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10 Worst Things About Van Life That No One Tells You About

10 Worst Things About Van Life That No One Tells You About – Van Life Wanderer

Yes, Lizards In Costumes Is Actually A Thing! – Ned Hardy

There are so many things that young men need to know as they achieve manhood, and this book is like a man to man talk that will help transition a clueless boy to a successful man – Amazon

The Teenage Girl Gang That Seduced and Killed Nazis – Mental Floss

New High of 90% of Americans Satisfied With Personal Life – Gallup

Iowa caucus results contain errors, inconsistencies – The Hill

Sanders declares victory in Iowa caucus as final results trail in – Boing Boing

Gay Uncle Hypin His Niece Up While She Fights – Fly Height

Bridezilla Asks For Free Wedding In Return For “Instagram Exposure,” But Doesn’t Even Have Instagram – Ruin My Week

An anti-Putin blogger was murdered in a French hotel, and the killing has the hallmarks of the Russian hit squad causing chaos in Europe – Business Insider

Barbers swear by these for trimming beards and facial hair – Amazon

What The ‘Future Of Work’ Has Looked Like In Every Decade Since The ’50s – Atlassian

How The Name ‘Karen’ Became An Insult — And A Meme – VOX

Man burns $1M in bonfires to avoid paying ex-wife – Fox 5

The XFL is back, starting Feb. 8. Let’s answer your burning questions – SB Nation

25+ Hotel Tricks Experienced Tourists Don’t Even Share With Their Friends – Bright Side

Gianna Bryant’s school retired her No. 2 jersey in an emotional memorial ceremony – Insider

Miami strippers wade through piles of cash after Super Bowl parties – NY Post

10 Horrifying Facts About H. H. Holmes’ Hotel – Listverse

For Over 30 Years, a Tokyo Soba Chef Drew Everything He Ate – Messy Nessy Chic

Bare Ass Man Falls From Tree and Other Videos of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

7 Ridiculous Myths About the Middle Ages Everyone Believes – Brass Pills

Kimberley Garner Nip Slip and Amazing Ass (nsfw) – The Slip

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How to Make Love Last: The Best Relationship Advice from 45 Years of Marriage – Marc And Angel

Man Discovers Starving Dog On Remote Island And Saves His Life – Ned Hardy

This phone case is super thin and made of Kevlar Body Armor. The material soaks up shock and absorbs the impact like something military grade should – Amazon

Joe Rogan Tops Forbes List of Highest-Earning Podcasters With $30 Million a Year – Maxim

Why Long Walks Will Change Your Life – Outline

21 Phrases You Use Without Realizing You’re Quoting Shakespeare – Mental Floss

Influencer Takes Selfie With Penguins Having Sex, Then Has To Apologize Because It’s 2020 – Ruin My Week

What the heck is going on with Tesla’s stock? – Recode

Idiot Allegedly Jokes He Has Coronavirus On Flight, Results In Emergency Landing And Arrest – Jalopnik

Japanese Engineer’s Gift to Lonley And Unfulfilled Women. Your wife/girlfriend will thank you! – Amazon

Welcome to Kowloon Walled City, One of the Most Misunderstood Places in History – Feature Shoot

The Rise And Fall Of America’s Rural Meth Labs – City Lab

PornHub Continues Its March to the Mainstream as Streaming Stars Make Fashion Week Debut – The Daily Beast

What to Eat to Live to 100 – Medium

Why 536 was ‘the worst year to be alive’ – Science

Three Feet From God: An Oral History of Nirvana ‘Unplugged’ – The Ringer

I’m a 28 year-old engineer living in Singapore who makes $48,630 — here’s what I spend in a week – Insider

A damn fine collection of pictures of the day – Leenks

There Are Now Merit Badges For Adults, Because Adulting Is Hard – Sad And Useless

Everyday Men (and Women) Tell Us Why They’ve Decided Not to Have Sex – Mel Magazine

How to retire early: Early retirement by the number – Get Rich Slowly

Hotel Chain Offers Guests “Instagram Sitters” That Post on Their Accounts While They Relax – Oddity Central

