The Daily Man-Up: A Woman’s O-Face

March 25, 2020 | No Comments » | Topics: Dating Advice, Man-Up

o face

An O-face is by far the sexiest and most seductive thing in the world to me.

To a man, or at least to me, my GF O-face silently reassures “You are everything society has told you you should be. You have fulfilled the most important role of what a man is supposed to be and have been deemed worthy. You are such a manly, manly man that I have completely lost all control of myself, down to my most basic motor and language skills. You have unraveled me, and I am falling apart beneath you, yet I trust you so completely to be totally and absolutely vulnerable before you. You make me happy and are the only one who can make me feel this way. Also, in ways that can be scientifically quantified, your dick gets me extremely high.”

My GF’s eyes always grow really wide, and search my own. I can see surprise, love, and a dash of fright in hers. I can read “I will love you forever, and for this brief instant I see, feel, hear, smell, and taste nothing but you. You are my entire universe for a handful of seconds. I have some reservations about trusting anyone this much, but make love to me. Gentle or rough, just satisfy yourself and have me completely.”

Then there are the squeaks, gasping breaths, and moans she makes, and those add another dimension to the whole situation. Honestly, I think I enjoy her orgasm more than mine. The best is when we both cum at the same time. I can’t describe it, but it reminds me of those Infinity mirrors…

The lack of control my GF experiences during an orgasm is complete and total bliss for me. I can’t help but be influenced by growing up in a world where media and society has taught my brain that a man MUST be able to please a woman. It’s almost the male equivalent of how media makes many women feel like they must be thin. Every one of my GF’s orgasms is a reassurance of my own value, both to her as her other half, and also an individual.


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