The Daily Man-Up: Don’t Be This Guy

February 28, 2020 | No Comments » | Topics: Dating Advice, Man-Up

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“I met this girl in January of this year at the start of the second semester at our university when we worked in one of the rec centers together. She was a freshman and I was a Junior. She started college a semester late (she said because of family issues) and said she was nervous about it, so I decided to show her around a bit. We got lunch a few times during the first month on campus and I gave her tours of the campus.

We hit it off immediately and I knew I was in love instantly. Well, long story short, I asked her our and she said no. I was heartbroken, but she agreed to still be friends (unfortunately, I don’t have evidence of this since the conversation was in person). I tried several times throughout the semester to show her what she meant to me, but she ignored me and all the thought I put into the gifts I gave her.

We had a falling out that involved me drunk calling her and her telling me to leave her alone when I tried to explain.

I have spent the last month in absolute depression. I think about her every day. She blocked me on social media, so I can’t see her profile, but I haven’t texted her since school ended.

But it finally got to be too much for me. I decided I would try one more time to show her how much I love her. I knew the town she moved to school from (its only like an hour away from me and I have family that live nearby- we have talked about it before), so I texted her and told her I was coming to meet her. I was going to meet her at X coffee shop and I wanted to talk about everything.

Once again, she couldn’t even do me the respect of replying.

I checked her Instagram that night and saw that she was out partying that very night. There were pictures of her with alcohol (she is UNDERAGE) and her wearing skanky clothes (she told me she hated partying). its like she has become a totally different person. So I did freak out a little.

I told her about how much I cared and about how awful it was for her to just ignore me like that. That I was going to come to coffee shop on X day and if she should do me the respect of coming to see me.

She never replied, but I got a piece of mail today. It was a fucking cease and desist letter. She said she would “seek legal avenues” if I didn’t stop “harassing” her. I need to know what I can do legally to talk to her and make sure she doesn’t understand. I don’t want to live a life knowing she hates me. From my research, a Cease and Desist letter isn’t legally binding like a restraining order or anything and I am not harassing her since I don’t have an intent to intimidate or hurt her, so she can’t charge me with anything. Is all that true? Do I need a lawyer to respond to her letter?”

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