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15 Typical Life Problems And How To Solve Them – The Mission

Founder of anti-Putin feminist group Femen found dead in Paris apartment – The Hill

Kurt Vonnegut Offers 8 Tips on How to Write Good Short Stories (and Amusingly Graphs the Shapes Those Stories Can Take) – Open Culture

A Flower in the Debris: The Legacy of Benihana, Rocky Aoki’s All-American Empire – The Ringer

Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘Who Is America?’ shows GOP lawmaker making racist slurs, prompts resignation – AOL

Dell’s Popular Ultra HD 4K Monitor Is Now The Cheapest It’s Ever Been – Amazon

The Mistakes You Make in a Meeting’s First Milliseconds – WSJ

How to Divvy Up Your Paycheck for Financial Success: The 50/30/20 Rule – Salute

Jennifer Lopez is 49 and still sexy as hell – Drunken Stepfather

The 18 Best New Restaurants in America – Eater

The Best Mechanical Pencil Ever Made – Rotoring

Sommer Ray Makes A Hot Comeback – Yes Bitch

The happiest states in the US, ranked – Business Insider

Simpson’s creator Matt Groening reveals new Netflix show ‘Disenchantment’ – OMG Blog

Ariel Winter is Toey and Cheeky in Tiny Shorts! – The Slip

Girl Won’t Let Boy Leave Till He Impregnates Her! – Leenks

7 self-made millionaires and the books that changed their finances – Market Watch

Parade of Addicts March to Drug Dealer – Live Leak

A Primer of the Philosophy of Nietzsche – The Art of Manliness

Kristen Bell, Vanessa Hudgens and Other Random Women – G-Celeb

4 Steps to Permanently Train Your Brain to Let Go of Negative Thoughts  – Powerful Mind

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Waiter who said diner left racist message admits lie – AOL

Demi Lovato hospitalized for Heroin overdoese – TMZ

This ergonomic computer mouse will save your wrist from a lifetime of chronic pain – Amazon

Fed Up With Mortal Men, Women Are Having Sex with Ghosts – Broadly

How To Become More Intelligent (According to Einstein) – The Mission

BioLite FirePit: The Portable Smokeless Campfire – Awesome Galore

The Untold Story of Otto Warmbier, The American Hostage In North Korea – GQ

Seagram Heiress And 3 Others Arrested In Connection With Sex-Slavery And Branding Cult Nxivm – Hollywood Reporter

Jennifer Aniston Hard Nipples in a Bikini of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

This Unassuming Spanish Town Is Swarming With Michelin-Starred Restaurants – Curiosity

There’s A New Privilege In Town: ‘Thin Privilege’
Daily Wire

Do The Things You Don’t Want To Do – Average 2 Alpha

Are You Not Feeling Sufficiently Seen, Emily Ratajkowski? – Go Fug Yourself

What I Learned From Hiring a Coach to Grow My Dick Bigger – Mel Magazine

This Pro Gamer Dumped the World’s Sexiest Weather Girl to Play ‘Call of Duty’ Full Time – Maxim

Should I really use nontoxic deodorant? Does it actually work? – Goop

All 42 Tom Cruise movies, ranked from worst to best – Business Insider

5 Ugly Truths About Women That Young Men Need to Recognize – PJ Media

The Sexy Picdump – Lurk And Perv

Juggalo Couples Tell Us How They Fell in Love – VICE

Be Rich, Not Famous: The Joy Of Being A Nobody – Financial Samurai

Dogs & Food: This Is What True Love Looks Like – Sad And Useless

Top Heavy Instagram Babe Tarrabadaxx! – BB Blog

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The Brutal Politics of Snitching in Prison – The Marshall Project

How to become more intelligent everyday – The Ladders

Russian media crows over Trump-Putin love – AOL

 I was introduced to Gochujang Korean Hot Pepper Paste by a Korean friend years ago and it has since become a staple in my fridge. It makes everything better – Amazon

