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the oatmeal creativity

Eight Marvelous and Melancholy Things I’ve Learned About Creativity – The Oatmeal

Why Was The Beefalo (Bison/Cow Hybrid ) Created? – Ned Hardy

China Is Now Blaming a Lone U.S. Cyclist For Coronavirus – VICE

Jobless claims soar past 3 million to record highCNBC

I love Japanese mayonnaise. Like, have it every day, LOVE it – Amazon

Man Faces Terror Charge After Allegedly Coughing At Worker, Then Saying He’s Infected – NPR

Virus death toll passes 20,000, three billion under lockdown – Yahoo

How to Have Difficult Conversations When You Don’t Like Conflict – HBR

Why Classic Supercars Are A Great Investment – Maxim

The Teen Years: 9 Cringe-Inducing Realizations – Wait But Why

The lost art of deep listening: Choose an album. Lose the phone. Close your eyes – LA Times

Former Escort Asks If She Was Wrong To Keep Her Past A Secret From Her Fiancé – Ruin My Week

The Four Possible Timelines for Life Returning to Normal – The Atlantic

This is one of the best camera for shooting Youtube videos and vlogging and content creation – Amazon

5 Long Term Lessons We Have Already Learned From the Coronavirus Crisis – Brass Pills

Inside The Story Of How Supermarket Chain H-E-B Planned For The Pandemic – Texas Monthly

This TV Reporter Reacting To A Herd Of Bison Walking Towards Him Is The Best Thing You’ll Watch This Week – Towleroad

What One Night Of Psychosis Feels Like – Aeon

Nine Inch Nails just released two new albums for free – The Verge

How Being Bullied Affects Your Adulthood – Slate

MIT is developing open-source, $100 ventilators in response to COVID-19 shortages – Input

Drew Brees, Wife Brittany Donating $5M to State of Louisiana for COVID-19 Relief – Bleacher Report

Miss BumBum 2019 Suzy Cortez Promotes Hand Washing in See Through Lingerie! – The Slip

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