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The 50 Most Drug-Addled Albums in Music History – Rate Your Music

Mom Sends Her Son A Picture Of His Dog Everyday For The Sweetest Reason – Ned Hardy

In the event of an accident and you get trapped in your car, you’ll be glad you had one of these stored in your car – Amazon

Why Does Mainstream Media Keep Attacking Bernie Sanders as He Wins? – GQ

Girls sues to block participation of transgender athletes – The Hill

Living Full-Time in a Toyota Tacoma – Outside

Rebecca Black Shared A Message For Her Fans And Her Haters On “Friday’s” 9th Anniversary – Ruin My Week

Kobe Bryant and his daughter have been laid to rest at a cemetery near the Pacific coast, death records show – CNN

Celebrity beautician says sperm is the key to glowing skin – News Hub

35 Famous People We’re Not Used To Seeing Young – Bored Panda

Don’t sleep on Lions Mane guys. It’s a fungi supplement which has been shown to increase and stimulate Neuro growth factor (NGF) which is involved in the growth and maintenance of nerve cells in the brain – Amazon

The First Thing You Should Buy for Your New Home, According to Interior Designers – Apartment Therapy

Actor Jussie Smollett faces 6 new charges in Chicago – AP News

How To Break Toxic Relationship Patterns – Nylon

Macaulay Culkin Offers ‘The Truth’ On Michael Jackson: ‘Never Did Anything To Me’ – Daily Wire

Inside Mark Zuckerberg’s Lost Notebook – Wired

Photo of mice brawling on a subway platform wins wildlife photography award – Boing Boing

Conor McGregor in Bed with a Crackhead of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

Amy Adams, Emma Watson and Other Random Women – G-Celeb

Norwegian Instagram Babe Camilla Hasselgård Is A Baddie (nsfw) – BB Blog

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