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Me and my girlfriend have been together since we were in the 6th grade. I love and trust her more than ANYTHING in the world. Shortly after hs she decided to go to college and I decided not to so I could pursue starting a business like I dreamed of. Long story short, I was lucky enough to be successful quickly and sold my first startup 2 years after graduating for a very large amount of money.

We decided together that she would drop out of college and work for me as an employee on my second company and we would live together.

Not too long after that I proposed, she said yes, and then the happy side of the story ends. Now I hate to admit it, but I absolutely worship money. I know people say it’s not a good thing to do, but I grew up watching my single mom struggle to put food on the table for me and my siblings. Often going nights hungry because she had to feed a family with $20 and wanted to leave enough for us.

It was engrained in my mind that I needed to make money so I could support my mother and younger siblings so they don’t have to live under those conditions anymore. So when I proposed a prenup to my girlfriend she was livid. She couldn’t believe that I didn’t trust her or have any faith in our relationship, and felt outright disrespected that I would even entertain the idea.

She left me with an ultimatum of no prenup or no relationship at all. I’m completely conflicted. She’s the love of my life and I genuinely do trust her with every bone in my body, but I can’t jeopardize the stability of the financial freedom I’m providing for my mom and my younger siblings (4 of them oldest being 15 youngest is 6). I don’t want to put their lives in the hands of somebody they don’t know as well as me and can’t trust, because if worse case scenario happens and we get divorced I need to know that won’t effect us in anyway.

What should this guy do?
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