Man Brought His 2 Dogs To Be Euthanized Because His Girlfriend Has Allergies

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man brought dogs to be euthanized for girlfriend allergy

A heartbreaking story surfaced about a man in Indiana that brought his two senior dogs, Cosmo a lab-mix and Sam a pointer, to the vet to be euthanized. Both dogs were happy and healthy. The dogs had lived with the man for 10 years, but he was now abandoning them. The reason he gave was he was moving in with his girlfriend and she was allergic to the dogs. So instead of going to a shelter to surrender the dogs, he thought “convenience euthanasia” was the answer.

Convenience euthanasia is when an owner brings in their healthy pet to be euthanized because they no longer fit in their lives. Penny Emerson, president of Begin Again Rescue Co, told The (Northwest Indiana) Times, “Apparently there was a change in his life plans, and they weren’t a part of that. It was really sad.”

Thankfully, the vet and staff did not euthanize Cosmo or Sam. “None of us want to end a pet’s life unless it is to prevent suffering,” stated the vet. Instead they reached out to Begin Again Rescue who took the dogs in and put them up for adoption. Since the senior pair were bonded, it was difficult to find a forever home.

Peoples Animal Welfare Society in Tinley Park, Illinois stepped up to take in the bonded seniors and find them a loving family. Eric and Tiffany Dybas recently lost their beloved dog and heard Cosmo and Sam’s story. They instantly fell in love with the seniors and decided to adopt them.

man brought dogs to be euthanized for girlfriend allergy

Cosmo and Sam are loving their new home and are spoiled by their new family. They sleep in bed each night with their parents and have a large yard to play in.

man brought dogs to be euthanized for girlfriend allergies





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