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man of your word

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Are you doing what you said you’d be doing while staying at home?

If not, then do two very important things:

First – Go easy on yourself. Your self-punishment is only making it worse. Relax, breathe, and wipe the slate clean. Start fresh, today.

Second – Focus on cultivating the link between your word and your action.

Do these two things, and you’ll start creating real traction toward your growth in these times. I’m going to elaborate on this second part now, and how you can use this to cultivate more control over your daily habits.

The Self-Integrity is the Link between your Word and your Action

Every time you say you’re going to do something, and you do it, you strengthen your relationship with yourself. You learn to trust yourself more. You sense your power, your ablity to accomplish things.

Everytime you say you’ll do something and then don’t, the opposite happens. You feel out of control, disappointed in yourself, hopeless.

Your ability to become stronger, more clear, more accomplished is directly linked to the extent that you follow through on your word. This is the nature of integrity. Integrity means you can hold responsibility, that you can be counted on, depended on. That you can be trusted.

Starting today, practice making promises that you can keep, and then keep them.

We both know that when you’re in full form, there’s a LOT that you’ll be capable of. But for the time being, start where you are. What can you promise that you’re certain you can do? Cook a meal? Meditate for 5mins? Get up before 8am?

Meet yourself where you are, and scale up from there. You can make the promsies increasingly challenging over time, but meet yourself where you are first. It will feel amazing to do as you said. You’ll feel new, inspired energy flow through you.

You’re always free to do more than promised, as long as you keep your promise.

Assign yourself 2-3 “mission critical” things to do, and get them done within the first few hours of the day. After that, you’re free to spend your time exactly the way you want. The difference now is that the ship is headed in the right direction. And now time is on your side; with every passing day you are growing, evolving.

This principle is the bridge between your inner potential and the outer reality that we all share.

It’s literally how you actualize your potential in the world.

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Brent Huras

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