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WTF?! Woman calls police on 9-year-old for sexual assault – AOL

What it feels like to a girl when a dude nuts insisde of her – Mel Magazine

A moisture-resistant sex blanket. No more washing sheets or the comforter.  Lay it down on whatever surface and go to town! – Amazon

Why Public Transportation Works Better Outside the U.S – City Lab

Why CEOs Devote So Much Time to Their Hobbies – HBR

The Strangest Desert Festival In the World Makes Everyone’s Mad Max Dreams Come True – Jalopnik

8 Essential Products You Need If You Sit In Front Of A Computer All Day – Awesome Galore

An Easy Way to Be a Better Listener – GQ

A gift your girlfriend will appreciate you buying for her – Coveteur

UFC 229 shatters MMA PPV buy record – Bloody Elbow

Saudi Hit Squad Allegedly Murders Journalist & Dismembers His Body At The Saudi Embassy In Turkey – CBS

Burger King Will Let You Order 100 Chicken Nuggets for $10 for (Limited Time) – Thrillist

Smoking hot Instagram babe is an avid fisherman too! – Busted Coverage

You can turn iPhone into a professional DSLR camera with these lenses – Amazon

How to Stop Being So Lazy: 10 Simple Habits – The Positivity Blog

How to Invest in Marijuana Stocks – The Motley Fool

Pres. of Venezuela says Trump is trying to kill him – Newsweek

Super hot raver girl, perfect everything – Instagram

Samsung Killing Headphone Jack in 2019 Galaxy Phones (Report) – Toms Guide

Why Grit Is More Important Than IQ When You’re Trying To Become Successful – Forbes

Hottest Selena Gomez Pics – Drunken Stepfather

Stephen King’s 20 Rules for Writers – Open Culture

Trans prisoner jailed after sexually assaulting inmates at women’s prison – Scotsman

Cleavage busting through this girls shirt – Ehowa

How to negotiate rent to save THOUSANDS per year – I Will Teach You To Be Rich

How I Found Happiness in an Unhappy World without Selling My Soul to Mainstream Society – Knowledge For Men

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Fit girls are fine! – Leenks

The warmest, sofest and coziest blanket you will ever own – Amazon

Trans Disabled Teen Model Aaron Philip Is the Future of Fashion – VICE

Khabib Nurmagomedov Threatens To Quit UFC If His Teammate Is Punished….Bye! – AOL

4 Books Every Guy Needs To Read To Be Successful In Dating And In Life – Awesome Galore

Family call Cops on whales – YouTube

The age of envy: how to be happy when everyone else’s life looks perfect – The Guardian

Set Up Your Financial Accounts Like You’re Going to Be Hacked – Life Hacker

Cheap Easy Tips For Whiter Teeth – Weekly Cut

Sensible shoes on her way to the rave – Imgur

5 Rules for Looking Great in Jeans – Men’s Health

Why Grit Is More Important Than IQ When You’re Trying To Become Successful – Forbes

If you want to get shredded abs, this is a must-have! – Amazon

Super cute Mardi Gras flasher – Reddit

Kanye West met with Donald Trump today – Daily Wire

This guy knows what women want – Rude Jude

Frye Festival Organizer Sentenced to 6 Years in Prison on Multiple Counts of Fraud – Alternet

Girl enjoying club life – Live Leak

Let’s Give Ariel Winter Credit Where It Is Due, She Looks Good! – Go Fug Yourself

Viral video of feminist pouring bleach on manspreaders debunked as Russian propaganda – CBC

Iryna Pu$$y Printing Instagram Thot of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

A Bugatti Veyron Rental Costs $20,000 a Day But Most People Aren’t Renting Them to Drive – Jalopnik

Lindsey Pelas in a Schoolgirl Skirt! – BB Blog

Jamie Lee Curtis wields firearms in new ‘Halloween’ movie despite advocating for gun control – Fox News

33 Foods That Fight Aging from the Inside Out – Best Life

Justin Verlander Describes What Date Night is Like for Him and Kate Upton – Sports Gossip