I Tried Investing and It Wasn’t That Scary⏤Robo Investing for Beginners – Salute

9 Members of the Same Family Killed in Freak Boat Accident That Left 17 Dead – The Root

Shorty Getting Her Back Blown Out While Her Fiance Is Blowing Up Her Phone – Worldstar

To Raise Exceptional Children, Teach Them These 7 Values – Entrepreneur

The Relationship Advice That’s Extra Helpful When You’re Super-Stressed – The Cut

The Best Photography Of The Week –

The Grit Scale Measures Your Passion and Perseverance – Curiousity

Ariel Winter Knows her Angles of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

James Gunn Fired From ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 3’ – Deadline

These are the 10 highest-paying jobs in tech – Business Insider

Crotch -Cam Proves That Women Are Pervs Too – Leenks

What To Do If You Lose Your Two-Factor Phone – How To Geek

Bad habits die hard. That’s why this electric toothbrush guides the good ones (and lasts for life) – Toothbrush

Don’t Miss The Curviest Cosplayers From San Diego Comic Con – Egotsastic

Why Do All Home Repairs Cost $1,000? – NY Times

Remember The Name: Lucia Javorčeková – Yes Bitch

How to make money fast: 8 best ways to make money in 2018 – I Will Teach You To Be Rich

The Strange, Sometimes Kinky Cultural History of ‘Baby Birding’ – Mel Magazine

How Venezuela Struck It Poor…The tragic — and totally avoidable — self-destruction of one of the world’s richest oil economies – Foreign Policy

Waitress slams customer to ground after he grabs her butt – Trending Views

Three hacks to help your brain learn stuff faster – Fast Co

Meet Insta Model Elizabeth Turner And Her Impressive Boobies – Hollywood Tuna

Kimberley Garner’s Butt cheeks out and about – G-Celeb

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These 20 pictures will teach you more than reading 100 books – Ladders

The Story Behind Why Soccer Players Sit In Race Car Seats – Jalopnik

5 Smart Home Tricks That Are Actually Impressive – Gizmodo

Since legalizing cannabis in 2012, crime clearance rates are increasing faster in Washington and Colorado than the rest of country, suggesting that legalization may free police to focus on more serious crimes – Washington Post

Why Dogs and Humans Love Each Other More Than Anyone Else  – TIME

The Prettiest Town in Every U.S. State – Architectural Digest

Every Flavor Of Gatorade, Ranked By An Extremely Hungover Human – Thrillist

5 Inspirational Stories That Show How Beauty Can Be More Than Skin Deep – Madeover

Jimmy Garoppolo spotted on date with adult film star – AOL

Want To Become A Multi-Millionaire? Do These 15 Things Immediately – Thrive

How lobbyists buy climate change legislation – Big Think

Intermittent fasting may be center of increasing lifespan – Harvard Gazzette

How to Make a Great First Impression with Your Place – The Art of Manliness

This Bikini Airline Has Spawned Vietnam’s First Female Billionaire – Maxim

Focus on the Reasons You Can – Becoming Minimalist

Dolly Castro Is A Heavenly Hottie – Yes Bitch

Remember The Massive Coffin That Hasn’t Been Opened In 2000 Years? They Just Opened It – Bored Panda

9 Supermarket Things It’s Better Not to Be Fooled by to Get Quality Products – Bright Side

This Simple Trick Keeps All Your Favorite Experiences Feeling Fresh and New – Curiosity

The truth behind 8 common misconceptions about drugs – Popular Science

Photos of the Week: Pug Mugshot, Umbrella Sky, Helsinki Summit – The Atlantic

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A damn fine collection of hot and fit girls – Leenks

How two strangers set up Dropbox and made billions – BBC

How to Get Your Intuition Back (When It’s Hijacked by Life) – NY Times

Health Insurers Are Vacuuming Up Details About You — And It Could Raise Your Rates – Pro Publica

This Planner Organizes Your Schedule While Boosting Happiness, Gratitude And Productivity – Amazon

How ‘Lofi Hip Hop Radio to Relax/Study to’ Became a YouTube Phenomenon – VICE

The Electric Toothbrush Named One Of TIME’s Best Inventions – Quip

How to Change Your Mind: Michael Pollan on How the Science of Psychedelics Illuminates Consciousness, Mortality, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence – Brain Pickings

