Confessions Of A Prison Corrections Officer

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What are some of the worst things you’ve seen in prison?

I remember coming onto shift one night and I look over to the eight and on the top tier the inmate had a razor stuck in the foreskin of his penis and finally got it out and cut his sack open and handed his testicales when I finally came up there to relieve the other officer.

What’s the weirdest thing you have found up an Inmate’s butt?

A galaxy note 8. Took him 3 hours to get it out.

How did they get it out?

Medical staff was down there with him getting it out and it was HANDED/RETRIEVED to the Sergeant for evidence and a report

Is prison rape as common as most people think?

Not really. ALOT of them lie about because we treat it with such seriousness and gets another inmate into trouble and into confinement immediatley.

Wouldn’t a prisoner have to be insane to lie about being raped considering the stigma it carries?

They all know it’s a game so really no stigma.

People think it’s a sure thing that child abusers will get taken out once they get to prison. Is that true?

They will most likely get beaten up but rarely killed.

How would the other inmates find out what that person is in for?

When they make phone calls they ask someone on the outside to look it up since it’s all public info especially since they’re a predator.

Aren’t the calls monitored to keep this from happening?

Yeah but they aren’t intercepted at that point in time. Someone reviews that later at night and that’s how they find out about anything dumb they might be trying to do.

How do the sex offenders behave in prison?

In my experience, S.O. inmates behave relatively well for the most part. Usually quiet and playing table games with other S.O. inmates.

Do upstanding/peaceful inmates receive a special treatment?

Kinda in a way yeah. Like me for instance if a inmate is really respectful and genuine about it if he asks me to charge his tablet during the day (they are only supposed to be charged at night) I might do it if I get a chance. I do it to show the other inmates that I can work with them if they are respectful.

Inmates get tablets now? Is there an internet connection too?

Yeah and no it’s based off a kiosk system they hook it up to if they want anything new on it.

What do they do with the tablets? DO they load games and ebooks onto them or something?

Exactly what you said and music

In the podcast ‘Ear Hustle‘ , they talk about racial segregation as just default. The exception, if I remember correctly, being the inmates who play the game DND. Are there programs or efforts to encourage racial integration, or is it just a matter of course?

Really just a matter of course. Now when I say that they are plenty of inmates that don’t care about racial segregation. But whenever it comes to a fight or brawl they will side with their race 99% of the time.

How much incoming mail gets read?

Everything. Multiple times.

What’s the most heartbreaking experience you’ve had?

Having a good friend of mine kill himself because his wife that worked at the same prison was having sexual relations with a couple of inmates.

How was the wife treated? What was her reaction?

She went to jail for a little while and didn’t seem to care.

Do officers get into it with the inmates?

Oh yeah. Shouting matches for the most part.

Worst physical altercation you’ve seen between an officer (maybe yourself) and an inmate?

An inmate beat the dog shit out of an officer out of nowhere cuz he was high on k2. And no the officer is not an asshole.

Have you ever met someone you genuinely believed to be innocent/wrongfully convicted?

Yeah. An inmate is in prison for life because some POS raped his 5 year old daughter and he killed them. He is a very stand up person.

How is the food they give the inmates, do you get the leftovers?

It’s not that bad for the most part. And no I bring my own stuff.

Does your facility sell the whole shabang chips? Have you tried them?

Yeah they do and no I haven’t but the inmates sat they are really good.

How is it as a career? Pay, benefits, environment, rewards, etc?

Depends on the jurisdiction, but overall, likely not bad. State COs start out at like 55k a year, with various ways to bump it up (location pay, hazard pay, and a shitload of overtime available). My state also does this thing where when you retire after 25 years, they take the beat 3 of your last 5 years, average them out, and that’s your annual pension for the rest of your life. And since most COs are in their early 20s when they get hired, they end up with a 70-90k pension for life by 50 years old. State insurance and shit is also pretty good, here.

Environment… well, it’s a prison.

What education is usually required?

High school where I’m at.

What is something that you think the general public does not know or understand about your job, or prison in general?

It’s not as bad or dramatic as people make it. As long as you’re fair and consistent and don’t let them walk over you then you will be fine. Inmates respect the staff that have time in.

What do you think of the US’s way of treating prisoners as well as the standards of the “corrections facility” you are working at?

I think it is very soft. They have 20 channel tv, tablets, endless hours of recreations, all kinds of commissary items. Don’t really seem like punishment. They are just segregated from the world. The standards on paper are great but in reality half the people don’t even follow it.

Isn’t rehabilitation something you want other than punishment?

Of course but ALOT and I mean ALOT of them don’t take advantage of it and it makes me a little biased (which I am admitting) on the subject . But I have seen plenty of inmates get their GED and have the prison give them the tools to succeed and come back 1 year or less under a different or same charge.

If you were given a blank check to reform the prison system what changes would you make and why?

Officers more pay. And more programs and better education for inmates to explore their interests so that when they get out they have all the tools ready to not come back. And better working facilities. We have 4 maintenance civilians that fix something broken all day everyday.

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