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Entire Plane Evacuated Because of This Woman’s Emotional Support Squirrel – AOL

Best bang for your buck wireless headphones – Amazon

Man, 22, fighting for his life after English bulldog rips off penis and testicles – Daily Mail

Never, ever utter these phrases in a salary negotiation – Fast Co

Becoming a Personal Trainer: Everything you need to know from the best in the buisness – Train Fitness

7 Skills That Will Help Reach Your Full Potential – Darious Foroux

A Brain Scientist Who Studies Alzheimer’s Explains How She Stays Mentally Fit – NPR

James Gunn Boards ‘Suicide Squad 2’ To Write And Possibly Direct – Deadline

The Super-Quick Rise and Even Faster Fall of Groupon. Former CEO Andrew Mason on what the roller-coaster ride felt like – Intelligencer

Audio of Khabib Talking Trash to McGregor While Ground and Pounding Him – Sports Gossip

125-year-old Sears to file for bankruptcy – NBC

Greece bans obese tourists from riding on donkeys – Metro

This is the best Gaming Mouse out there and it’s bonkers! – Amazon

15 Of The Funniest Youtube Videos That Broke The Internet – I AM & CO

Man With The World’s Biggest Genitals Has Reduction Surgery – Barcroft

Oktober Fest slut – GFY

Find Someone Who’s Sure About You – “Don’t settle for someone who sees you as ‘good enough’ – Medium

Celebratory Gunfire Accident During Wedding – Live Leak

Anna Kendrick, Ariana Grande and Other Random Women – G-Celeb

Khabib Nurmagomedov meets with Vladimir Putin following win at UFC 229 – MMA Fighting

Snapchat is ‘quickly running out of money’ – CNBC

Aubrey O’Day Underboob and Fake Booty of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

‘The worst kind of pain you can imagine’ – what it’s like to be stung by a stinging tree – The Coversation

A Study of 1,000 Couples Determined How to Keep Your Sex Life Going Strong – Curiosity

What ‘Pay Yourself First’ Really Means – The Simple Dollar

Is She Flirting With Me? 30 Things Woman Do When They’re Flirting – Thought Catalog

Your Son Isn’t Lazy — How to Empower Boys to Succeed – The Art of Manliness

Emily Ratajkowski in See Through Lingerie – The Slip

Can You Pass An 8th Grade Civics Test From 1954? – Topix

Russian Whistleblower Assassinated After Uncovering $200 Billion Dirty-Money Scandal – The Daily Beast

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One Woman’s Life-Changing Quest to Have Sex with 100 Different People – Esquire

This book will teach you how to not be beta male anymore – Amazon

Six things parents can do to raise kids to be confident decision-makers – Washington Post

How to Decide What to Do With Your Life – The Startup

How Americans Described Evil Before Hitler – The Atlantic

How to Have a Sex Party – VICE

Ridiculoulsy delicious pizza recipe – 5 Minutes

A trauma surgeon explains the bloody reality of keeping gunshot victims alive – The Verge

This Insane Loan Term On A Used Porsche Shows That Even Rich People Can Be Dumb At Math – Jalopnik

Only supplement that has helped my insomnia – Amazon

A look at the victims of the NY limo crash – AOL

How to Have Great Sex Until You’re 90 – Mens Journal

Marcus Aurelius: How To Live Without Fear – Medium

We Found Them: The Worst Cosplay Costumes Ever Assembled – Topix

Jordan Poyer’s Side Chick Calls Out Rachel Bush on IG – Sports Gossip

10 Signs That Help Recognize Toxic Relationships at the Very Beginning – Bright Side

Meet Instagram Model Leanna Bartlett – Hollywood Tuna

It’s Weirdly Hard To Steal Mark Zuckerberg’s Trash – The Outline

You’re Bad at Choosing Good Pictures of Yourself — But Strangers Aren’t – Daily Curiousity