How Much Money Do You Save by Cooking at Home? – Priceonomics

But Seriously, How Long Can Humans Live? Some experts say 150 is not only reachable but inevitable

The Secret To Running Farther Than Ever Before Isn’t What You Think – MBG

Work less, get more: New Zealand firm’s four-day week an ‘unmitigated success’ – Reduced hours for same pay increased work-life balance by 24%, cutting stress levels and boosting commitment – The Guardian

The Daily Sexy Picdump – Lurk And Perv

British Police Identify Two Russian Suspects in Novichok Poisonings Using Facial Recognition Tech – Gizmodo

Customer who left racist ‘we don’t tip terrorist’ message banned from Texas restaurant – USA Today

Ariel Winter’s cleavage is mesmerizing – Drunken Stepfather

This $20 DIY kit makes your NES, SNES or Mega Drive controller wireless – Tech Crunch

Victoria Justice and Her Sis Doing More Bikini Stuff in Bermuda – G-Celeb

His advice to ladies: Stop letting that tuna box stink – Trending Views

Russian Foreign Ministry Changes Its Profile Picture To Troll America – Daily Wire

I Have a Small Fortune to Get Whatever I Want! What Car Should I Buy? – Jalopnik

Busty blone college coed posing in a bikini – BB Blog

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Nearly Everyone Experiences Intrusive Thoughts (inexplicably wanting to steer into oncoming traffic) — Here’s How To Handle Them – Curiosity

6 things the happiest families all have in common – The Ladders

Accused Russian spy Maria Butina offered sex in exchange for US job, prosecutors say – AOL

I’m a financial planner — here’s why I won’t buy a home – Business Insider

After 5 years of continuous use, I can say without a doubt that this is the best hair product I ever used! – Amazon

Are You a Money Ostrich? When was the last time you checked your bank account?
Two Cents

The Insane Saga of the Fake Saudi Prince Who Scammed Miami’s Rich and Famous – VICE

This Automated CPR Device Could Help First Responders Save Many Lives – Awesome Galore

7 Years and 21 Self-Improvement Experiments: Where They All Are Today – Raptitude

Delicious: Easy Skillet Chicken Pot Pie With Biscuits Recipe – 5 Minutes

30 Secrets Behind Widely Used Products Most People Don’t Know – Ranker

Disneyland’s Opening Day in 1955 in photos – Getty

Google Is Fined $5 Billion by EU in Android Antitrust Case – WSJ

Iskra Lawrence Curvy Girl on a Beach of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

23 Things Only People Who Were Raised By Really Strict Parents Understand – Thought Catalog

A-Hole CHP Officer Arrests Firefighter For Helping – Leenks

Avital Cohen May Look Like Trouble – Linkiest

How Consumerism Transformed Society And Became The Only Purpose Of Human Existence – Return Of Kings

This 5-Day Sex Cruise For Horny Couples Is An Absolute Orgy at Sea – Maxim

Natalie Portman’s sexy stripper scene (nsfw) – Celeb J

The Best Places To Travel When You’re Newly Single – Thrillist

You Probably Shouldn’t Get KO’d Like This – The Blemish

German TV Show Replaced Trump With The Baby Blimp, And It’s Perfect – Sad And Useless

Ashley Graham’s Bodacious Bikini Body Is All Curves In All The Right Places – Egotastic

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How to Be Attractive Even When You’re Ugly – Nick Notas

Woman Sentenced To 9 Years In Jail For Killing Her Father After Finding Child Porn Images Of Herself – KTLA

Trump says he misspoke on Russian meddling – AOL

How To Be Smarter With Money: 8 Simple Secrets – Barking Up The Wrong Tree

Stuck sitting all day? Our bodies weren’t designed for it. The Device Helps You Effortlessly Sit In Perfect Posture, Easing Back Pain And Preventing It – Amazon