Woman Sleeps While Getting Robbed And Other Videos Of The Day – Drunken Stepfather

White, Liberal Women Are Paying $2500 To Confront Their Own Racism At ‘Privilege Dinner Parties’ – Brass Pills

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which animals mate the longest

A pig’s orgasm can last up to 30 minutes and other crazy animal mating facts – Ned Hardy

How to turn a cheap and crappy mattress into a pillowy cloud that will carress you every night – Amazon

19 Sexy Movie Scenes Every Millennial Has Probably Gotten Off To – Ruin My Week

Here’s the Shadow Inc. App That Failed in Iowa Last Night – VICE

“Alien” Director Ridley Scott Explains Why ‘You Don’t Show the Monster Too Many Times’ – Variety

Shannen Doherty reveals she has stage 4 cancer – CNN

3 Mental Blocks That Keep You From Doing What You Say You Want to Do – Ideas

The B-21 Bomber Is the Coolest Plane We’ve Never Seen – Popular Mechanics

How Tesla’s Growth Compares To Other Carmakers Since 2000, Visualized – How Much

Russian Cosmonaut Shares Amazing Photos Of Our Earth Taken From Space – Design Your Trust

This tactical pen is durable, simple, the clip keeps it secure in pocket, and doesn’t scream weapon – Amazon

What It’s Like to Have Tourette’s in a PC World – Mel Magazine

Conservative Heads Explode Over J Lo and Shakira’s Super Bowl Halftime Show: Lack of ‘Moral Decency’ – Towleroad

Cute And Funny Animals Pictures To Make Your Day (35 Photos) – The Viraler

How Richest Man in the World Jeff Bezos Got $8 Billion Richer in Minutes – Observer

Demi Rose bikini booty is ridiculous! – Phun

Horrifying video of Afghan getting stoned to death by a furious crowd shouting ‘hit her’ and ‘Allahu Akbar’ – Daily Mail

Welcome To Neverland: Michael Jackson’s Home In 33 Bizarre Images – All That’s Interesting

21 Things You Might See for the First Time but That You’ll Remember Forever – Bright Side

How Singapore Treats Passengers Arriving from China And Other Videos Of The Day – Drunken Stepfather

How to Avoid Conversational Narcissism – The Art Of Manliness

Instagram thot Sabrina Nichole’s bouncy in a bikini (nsfw) – BB Blog

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Fans Start GoFundMe To Buy Colin Kaepernick A Helicopter After Kobe Bryant Tragedy – Daily Snark

Rescue Dog Drags Her New Blanket Outside To Share With A Homeless Friend – Ned Hardy

Replace your straight shower curtain rod with a curved one. Instantly roomier, bougier shower experience – Amazon

23 Daughters Who Drunk-Texted Their Parents The Most Awkward Thing Imaginable – Ruin My Week

Solutions People Came Up With To Try To Protect Themselves From Coronavirus – Sad And Useless

What It’s Like to Try to Get Treatment for the Coronavirus in China – New Yorker

How to spot a movie star, by Uncut Gems and Euphoria’s casting director – Dazed

Every Super Bowl Halftime Show Since 1993, Ranked – Vulture

Demi Burnett is Such a Cutie (46 Photos) – Sauce Monsters

Best way to secure your important mail against shithead thieves – Amazon

Six Crazy Internet Money Making Ideas (That Worked) – Gunaxin

Hot girls in yoga pants compilation – Leenks

Bartender Shoots Patron in Face with her Breast Milk of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

How much you need to save every month to earn $60,000 a year in interest alone for retirement – CNBC

Meet Earth Loving Insta Model Inka Williams – G-Celeb

A damn fine collection of booty – Phun

Should He Tell His Friend’s Wife That His Friend Cheated On Her? – Brass Pills

Curvy Model Iskra Lawrence Pregnant And In A Thong – The Blemish

$500M California listing may be most expensive home in America – Fox Business

Madison Beer Tongue Kissing with Claudia Tihan (nsfw) – The Slip

Rae Dawn Chong says she had sex with Mick Jagger at age 15 – COS

Latest news of stock market and cryptocurrencies – Market Insider

Rush Limbaugh Says He Has Been Diagnosed With Advanced Lung Cancer – NPR

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Debt – The Unacceptable Burden – JL Collins