Meet the billionaire couple behind Panda Express, who run nearly 2,000 restaurants and sell 90 million pounds of orange chicken a year – Business Insider

Sophie Mudd was blessed with a small frame and massive bewbs – Drunken Stepfather

The 50 Best Fantasy Books of the 21st Century (So Far) – Paste

How Much Money You’d Have If You Invested $10K In The World’s Biggest Companies At IPO – Digg

Sommer Ray doing awesome things on Snapchat (nsfw) – Celeb J

Transgender Woman Finds Love With Man Who Rejected Her When She Was Male – Sick Chirpse

The No B.S. Guide to Naturally Increasing Your Testosterone – Knowledge For Men

Pre-Workout Supplements, Explained: Everything You Need to Know Before Hitting the Gym – GQ

Do You Have The Right Money Mindset To Get Rich? – Financial Samurai

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Secret Life of a Psych Ward Security Guard – Narratively

OMG! A man dies impaled by a pole after he falls from his apartment – Live Leak

You Can Buy This Gorgeous 399 Sq. Foot Tiny Home on – Amazon

Time for McGregor to stop fighting before someone gets killed – Irish Central

We have 12 years to limit climate change catastrophe, warns UN – AOL

This is how you should answer “What are your strengths?” – Fast Co

How Men Can Last Longer During Sex – Life Hacker

The best music streaming service – The Verge

20 Dead In New York Limo Crash Called The ‘Most Deadly Accident’ In Years – NPR

Rewire your brain to beat procrastination – Medium

Finally, the True Story of Studio 54 – Vulture

This Inflatable T-Rex Costume will make you the king of every Halloween party! – Amazon

How DOES Banksy earn his money? Artist is thought to make millions – Daily Mail

7 Kama Sutra Sex Positions You Should Try – Men’s Health

Panic rooms, bullet-proof glass: Hamptons billionaires, fearing attacks, take home security to new level – NY Post

Where Las Vegas’ Celebrity Chefs Eat Late at Night – Traveler

How American Politics Went Insane – The Atlantic

38 Science-Backed Tricks to Sharpen Your Memory – Prevention

9 highlights from Snapchat CEO’s 6,000-word leaked memo on survival – Tech Crunch

coffee brewing methods

5 Ways To Brew The Perfect Cup Of Coffee – Awesome Galore

Insane Clown Posse Member Rushes The Stage, Tries To Dropkick Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst – Digg

Trust in Vladimir Putin declines steeply among Russians, poll shows – The Guardian

Nepal says its tiger population has almost doubled from 2009 – AP News

Sophie Mudd Massive Teets of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

Man gets 50 years for molesting 15 kids he babysat over several decades – he “bragged in a [pedo] chatroom that he was free from being detected because his victims were too young to talk" – Marshfield News

Meet Insta Model Hannah Perera – G-Celeb

An In-Depth & Thoughtful Look At Self-Care – I Am & Co

Can this money ethos help you obtain early retirement in your 30s? – Big Think

The Winner Effect Says One Win Leads to Even More – Curiosity

Ariel Winter Cleavage Candids! – BB Blog

2019 Toyota Supra: Pretty Much The Whole Car From Some Leaked Parts Diagrams – Jalopnik

10 Chilling Facts About Serial Killer Albert Fish – Listverse

MILF with huge knockers (nsfw) – Ehowa

Viral video of Russian woman bleaching manspreaders was anti-feminist propaganda – The Verge

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Hot Girls In Yoga Pants – Leenks

The Best Laptop If You’re On A Budget – Amazon

Inside the minds of cartel hitmen: Hannibal Lecters for hire – The Daily Beast

The Easiest and Best Online Banks – The Weekly Cut

These 6 Products Will Help You Get A Great, Restful Night Of Sleep – Awesome Galore

Marion "Suge" Knight sentenced to 28 years in prison – AP News

Suge Knight:­ VIDEO of Deadly Hit & Run – Live Leak

The 6 Best Scary Movies on Netflix Right Now – Pure Wow

Interpol chief Meng Hongwei vanishes on trip to China – BBC

A man who has survived a suicide attempt tries to talk to health professionals (gory) – GFY