How to Deal With Penis Size Anxiety – Life Hacker

Miserable in your 40s? Don’t panic, it’s perfectly normal – Market Watch

Compound Interest and Compounding Growth: A Comprehensive Guide – Fool

Rugrats Will Return With a New TV Show and CGI Movie – Variety

MGM Resorts sues victims of Las Vegas massacre, denies liability – USA Today

Guy Has A Meltdown In A Chinese Restaurant (video) – Leenks

Russian National Charged in Conspiracy to Act as an Agent of the Russian Federation Within the United States – DOJ

Inflation hits 6-year high, wiping out wage gains for the average American – Chicago Tribune

Hot Instagram Pictures Of Ariana Marie – Lurk And Perv

Suffer from back pain? Add these 5 exercises to your workout routine – Better

Kim Kardashian’s Ant Body of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

Meet the hackers who flip seized Instagram handles and cryptocurrency in a shady, buzzing underground market for stolen accounts and usernames. Their victim’s weakness? Phone numbers – Motherboard

Bernie Sanders Is Interviewed By An In-Disguise Sacha Baron Cohen And Doesn’t Fall For His BS For A Second – Digg

Costco Is a Performance Athlete’s Dream – Outside

Egypt Will Open Giant Black Mystery Sarcophagus Despite Warnings – Mysterious Universe

Why Many Young Russians See a Hero in Putin – NatGeo

Greek billionaire’s 34-year-old son found dead in Cleveland hotel room, officials say – Fox News

Emily Ratajkowski Is The Queen Instagram – Hollywood Tuna

40 Things You Need To Know Before Your First Trip To Europe – Thrillist

Victoria Justice, Kate Beckinsale and Other Random Women – G-Celeb

Juice is very, very, very bad for kids – Big Think

Ariana Grande Promotes God Is A Woman with Body Paint! – The Slip

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A damn fine collection of hot girls – Leenks

18 Women on the Very Specific Things That Make Them Horny – The Cut

Jeff Bezos Is Now $50 Billion Richer Than Anyone Else on Earth – Bloomberg

I’ve been using this stuff for hair loss for about 3 months now and its working pretty good – Amazon

Conor McGregor slammed for Putin Instagram post – AOL

Germany: We can no longer fully rely on U.S. White House – Reuters

The One Money-Habit All Wildly Successful People Share – Style Salute

Braeön Is A New Material That’s Stronger Than Steel And More Versatile Than Duct Tape – Awesome Galore

10 Wild Stories That Prove Freddie Mercury Is Truly A Legend – Ranker

Sleep deprivation may contribute to Alzheimer’s disease by robbing the brain of the time it needs to wash away sticky proteins/plaques – Science News

China’s First $100M-Budget Film ‘Asura’ Pulled from Cinemas After Disastrous $7.1M Opening Weekend – Hollywood Reporter

The company that designs Ferraris is making a $2 million electric hypercar – The Verge

Russia using social media to divide Americans – AP News

All The Very Best Of: Alexis Ren Face Down, Ass Up – Egotastic

Heartwarming: When This Woman Lost All Her Life Savings At Herbalife, The Amway Community Welcomed Her With Open Arms – Clickhole

Why You Need an Anonymous Social Media Account – Life Hacker

San Francisco sends less trash to the landfill than any other major U.S. city – The city diverts about 80 percent of its waste from landfills, or more than 1.5 million tons every year. San Francisco aims to reach zero waste by 2020 – CNBC

Ariel Winter Bikini Ass Rub Down of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

How to 3-D Print an Entire House in a Single Day – Wired

The Truth About ‘Video Game Addiction’ – Kotaku

Battling Depression by Lifting Weights – Outside

Victoria Lomba’s Booty Deserves Your Attention – Yes Bitch

He Died 5,300 Years Ago — And Now We Know His Last Meal – All That Is Interesting

After death, you’re aware that you’ve died, say scientists – Big Think

Dalia Wearing the Wrong Bikini Size! – BB Blog

If You Want Limitless Success, Stop Asking “HOW” And Start Asking “WHO” – Thrive

Woman Sentenced to Life in Prison for Baseball Bat Beating Death of USC Grad Student From China – NBC LA

