20 Awesome Last-Minute Christmas Gifts For Everyone Left On Your List

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The Ember Mug keeps your coffee or tea at the perfect temperature for up to 80 minutes, making mornings better than ever (even if you’re not a morning person). Set your desired temperature with the brand’s easy-to-use app and keep it charged using the redesigned coaster.

ember mug


This electric smokeless indoor grill is perfect for those who live in apartments but still want to have BBQs. No matter what time of year it is, you can get that summer barbecue feeling with this indoor grill.

electric smokeless indoor grill


An Airfly wireless transmitter designed to let them connect their Airpods or any wireless headphones to all those things that don’t have Bluetooth — like an airplane seat

airfly wireless


A scratch-off world map to help mark off all their adventures (or your adventures together).

scratch-off world map


Take your smartphone videos and photos to the next level with this awesome heat-free LED ring light. Whether you’re an aspiring Instagram influencer or just want to level-up your selfie game, this affordable, lightweight tech gadget has multiple settings to make any snap look picture perfect.

ring light


Punctual Egg Timer – It’s not the hard-boiling that sucks up your morning—it’s all the peeling. This egg timer comes with a “piercer” that pokes a small hole in the bottom of your egg, which helps separate the shell during cooking.

punctual egg timer


Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock – Your body was not designed to be jolted out of a restful night’s sleep by a clanging bell or a quacking duck. Philips’ ingenious take on an alarm clock mimics a sunrise, using light to help you wake up more naturally and in a better mood. Plus, it’s dual-purpose as an effective reading light for relaxing before bed.

phillips wakeup light alarm cock


Kettlebells are expensive and nearly impossible to travel with. With Kettle Gryp you can turn any dumbbells into kettlebells

kettle gryp


The Electric Pour-Over Kettle for Coffee Lovers – The Stagg EKG is a 900 mL variable temperature kettle that ticks all the right boxes: it looks great, it’s fast and accurate, it couldn’t be easier to use, and it is a joy to brew with. A powerful 1200 W heating element combined with a smart PID controller means in no time at all you’ve have precisely heated water at exactly the temperature you wanted.

fellow stagg ekg


Tile Sticker 2 -Attach these handy waterproof tiles to any item that is easy to misplace, like keys or a laptop bag. A touch of his smartphone will make them ring so he can easily locate them.

tile sticker tracker


Wekapo Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa Hammock – For the outdoorsman and camping aficionado, gift him this inflatable air sofa. It makes hanging out in nature—whether camping or just chilling in the backyard—that much more comfortable.

Wekapo Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa Hammock


Philips Norelco OneBlade Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver – This fool-proof trimmer allows guys to manage their facial hair without the risk of nicks and cuts. It’s a genius gift for the clumsy shaver that’s prone to razor burn.


Chillsner by Corkcicle is the one and only in-bottle beer chiller that keeps cold ones cold from the first sip to the last. Whether drinking from the bottle or as you pour into a glass, the Chillsner keeps each sip icy cold

Chillsner by Corkcicle


The Logitech Slim Folio Pro iPad Pro Keyboard Case gives your iPad Pro the functionality of a laptop—without the bulk. With this Bluetooth keyboard case, you no longer have to sacrifice speed. You’ll type as quickly and easily as you would on a laptop or computer keyboard.

Logitech Slim Folio Pro iPad Pro Keyboard Case


Thanks to the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Foldable Smartphone Gimbal, you’ll never miss the perfect shot. Whether you’re on your honeymoon and want to capture every romantic moment or you’re documenting your daughter’s basketball game, this will help. In fact, this foldable gimbal lets you use Story Mode or Sports Mode, depending on what you’re filming. A helpful feature of this three-axis phone gimbal is that it reduces shaky footage.

DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Foldable Smartphone Gimbal


With a slim cloth design, this mouse pad is complete with in-game lighting notifications. Using 16 million color options, the QcK Prism Cloth illuminates in step with your game to offer another layer to your experience. You can access Engine Apps to customize your alerts including audio visualization, discord notifications, and more.

steelseries gaming mouse


Coming in two sizes and four colors, this digital frame makes art more digital-friendly in a whole new way. At any point in time, you can easily curate your artwork based on style, season, time of day, or even your mood. The idea is to allow you to showcase your best shots without going through the hassle of printing and framing.

meural digital frame


The Razer Wolverine is the ultimate Xbox One controller – It comes loaded with a slew of extra buttons for advanced gaming—2 remappable Multi-Function bumpers, 4 Multi-Function triggers and a Quick Control Panel. Interchangeable thumbsticks and two interchangeable D-Pads. Swap between optimized thumbstick heights and shapes, and quickly change between a tilting or individual D-Pad button layout for the best comfort and gameplay

razer wolverine


This ergonomic lap desk has it all. Built-in wrist pad? Check. A spot for a laptop, mouse, and tablet or smartphone? Check. Ventilation under the laptop to keep it cool? Check


Sous vide cooking relies on timing and the immersion circulator to do precise cooking, taking much of the guesswork out of cooking. Your expensive steak is much harder to overcook and you can pretty much guarantee the perfect doneness (and tenderness) you want. There’s no worrying or embarrassment of something not being cooked properly if you have people over, and there’s a great sense of confidence that your food is just the way you want it.

best kitchen gadgets: inova sous vide


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