Inside The Bay Area’s Craziest Secret Underground Parties – Medium

Inside Tokyo’s Best Arcades – Kotaku

Texas HS football player choked, slammed down on field – Sports Illustrated

Put this book on your coffee table if you want to impress the women you bring back home – Amazon

7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Anal Sex – Mens Health

This university is preparing its students for a career in… eSports – Quartz

Your First Look at The Mandalorian (Star Wars) Is Here, Plus a List of Episode Directors – i09

A Genius Academy Hoax Exposed That Liberal Arts Colleges Don’t Care About The Truth – Daily Wire

This Is How To Make Your Life Amazing – Barking Up The Wrong Tree

What Subjects Are Taught in Schools From All Over the World – Bright Side

The Ultimate Yellowstone National Park Travel Guide – Thrillist

Jordyn Jones Bikini of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

Wedding Spending Rules To Follow If You Don’t Want To End Up Broke And Alone – Financial Samurai

How would you spend $100,000? – Get Rich Slowly

How to biohack your intelligence — with everything from sex to modafinil to MDMA – Hackernoon

When Things Have to Change: How to Find the Willpower to Achieve Your Goals – Tiny Buddha

Olivia Culpo, Lucy Hale and Other Random Women – G-Celeb

Japan’s Rent-a-Family Industry…People who are short on relatives can hire a husband, a mother, a grandson – New Yorker

Kim Kardashian’s Hottest Pic in Awhile, Posing in a Chanel Bra and Panties – The Blemish

What It’s Like to Be a Celibate Pedophile – The Cut

Children Of Overprotective Parents Do These 11 Things In Adulthood – Thought Catalog

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Woman Destroys New £500,000 Ferrari Seconds After Driving Out Of Dealership – UNILAD

The 50 Best Anime Series Of All Time – Past Magazine

This $99 Memory-Foam Topper Will Rescue You From Even The Worst Mattress – Amazon

Bezos dethrones Gates on Forbes’ wealthiest list – AOL

Liberal editor: Social justice warriors are veterans, too – LGBQT Nation

The one thing that couples who have better sex do – Well + Good

A Former Famous Person Explains How Being Famous Is Awful – VICE

Video Shows Man Roundhouse Kicking Anti-Abortion Activist at Rally – YouTube

Podcast #446: How Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Will Make You a Better Man – The Art of Manliness

15 Examples of Anti-Homeless Hostile Architecture That You Probably Never Noticed Before – Interesting Engineering

The Tyranny of the Perfect Life – Medium

Our Backs Hurt Just From Watching Donald Trump Jr.’s Deadlift Video – YouTube

So the Condom Broke. Here’s What You Need to Do Next – Mens Health

Watch This Neck Pimple Erupt like a Volcano – Pimple Popperz

Sad, Disturbing Images in A Bangladesh Brothel – Next Shark

I Suffer From Depression and Have PTSD Symptoms. After 11 years, I’m finally ready to do something about it – Medium

Father raped lesbian teenage daughter to ‘show her’ sex with men is better – News

How to Delete Your Facebook Account: A Checklist – Life Hacker

This $34 Device Means You Don’t Need That $200 Smart Thermostat – Amazon

The Future of War Will Be ‘Liked’ – Foreign Policy

Someone Is Renting Out A Van In Downtown Manhattan On Airbnb – Listing

We Can’t Stop Watching This 350-Pound High School Running Back Run Over People – Twitter

The Monetary Value Of The 50 Biggest Retail Brands Worldwide, Visualized – Digg

The World’s Most Expensive Bottle of Whisky Just Sold for $1.1 Million – Esquire

Hooked on ‘Teledildonics’: How Long-Distance Couples Are Having Long-Distance Sex – Mel Magazine

