Influencer Who Licked Toilet Bowl For Challenge Says He Tested Positive for Coronavirus

March 26, 2020 | No Comments » | Topics: Story

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A 21-year-old social media influencer who participated in the toilet-licking challenge claims to have tested positive for coronavirus

The challenge gained popularity earlier this month after TikTok user Ava Louise filmed herself licking an airplane toilet seat.

The internet personality known as Larz on Instagram, announced the diagnosis, saying, “I got diagnosed with Coronavirus” and included a video which shows him lying in a hospital bed.

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Larz’s positive test comes just days after he shared a video of himself licking the seat of toilet.

In the clip, posted on March 20, Larz is seen performing the task in a public bathroom.


Larz gained notoriety after reportedly being involved in viral videos featuring him licking stores’ ice cream cartons and more.

He was just one of many young people who engaged in a bizarre summer 2019 trend of defiling ice cream in stores and filming the act for notoriety.

Larz, who interviewed in 2019 with Dr. Phil McGraw, also previously said that his own family is “irrelevant.”

“None of them have followers, if they got followers or got rich, I’d probably talk to them again,” he reasoned.


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