The Daily Man-Up: If You Live With A Fear That You’re Wasting Your Life

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wasting your life

Or perhaps if you feel you HAVE been wasting your life up until this moment, I’d like to write a quick thing for you here:

Fulfillment – true fulfillment – is still a possibility for you even now.

I appreciate that this might be hard to believe, because from a certain perspective it’s like “well I’ve wasted all this time doing nothing, and I’m older than I’ve ever been, and I have less time now in my life than ever before… so whatever I’m capable of achieving now is only a small version of what I could have otherwise achieved if I had all my shit together.”

That’s one point of view, it’s not wrong, but it’s not the complete picture either.

So let’s establish something first: If we know what it means to waste time, then what does it mean to use our time effectively? If we know what we shouldn’t be doing, then what should we be doing, and why? What do we get as an end result for doing all of the right things?

Because if we can determine what that is, then we can come up with the best possible strategy to move directly to it.

What does it mean to use our time effectively?

I’m going to make an assumption about you, which is that you’re like me, in that what you want the most is to express your highest potential in your life. You want to see how much you’re capable of accomplishing, how much you can do, how much you can experience, how wise you can become, how much you can evolve, and how much you can contribute back to the world.

Is this true for you?

If so, then to use our time effectively is to act upon our life’s purpose.

Some of us have a sense of what our life’s purpose is, and some of us do not. If you don’t here are a few questions that can point you the right way:

  1. What have you been meaning to get around to for the longest time, and yet continue to procrastinate?
  2. What do others keep saying that you’d be good at, and you agree, but you don’t do it for some reason?
  3. If you had unlimited resources and didn’t have to work, what would you end up doing?
  4. What have you been wanting and waiting to create?

For some reason, for all of us, our life’s purpose is made to be the lowest of all priorities, even though it’s the most important thing. We get mesmerized and pulled into the side quests of life, instead of advancing the actual mission forward. Why do we do this? For one, it’s because whenever we act on our life’s purpose, it will take us out of our circle of comfort. It’s uncomfortable, and it inspires fear!

We’re not lazy people, it’s just simply more comfortable to do what we’re used to. When we act on our life’s purpose, we’re moving in an entirely different, unknown direction. And it’s not safe! Safety is not guaranteed here! You risk rejection, failure, and disappointment.

And yet, whenever we take even one significant step on our life’s purpose, we have engaged in deliberate self evolution. In other words, we’re evolving on purpose.

This is an effective use of time. This is the opposite of wasting time.

Fulfilment is available now.

It’s true that it takes time to do certain things like create a business, or lose weight or write a book. But it’s not accomplishing these things that brings you fulfillment, it’s your acting on your life’s purpose today that creates fulfillment.

Fulfillment is a state that you can create now (after all, all the essential neurotransmitters are carried in your brain) by advancing outside of your comfort zone and into the unknown. Even if you do it just once, and it takes five minutes, you will have grown, you will have evolved. It will feel deeply good.

If you make sure to do this every day, no matter how seemingly insignificant the contribution is, you will be making actual real traction towards your highest success.

You don’t need a lot of time for this, not necessarily. All you need to do is continue to expand in this way.

The Goal is to be in Flow

I think we might agree on this.

Sometimes we think that we’ll only feel truly at peace with ourselves once we bring in our first million bucks, or when our abs show through our stomach. But these are only milestones. We both know how quickly the satisfaction wears off after you achieve something. It’s nice, for sure, but it’s only a short-lived experience before saddling up for the next thing.

The goal is to be in Flow.

Flow is when you’re creatively engaged with your life, when you commit to the task at hand, giving everything to it, and letting this opportunity be important, whatever it is. We stop telling ourselves that whatever we’re doing now is not important enough for us. Remember “how you do anything, is how you do everything.” If you treat your situation now with importance, then you will receive more important tasks up ahead.

Release all ideas about “where you’re supposed to be by now”

They are false.

There IS no “supposed to” regarding your life. You are where you arrived because you’ve been doing what you’ve been able to do up until now. All the “mistakes” you made were opportunities to learn the lessons that are so vital to you now. The lessons wouldn’t have come without the mistakes.

You’re supposed to be here. You are right on track, and your next flow opportunity is available today. Work on that which is most important. Take action toward that which you’ve been most meaning to get around you – you will notice a distinct shift in your experience, and it only gets better from there.

You got this. More here if you like.

Brent Huras


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