Janet Guzman reminds me a lot like Kim Kardashian and Lela Star (nsfw) – BB Blog

The NBA Meme Playoff – The Ringer

Curvy model Ashley Graham rocking some sexy lingerie – Drunken Stepfather

The Meaning of Financial Success – The Simple Dollar

Tesla next-gen Roadster makes rare outing – some new eye-candy pictures – Electrek

Lonely Female Shoppers in China Can Now Rent ‘Shopping Boyfriends’ by the Hour – Oddity Central

The movie “The Princess Bride” meant so much to Andre the Giant that he made his wrestling friends watch an advanced copy of the VHS with him over, and over, and over again. He’d supply dinner, drinks and sweetly asking them each time, “What did you think of the movie? Did you like my performance?" – Pro Wrestling Stories

This raver girl has the most plump booty! – Instagram

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The Horror Oscars: The Best Scary Movies of Every Year Since 1978’s ‘Halloween’- The Ringer

Dollar for dollar, this is the best gaming monitor out there – Amazon

College bans clapping saying it can trigger anxiety – AOL 

35-Year-Old Unknown Creates the World’s Most Valuable Startup – Bloomberg

The 13 highest-paying jobs you can do from home – CNBC

5 Products That Will Help You Correct And Relieve Back Pain – Awesome Galore

What My Parents Never Taught Me About Money – Medium

I covered murders during Chicago’s deadliest year in decades – here’s what I saw – Business Insider

A Saudi woman has lost a judicial battle to marry the man of her choice as a court deemed him “religiously” unfit because he plays a musical instrument, a Saudi newspaper reports – Yahoo

The Army May Have Found Its Next Rifle In A Colorado Garage – Task And Purpose

The Secret to Erotic Sensation & Sexual Fulfillment – Goop

What 100 Americans Have To Say About Their Jobs – 

Instal this in your bathroom tub and free yourself from exorbitant bills from the plumber – Amazon

5’10 Norwegian girl has legs for days! – Instagram

The Parkland Shooter Is Getting Fan Mail From Teenage Girls, Including Nudes – All That Is Interesting

The "Gay for Pay" Porn Star Who Hatched a Million-Dollar Blackmail Scheme – Narratively

Woman’s eyeball ‘explodes’ after being hit with a golf ball at the Ryder Cup – Mashable

Appalling video shows four teens jumping boy, 12, for his Air Jordans – Daily Mail

Trailer for Free Solo, a documentary about Alex Honnold climbing El Capitan without any ropes – YouTube

Billionaire Chloe Green and her Convict Husband / Slave of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

 428  Woman Bashes Her Husband’s Brand New Z06 Corvette – Live Leak

Meet Instagram Model Charly Jordan – Hollywood Tuna

Meditation for people who hate meditation – The Ladders

Office Workers Sharing Photos of Their Sad Desk Lunches – Sad And Useless

Woman Humiliates Her Fiancé After Finding Out How Much Her Ring Cost – Bored Panda

How Not to Care When People Don’t Like You – Life Hacker

The 7 Beliefs of Emotionally Healthy People – Daily Curiousity

Just the right amount of booty – Ehowa

The Devastating Loophole That Sticks Car Buyers With Interest Rates That Would Be Otherwise Illegal – Jalopnik

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30 Days to a Smarter Brain (How to Rapidly Improve How You Think) – Medium

Super thin and sleek iPhone case made of Kevlar, ridiculously durable – Amazon

3 Great Breakfast Alternatives to Set You Up For A Good Morning – Weekly Cut

Amazon increases its minimum wage to $15 for more than 350,000 workers – Engadget

Trump: ‘This is a very scary time for young men’ – AOL

How Much of a Role Did Steroids Play in the Steroid Era? – The Ringer

Deep Work: How to Develop the Most Valuable Skill of the 21st Century – The Startup

If you want to spoil your girlfriend or wife, get some of this fancy shit – Coveteur

What’s It Like To Have A Bodyguard? I Hired Three For The Day – Topic

Clapping has been banned at University of Manchester Students’ Union events to avoid triggering anxiety and improve accessibility. Students are instead encouraged to use “jazz hands” to express their support – BBC

