The Daily Man-Up: The Pain of Regret is Far Greater than the Pain of Discipline

March 13, 2020 | No Comments » | Topics: Self-Improvement

(photo: @roadtripwithraj)

Every single time I fail in my goals I feel a let down.

That big bucket of General Tao chicken sure tasted good at the time… But it set me one step back from where I want to be. Every time I see a woman I find absolutely stunning and I suppress the urge to go over there and let her know how I feel, I take one step further from my masculine core.

The reality is that the greatest thing holding us back is fear. Not just a skin-level fear of social judgment or criticism, but a greater, deeper fear of our own success. It isn’t simply a question of getting to where you want, it is being able to handle the very reality of success. This is the main reason why most people tend to clench up when they meet their dream girl. On paper it looks nice, but the reality is often overwhelming.

In spite of all this, making a promise to myself to act anyway was a huge game-changer. I would rather look stupid and fail than wonder ‘what if’. I prefer failing a thousand times and succeeding once than not trying at all. No one ever said this was going to be easy. Creating an extraordinary life is an excruciating process that not everyone has the stomach to handle. It gets messy! You will lose friends, you will lose the respect of your peers, you will hurt in ways you never thought you could… But the alternative is worse. Much, much worse. I don’t want to be stuck at a dead-end job, living a life I don’t want to live, coming home and crashing on the couch in front of the TV with a beer in my hand and an ever-expanding waistline. That’s not who I was born to be.

I am not where I want to be… But I’m closer than I was yesterday.

– Patrick Ananda

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