae plow sweet chili sauce


Hoisin Sauce is a sweet-and-sour sauce and is often called duck or plum sauce. Chinese cooks use it to flavor stir fries, meat marinades and stews. Hoisin can also be used as a dipping sauce with spring rolls or any other dipping food that would benefit from an Asian-inspired kick.

hoison sauce



This is the best-selling Chili Crisp sauce in China and a chef favorite. It’s spicy, yes, but it’s also a little savory and funky, too. Use it to dress up stir-fries, sautéed greens, pizza, and frozen potstickers.

chili crisp sauce


Japanese Yuzu Kosho pastes are a fermented blend of fresh chiles, salt, and the intensely citrusy zest and juice from the yuzu fruit. They both add a big burst of salty, super-bright heat to whatever you put them on. Add them to everything, from marinades to custard to eggs, oysters, and buttered bread.

yuzu kosho


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