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The Things Men Wish They Knew Before They Got Married – Mel Magazine

Former NFL Player Charged With Raping 17-year-old – AOL

I’ve been using this stuff for hair loss for about 3 months now and its working pretty good – Amazon

DOJ charges 12 Russian intelligence officers with hacking Democrats during 2016 election – FOX News

Houston woman accused of offering to sell her 2-year-old daughter for sex at a cost of $1,200 has been sentenced to 40 years in prison – AP News

The One Money-Habit All Wildly Successful Women Share – Style Salute

CRISPR Makes Cancer Cells Turncoats That Attack Their Tumor – Scinetific American

It is a place where you can quietly reflect, and spend quality time with friends and family without the many distractions of life  – Just Luxe

The Most Important Soccer Game Ever Played – The Ringer

“Google Was Not a Normal Place”: Brin, Page, and Mayer on the Accidental Birth of the Company that Changed Everything – Vanity Fair

7 customer service lessons from the best Uber driver ever – Fast Co

How to Order Wine at a Restaurant – The Vinotopia

The $7 Dollar Homemade Shotgun – Leenks

d3o goo

The Amazing Orange Goo Providing Impact Protection In Armor Us By Football Players And Soldiers – Awesome Galore

Adult Film Actresses Describe The Sex Acts They Refuse To Do – YouTube

What 24 Hours In Prison Is Really Like – The Marshall Project

School District to Arm Students With Giant Pepper Spray Canisters to Deter Shooters – Gizmodo

Turns Out, It’s Super Easy To Steal $27,000 Of Merchandise From An Apple Store – Digg

Izabel Goulart Hot Bikini Body of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

How To Purchase Property Below Fair Market Value – Financial Samurai

Absolutely Stunning: Porsche 911 By Singer And Williams Engineering – Hi Consumption

Stormy Daniels Arrested for Being a Good Stripper – The Blemish

New Brain Research Shows Why You Should Face Your Fears – Curiosity

Bella Hadid Asstastic Bikini Candids! Possible Pink Slip! – The Slip

People are donating money to Kylie Jenner to help her become the world’s youngest billionaire – Insider

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Who Broke the Vase? Your Choice Can Say a Lot About Your Personality – Bright Side

This Automated CPR Device Could Help First Responders Save Many Lives – Awesome Galore

Trump posts flattering letter from Kim Jong Un – AOL

Elon musk pledges to fix Flint, MI water problem – Fox 5

This $10 Pen Writes Better Than A Montblanc – Amazon

The beginner’s guide to cutting out sugar – Well + Good

Papa John’s founder John Schnatter resigns as board chairman after using racial slur – CBS

Child molester beaten to death in California prison days after he arrived – USA Today

Iran slammed for ‘shocking’ flogging of man convicted for drinking alcohol as a teen – Fox News

Sophie Mudd’s massive mammarie of the day – Drunken Stepfather

Can You Solve This Math Problem From MIT’s 1869 Admissions Test? – Curiosity

4 Simple Ways To Make Sure That You Avoid The Friend Zone – The Social Man

Sydney Maler Is One Hot Piece – Yes Bitch

Fit Girls With Tight Bodies – Leenks

The Singer-Williams DLS Is The Ultimate Carbon Fiber Vision Of A Porsche 911 – Jalopnik

If you want to stay looking young, apply a moisturizer daily! This is what I recommend – Rugged And Dapper

How to Show Off Your Fit Body on Tinder Without Looking Like a Jerk – Mel Magazine

Stanley Kubrick’s Annotated Copy of Stephen King’s The Shining – Open Culture

Why Japanese whisky is so good and so hard to find – Roads And Kingdoms

Nohar Batit is a busty Israeli Defesne Army girl (nsfw) – BB Blog 

Science says get out of your dead-end relationship – The Outline

Demi Rose is absolutely incredible in a bikini – G-Celeb

The 21 Best Hot Dog Joints In America – Thrillist

Feminist Accuses FIFA Of Sexism For Paying Men 8x More Than Women In World Cup, Gets Shut Down In Best Way – Bored Panda

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