Life Isn’t All Sunshine And Rainbows

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Polish women being led to execution near the village of Palmiry, Poland. Between 1939 and 1941, the Nazis killed more than 1700 people at that site (more info)

Palmiry executions


When the Australian bushfires get too close to you, the RFS send an emergency message explaining that “it’s too late to leave”


15 Websites on the Deep Web That Are Disturbing AF


Eyeglasses taken from the Auschwitz prisoners before they were taken to the gas chamber.


A dashcam video released on social media shows a citizen driver approaching what is alleged to be a Cartel Del Noreste (CDN) illegal checkpoint/roadblock on Colosio Boulevard in Nuevo Laredo

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Events planned for 2002 from the archived World Trade Center website


The audio tapes of the Jim Jones mass suicide as it happened. You can hear people dying of poison in the background as Jim Jones rambles


Ex-mayor accused of raping 4-year-old claims she was a ‘willing participant’ (article)


Oklahoma reporter Lance West breaks down outside Plaza Towers Elementary after the 2013 Moor tornado. He announces to the newsroom that the rescue operation has ended and heavy vehicles are being brought in to extract children’s bodies from the rubble of the school


Anna Maria “Settela” Steinbach, a 9-year-old Dutch Romani girl, glances out of a transport train in the Westerbork Transit Camp just before the door closed, on May 19, 1944. The train headed to Auschwitz. Settela was gassed there with her entire family except her father, who survived the war.



The man in this Holocaust photo has been only recently identified as Rabbi Moshe Hegerman, the Rabbi of Olkusz in Poland. Brought to the town square for execution he asked to let him say first Kaddish for his slain brethren. The soldiers laughed while watching him


A crowd of Boer children, photographed inside of a concentration camp. One in four would not make it out alive, Nylstroom Camp, South Africa. 1901. (article)

Boer children


Screaming, bloodied woman rescued from van with cage & chains after kidnapping suspect beats her with tire iron


A letter from schizophrenic patient Emmy Hauck to her husband. It consists only of the phrase “Herzensschatzi komm” (darling please come) and “komm komm komm” (come, come, come ) repeated over and over.


Annual midnight swearing-in of Nazi SS troops, Feldherrnhalle, Munich, 1938

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