19 Funny Animal Memes That Are Impawsible Not To Laugh At – Ned Hardy

Awesome hot sauce that you can put on anything. This stuff is like crack! – Amazon

Instagram Account “Influencers In The Wild” Exposes People Who Are Willing To Do Everything For a Photo – Sad And Useless

This Teen Bought A Bunch Of Vending Machines. Now He Makes Six Figures –

Life Would Be Better If We Added This Line to Every Email – Quartz

Business 101: A Reading List for Lifelong Learners – Ideas

The 100 Best Movies on Netflix Right Now – Vulture

Stayin’ Alive in Lambeau: How Fox Sports Pulls Off an NFL Playoffs Broadcast – Esquire

YouTuber Faked His Girlfriend’s Death To Get Views, Now People Want Him Banned – Ruin My Week

This stuff is way better than duct tape and beats it in all tests of sturdiness, stickiness and water resistance – Amazon

Here’s Five Minutes Of Test Footage From George Lucas’ Abandoned Star Wars TV Show – YouTube

Here Are the Most Common Airbnb Scams Worldwide – VICE

College Football Referee: You have to work your way up from fifth grade football, but after two or three decades, it starts to pay off – Mel Magazine

YouTube Viewers are Witnessing the End of a Deadly Disease – Outline

This girl has the perfect body (nsfw) – Leenks

The 10 Best Super Bowl Prop Bets, According to a Sports Gambling Expert – Maxim

10 Bizarre Facts You Didn’t Know About the Romans – Linkiest

Welcome To The Yangtze: A Source Of Life, And Now Death, For 400 Million Chinese Residents – All That’s Interesting

Here’s what $5.6 million buys you in San Francisco and Kansas City – Make It

8 Harrowing Facts About The 9/11 Jumpers – Listverse

Top 10 Hottest Lingerie Leauge Football Players of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

Funny Pictures Taken At The Right Time (38 Photos) – The Viraler

Emily Ratajkowski Modeling a See Through Bra (nsfw) – The Slip

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Always Be Squinching and Other Tricks From a Portrait Photographer for Taking Flattering Pictures – Fast Co

The World Has A New Grumpy Cat And She Looks Angrier Than Her Predecessor – Ned Hardy

This suture kit allows you to practice stitches: "Will save you thousands at the ER too. Wife cut her finger and three stitches cost $3k" – Amazon

Secret Life of a Celebrity Chauffeur – Narratively

Ilhan Omar Tweeted To Cancel Student Loan Debt And It Totally Backfired – Forbes

The Art of Kakeibo: This Japanese Budgeting System Could Change Your Financial Life – Shondaland

People Who Came Into Large Sums Of Money Share How Friends And Family Turned On Them – Ruin My Week

Hummer officially returns as an EV with 1,000 hp in Super Bowl ad – Autoblog

Aaron Hernandez Reportedly Came Out to His Mom in Tearful Prison Visit Before Suicide: VIDEO – Towleroad

Harvey Weinstein ‘demanded actress, 24, have threesome saying “that’s how Charlize Theron and Selma Hayek got ahead” – The Sun

This survival handbook is one of the very few that I would 100% recommend. Outright phenomenal book and definitely a great resource – Amazon

10 Little Habits that Wreck Thousands of Lives One Day at a Time – Marc And Angel

‘Lethal Weapon 5’ Moving Forward With Mel Gibson and Danny Glover – Maxim

How to cut sugar out of your diet and how long sugar cravings last – Insider

Harley Quinn Smith Has a Thiccc Ass of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

His Best Friend is a Sex Addict Who Is Hitting On His Girlfriend. He Wants to Know What to Do – Brass Pills