The Cancer Breakthrough That Just Won the Nobel Prize, Explained – Popular Mechanics

This will fix all your Wi-Fi connectivity problems in your house – Amazon

Here’s what $680K buys around Los Angeles – Curbed

After-Tax Investment Amounts By Age To Comfortably Retire Early – Financial Samurai

A damn fine collection of bewbs and awesomeness – Leenks

With rental prices going up in major cities across the globe, a sizeable percentage of women report being in an unwanted sexual relationship to avoid homelessness – Broadly

Man Who Slept With 6,000 Dies the Way He Lived – Barstool

Ariel Winter Wore Daisy Dukes for the Seattle Seahawks – G-Celeb

‘Cannibal Couple’ Accused Of Eating Up To 30 People In Russia – All That Is Interesting

Lindsay Lohan gets punched in the face after accusing refugee parents of trafficking, trying to take the kids – Drunken Stepfather

Cruise Ship Refunds Passengers After 1,300 Men Took Over and Turned It Into a Giant Burlesque Show – Newsweek

No one shot in Chicago in 22-hour span – Fox 32

The US now ranks 27th in the world for its levels of healthcare and education, according to a new study. This represents a significant decline from 1990, when it ranked sixth – Business Insider

Why Ultra-Low Mileage Classic Cars Are the Worst Cars to Own – Jalopnik

10 Chilling Serial Killer Quotes That Show They Had No Remorse – Listverse

Quite possibly the worst boob job you will ever see (nsfw) – Ehowa

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A Vet Reveals What Pets Do in Their Final Moments, and All Pet Owners Need to Read This – Bright Side

Man starts 47,000-acre wildfire during gender reveal – Dumbass

A whiskey expert reviews Conor McGregor’s new whiskey – Irish Central

The best can opener I ever owned – Amazon

Gov. Brown signs California Net Neutrality Bill SB 822 – CNET

Trump administration sues California over tough net neutrality law – The Verge

Core Principles For Achieving Financial Independence – Financial Samurai

Six Flags challenges you to stay in a coffin for 30 hours- AOL

Voice Phishing Scams Are Getting More Clever – Krebs

9 Books To Read This Year If You Want To Get Rich – Awesome Galore

Swedish Model Told She’s “Too Big” To Model – Leenks

The procrastination equation: How to actually start (and stick with) the tasks you’ve been putting off – Rescue Me

As a Saudi prince rose, the Bin Laden business empire crumbled – Reuters

How Instagram Is Deciding the Future of Concerts and Live Music – Rolling Stone

When to Stick with Something — and When to Quit – HBR

16 Mental Shifts for Living a Happier, Wealthier, More Successful Life – Entrepreneur

2-Second Rule for Distracted Driving Can Mean Life or Death – NY Times

The 10 Best Drinking Cities In America – Thrillist

We Spoke to Size Queens About Why They Prefer Big Dicks – VICE

14 People Weigh in on What Vagina Tastes Like – Cosmo

The first “social network” of brains lets three people transmit thoughts to each other’s heads – Technology Review

3-day weekends would make people happier and more productive – Business Insider

Sophie Mudd Massive Teets – Drunken Stepfather

This white noise machine helps you get to sleep more quickly, and stay asleep longer by helping you tune out the environmental noises – Amazon

Inside Slab City, A Squatters’ Paradise In Southern California –

What It’s Like To Date As A 30-Something Virgin – Huffpost

The Man Who Lost Everyone’s Bitcoin…Talking to Mark Karpeles, the 33-year-old former CEO of Mt. Gox – Breaker 

Here’s What The First Modern Shopping Mall In America Looked Like – BuzzFeed

He Bought Her a $100,000 Engagement Ring—Then They Broke Up and Things Really Got Messy – GQ

Alexandra Daddario Cleavage in a Red Dress – BB Blog

Hot pale girl shows off her nice rack – Ehowa

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