The Craziest News Stories We Covered In 2019

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Teacher Defends Her Sexual Relationship With Her Student By Arguing His Grades Improved


Family Says Their Adoptive 6 Year Old Daughter Is A 22 Year Old Psychopath Who Tried To Kill Them

6 year old is actually 22 year old killer


Husband Arrested After Wife Dies Following Meth And Sex- Fueled ‘Death Party’


Pedophile Who Abused Over 200 Children Stabbed To Death In Prison

richard huckle


Police Have Arrested A Man Who Is Accused Of Dumping Buckets Of Feces On 5 People

man dumps bucket of feces on 5 people


New Zealand Launches World’s First HIV Positive Sperm Bank


Rapper T.I. Says He Goes To The Gynecologist With His Daughter To ‘Check Her Hymen’


Guy Turns $2,000 Investment Into $50,000 Loss Within Minutes Of The Stock Market Opening


Woman Gets 20 Years In Prison After Giving Birth To 11-Year-Old’s Child


The ‘OK’ Hand Gesture And Bowl-Haircut Are Now Listed As Hate Symbols

ok hand gesture hate symbol


Fashion Designers Spark Outrage After Release School Shooting-Themed Hoodies


A Vegan Is Suing Her Neighbors For Barbecuing Meat In Their Backyard


Single Woman Marries Herself Because She’s A ‘Strong, Independent Woman’


Catholic School Principal Arrested At Strip Club While On School-Sponsored Field Trip


Sobbing Man Pleads With Girlfriend Walking Into Abortion Clinic To Not Kill Their Baby


Formerly Transgender Man Now Identifies As A Genderless Alien


Brazilian Gang Leader Tries To Escape Prison By Dressing Up As His Daughter


Delegates At The Democratic Socialist Of America Meeting Were Triggered By ‘Sensory Overload’ And ‘Gendered Pronouns’


10-Year-Old Boy Charged With Assault Over Dodgeball Game


Man Who Identifies As Amputee Wants His Leg CUT OFF Even Though There’s Nothing Wrong With It


Woman Forced To Close Business After Refusing to Wax Male Genitals of Transgender Person


Feminist Wins Award For Designing Chair That Prevents ‘Manspreading’

manspreading chair


Man Spiked Co-Workers’ Drinks With LSD To ‘Remove Negative Energy’ From Workplace


Cosplayer Belle Delphine Is Selling Her Bath Water To Thirsty Fans

‘Mummified’ Man Found Alive After Spending One Month In Bear Den


This Men’s Group Is Seeking To Combat ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Through Cuddling


“Fat Sex Therapist” Says Diet Culture Is A Form of Assault And Compares Fitness Trainers to Nazis


Alabama Man Allegedly Fed ‘Attack Squirrel’ Meth To Keep It Aggressive

meth attack squirrel


Dodgeball Is “An Unethical Tool Of Oppression” And Should Be Banned, Say Researchers

dodgeball is tool of opression


Transgender Powerlifting Champion Stripped Of Women’s Titles For Being ‘Actually A Male’ During Competitions


Taiwanese Charity Helps Disabled People By Giving Them Handjobs


Mom Hand-Feeds 13-Year-Old Son Addicted to Video Games Because He Refuses to Stop Playing

mom hand feeds video game addicted son


Woman Who Sent Man 159,000 Text Messages Surprised She Got Jail Time


Woman Who Identifies As Blind Poured Drain Cleaner In Her Eyes

Woman Who Identifies As Blind Poured Drain Cleaner In Her Eyes


Flat Earth Cruise Will Depart In 2020 To Sail To ‘Edge Of The World’


Pilot Steals Plane And Kamikazes Into Baby Shower In Attempt To Kill Wife


Florida Man Arrested For Attempting To “Barbecue” Child Molesters


Flight Attendant Claims Obese Passenger Forced Her To Wipe His Butt


Male Nurse Set Off Fire Alarm To Watch Co-Worker’s Breasts Bounce As She Evacuated


Florida Man Tells Neighbors He’s Going to Kill Them With Kindness Then Tries to Kill Them With a Machete He Named “Kindness”


High On Crystal Meth, Kaylee Muthart Gouged Out Both Of Her Eyes As A Sacrifice To God

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