Ari Shaffir Issues Statement After His Comments About Kobe Bryant’s Death Backfire – Complex

Man Spends $6 Million On Super Bowl Ad To Thank Vet For Saving His Dog’s Life – Daily Snark

Stunning Lifestyle Photos of the Remote Mongolians who Hunt with Eagles – The Vintage News

Japanese Model Divorces Husband One Week into Marriage, After Being Told to Spend Less – Oddity Central

This Nursing Home For The Elderly With Mental Problems Took An Unusual Approach To Design – Bored Panda

AT&T loses another 1.2 million TV subscribers as DirecTV keeps tanking – ARS Technica

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The 20 Lessons to Learn About Women and Dating or Be Single Forever – Knowledge For Men

Stray Dogs Attend Funeral Of Woman Who Spent Her Life Feeding Them – Ned Hardy

If you’re planning to go off the grid or you’re prepping for an emergency… or the end of the world, this is an absolute must have – Amazon

An AI Epidemiologist Sent the First Warnings of the Wuhan Virus – Wired

The 3 Minutes It Takes To Read This Will Improve Your Conversations Forever – Medium

I Lost My Identity to a Fraudster, and It Took Six Years to Clean Up the Mess – Bloomberg

Ari Emanuel, WME, and the Great Hollywood IPO That Wasn’t – Vanity Fair

25 Dudes Dish On The “Creepiest Thing” A Woman Has Done To Them – Ruin My Week

Atari Is Building Video Game-Themed Hotels in 8 U.S. Cities – Maxim

How to end traffic – Curbed

This thing makes pouring dog food or cat litter 10x easier – Amazon

Here’s Even More Evidence That Plant Protein Is Better for You Than Animal Protein – Popular Science

An Adult’s Guide to Social Skills, for Those Who Were Never Taught – NY Times

Hackers stole $13,103.91 from me. Learn from my mistakes – Recode

Instagram thot Hannah Palmer gets Plastic Surgeon to Prove Her Boobs are Real – BB Blog

15 Hilarious Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Married Life – Sad And Useless

Demi Rose Mawby looking damn fine in a bikini – Phun

Christian Broadcaster: Coronavirus Sent by God to Purge People Responsible for ‘Transgendering Little Children’ – Towleroad

Roller Girl on the Creeper Cam and Other Videos of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

Audio Proved She Begged Him For Sex & Then Accused Him Of Sexual Assault. Columbia Expelled Him – Brass Pills

Scarlett Johansson, Margot Robbie and Other Random Women – G-Celeb

MILF Brooke Burke Bikini Bottom and Pokies (nfsw) – The Slip

Funny Memes To Make Your Laugh (49 Memes) – The Viraler

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A Blind Man Asks For Descriptions Of People’s Dogs In A Facebook Group And Gets Flooded With Adorable Responses – Ned Hardy

Here’s how much it costs to go to the Super Bowl in 2020—it’s a lot more than just your ticket – Make It

If you want perfectly cooked meats everytime, you need this invaluable tool – Amazon

15 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Airline Pilots – Mental Floss

What Happened After the Liberation of Auschwitz – Smithsonian

21 Actors Who Turned Down Iconic Roles, and It Changed the Movies for the Better – Bright Side

Woman Uses Tinder To Get Help After Getting Stuck In Arctic Wilderness – Ruin My Week

I Quit My Smartphone – NY Times

Coronavirus: Photos From Wuhan Under Quarantine – The Atlantic

‘Cats’ Flopped. Then Things Got Interesting: Could “Cats” become the next “Rocky Horror Picture Show”-style cult classic?

