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A damn fine collection of bewbs and awsomeness – Leenks

23 Hilarious Moments When Dogs Realized They Were Going To The Vet Instead Of The Park – Ned Hardy

This should be a staple in any medicine cabinet. They seriously work wonders on back pain and joint or muscle pain – Amazon

The hottest photos of the day – Caveman Afterdark

I’m HIV-Positive. My Partner Is Negative. This Is How We Have Sex – VICE

Russian dairy farmers gave cows VR goggles with hopes they would be happier and make better milk – Newser

Here’s What’s Happening In The American Teenage Bedroom –

The Role of Luck in Life Success Is Far Greater Than We Realized – Scientific American

We Tried 8 Methods of Cooking Bacon and Found an Absolute Winner – Kitchn

15 Signs You Peaked In High School – Ruin My Week

This $120 Trash Can Is Worth Every Penny – Amazon

HIV vaccine in 2021? Leading experts ‘optimistic’ about ongoing trials – NBC News

K-pop stars jailed for gang-rape in South Korea – The Guardian

Ashley Graham’s Secret To a Happy Marriage: ‘Have Sex All The Time’ – Maxim

Meanwhile In “Paris Fashion Week”… Have Fashion Designers Gone Insane? – Sad And Uselsss

Six things almost every parent does that set kids up for financial misery – CNBC

When Disruptive Students Are Coddled, the Whole Class Suffers – Quillette

Sarah Fucking Snyder in a bikini is majestic – Drunken Stepfather

Bruce Lee on Self-Actualization and the Crucial Difference Between Pride and Self-Esteem – Brain Pickings

Strippers fighting over money has me all excited – Trending Views

Woman Sues Her Rescuers Because She Didn’t Want to Be Rescued by Helicopter – Linkiest

When You Love Someone, You Don’t Try To Control Them – Thought Catalog

Hot girls with their tongues out – Phun

The Pasta Sauce Hailed as the World’s Best Is Surprisingly Easy to Make at Home – Mental Floss

Does Who You Are at 7 Determine Who You Are at 63? – NY Times

Most people are bad at arguing. These 2 techniques will make you better – VOX

10 Wrestlers Other Wrestlers Were Scared Of – What Culture

Escort complains about client who came to quickly – YouTube

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