Confessions Of A Cuckold’s Wife

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cuckold wife

My husband opened up the idea of cuckolding, he’s had the fantasy for a long while and although I was happy to role play the idea in bed I really did not want to see it through in reality. It just seemed like such a bad idea for so many reasons. I was also totally disinterested in any idea of humiliating or belittling him.

But…the sexy seed was sown and we talked and talked and talked about it and I sort of said that I wouldn’t rule it out, if the perfect situation came around… I said this really because I felt that if I just said “I’m happy to mess around in fantasy land but will NEVER do this in real life.” It would just have the effect of killing the fantasy.

We talked about why he had this fantasy, what he’d like to happen, what I might enjoy that I couldn’t experience with him or with him alone, which was quite appealing and what we might not be able to handle. He is a persuasive guy and I love him and the thing that seemed to turn him on the most was a desire to see me max out my sexual desire and really give in to pure sexual pleasure rather than seeing sex only as an aspect of a long term loving relationship. He also loved the idea of reclaiming me afterwards which I did find kind of hot.

I ended up admitting that if I could have two of him for one night I would absolutely jump at the chance…

Well he found a guy, J, online who seemed very nice, a little younger than us. We met him for coffee in the middle of the day and I went for a walk with him in the park and we chatted. We carried on emailing and there were maybe two more phone calls and then we committed and booked a hotel room. Gulp.

I was just so nervous. I thought the nerves were going to kill any potential sexual pleasure, I felt like I was going to the dentist or into hospital or something. But on the night we met J at a bar had some drinks, had a little dance and a few more drinks and I suddenly realised I was really enjoying myself. I can only explain the feeling as being a bit like I was a wild teenager but without all the awful teenage angsty crap! My hubby is not keen on dancing and J is a great dancer, and dancing is sexy…really sexy.

We ended up back in our hotel room and as soon as the door closed I made a little speech I’d been planning. I said right this is everyone’s last chance to say thanks for a lovely evening but I think it’s best if this is the end. I’m happy to carry on but I from here on in I want to be able stay in the moment and not worry. Is that ok?

Yes the speech was for my hubby, but I meant it, I just wouldn’t have been able to enjoy myself sexually if I had been worrying constantly about whether this particular thing that was was ok or not? It had to flow naturally. My hubby kissed me and said he’d been dreaming about this moment for years and wanted, needed me to love very second. So I let let J unzip my dress and kiss my back and my neck as I kissed my hubby and we were away to fantasy land for real.

Some of it was brilliant. Some of it was awkward. Some of it I would happily do every night. Some of it not so much! Having sex with a new partner was something I hadn’t done for years and I realised I was badly out of practice! I was used to a particular rhythm and J introduced a new rhythm and it took a bit of getting used to. But I did…

I probably enjoyed the foreplay most, four hands, two mouths, that’s even better than you imagine it might be. But three people in one bed is weirdly crowded, seems like there’s a lot of legs. We basically needed a bigger bed! The one serious hitch was that my hubby came before J did which was a mistake, but hardly surprising since this was his deepest darkest fantasy coming true! He managed to not come for a long time by stopping and and starting while J and I played and we had tried A LOT of new things before he lost control. When the moment came I tried to really focus on him and I was very aware he’d come!

A big part of me wanted J to also come immediately and he didn’t but I also wanted J to have an amazing time as well so didn’t want to try to rush him. A selfish part also wanted to be able to really get into the moment with my new lover without the distraction of another person (even if that person was my husband) It sounds awful but I enjoyed the penetrative sex element with just J.

I know J was aware my hubby was done and he moved to take me really powerfully from behind for maybe 5 minutes and then he came as well. We were a sweaty gasping heap.

J showered and left and then we were alone and I suddenly felt so awkward. Hubby was a little quiet and I asked if he was OK and he said yes but it didn’t sound genuine, and I was determined not to get upset because I knew this could could easily make this whole thing turn bad. We cuddled and talked and I asked him what he’d enjoyed most and told him what I’d enjoyed most and suddenly he seemed happier, and then he was hard and then we were having the most wonderful sex.

He didn’t admit it at the time but seeing me being taken at the end, after he’d finished, had been difficult, he described it as a mixture of the sexiest thing he’d ever seen and something he wasn’t sure he wanted to witness at all.

Maybe that sums up cuckolding!

We had incredible, passionate sex for days afterwards but there was a little edge to it. I knew he was replaying in his head the sight of me being fucked and loving it and hating it at the same time. I kept remembering all my moaning and gasping the sound of J and I fucking in front of hubby and just kept blushing furiously. I also felt really guilty about kissing J, eyes closed passionate kissing. We’d agreed beforehand this would be OK because I need to kiss during sex but it almost felt more like cheating than the sex, which is weird.

We both needed a great deal of reassurance from the other partner, which we got and in the end we processed everything and worked out we really had enjoyed it and that it was something we both wanted to do again but not all the time.

And that was my first experience of cuckolding my husband!

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