As a guy who wears closely trimmed hair, this has probably saved me thousands on haircuts over the years – Amazon

The Funniest Emo Kid Photos Ever – Sad And Useless

So you rented out a meth house – The Outline

Bird’s eye view of six state-backed information operations on Twitter and how they evolved over the last decade – Medium

Tesla Cybertruck: video of Elon Musk cruising shows truck’s ‘crazy’ scale – Inverse

9 Quick Tips to Live Longer, Healthier, and Happier (From a 105 Year Old Doctor) – Knowledge For Men

The 4 Big Ways a Woman Can Ruin A Man’s Life – Brass Pills

Women Tell Man Not To Mansplain “Men In Black” To Them, Turns Out He’s The Writer – Bored Panda

Elsie Hewitt – The Teets Ryan Philippe Beat of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

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A damn fine collection of bewbs, awesomeness and everything in between – Leenks

Are Teacup Pigs Good Pets? – Ned Hardy

For under $500, this laptop cannot be beat! – Amazon

What Julius Caesar And Other Historical Figures Would Look Like Today (27 Pics) – Ruin My Week

The economics of all-you-can-eat buffets – The Hustle

What We Know: The Helicopter Crash That Killed Kobe Bryant And 8 Others – NPR

China Is Building A Hospital For Coronavirus Patients In Just Six Days. How? – Popular Mechanics

The outbreaks of both the Wuhan coronavirus and SARS started in Chinese wet markets. Photos show what the markets look like – Business Insider

How Putin Controls Russia – New Yorker

Science Says the Most Successful Kids Have Parents Who Do These 9 Things – INC

I’ve carried this around in my wallet for around a year and can’t believe how many times it’s came in handy 10/10 would recommend – Amazon

The 99 Most Iconic Dishes in Los Angeles – LA Mag

How Ken Griffin Became a Multi-Billionaire Business Tycoon – Maxim

How An Ex-Cop Rigged The McDonald’s Monopoly Game — And Scammed The Company Out Of $24 Million – All That’s Interesting

Olivia Culpo Nip Slip on Instagram Live (nsfw) – The Slip

The Integra Type R’s Pistons Move Faster Than a ’90s F1 Car’s – Road And Track

All the best booty worth ogling at this week – Phun

10 Scary Statistics That Show How Much Our Health Has Changed for the Worse in the Last Few Decades – Brass Pills

Revolting footage shows Chinese woman eating a whole bat – Daily Mail

George R.R. Martin Will Give Game of Thrones Fans a New Ending to the Series – Men’s Health

Fox News poll: Half of Americans say Trump should be convicted and removed – The Hill

Ten Impact Players of This Year’s Super Bowl – Gunaxin

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wholesome photos

17 Wholesome Animals Photos That Will Put A Smile On Your Face – Ned Hardy

24 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week – BuzzFeed

Castor oil is the best oil to enrich your scalp. It contains ricinoleic acid and omega-6 fatty acids and therefore when massaged onto the scalp it helps in increasing the blood circulation which improves hair growth – Amazon

The 54 greatest teams to play in the Super Bowl – USA Today

Is This Objectively Disgusting Soup What’s Causing China’s Disease Outbreak? – Daily Caller

China spent the crucial first days of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak arresting people who posted about it online and threatening journalists – Business Insider

In Opioid Trial, Pharmaceutical Executive John Kapoor Sentenced To 5.5 Years – WGBH

16 Instagram Influencers Who Got Called On Their Bullshit – Ruin My Week

Florida Man didn’t think anyone would notice if he cashed a $980,000 tax refund on income of less than $19,000 – Tampa Bay

‘The Mandalorian’ Set Photos Reveal Seamless “Stagecraft” Technology at Work – Slash Film

How I stopped time by sitting in a forest for 24 hours – The Guardian

This is the best way to blanket your entire home with Wi-Fi. Simple and easy to install – Amazon

20 Situations That Happen To Everyone, But No One Talks About – Sad And Useless

Everything We Know About the Jeff Bezos Phone Hack – Wired

He’s Just Broken Up With His Girlfriend. How Does He Get Over It? – Brass Pills

Pennsylvania Woman Drove Into Traffic, Injuring 2 Others, to Test if God Would Protect Her – Towleroad

These Porsche 911 Customs Are The Ultimate Automotive Upgrades – Maxim

Mathematicians have solved traffic jams, and they’re begging cities to listen – Fast Co

Sara Jean Underwood Neked in her Cabin (nsfw) – Phun

The Vibrant (and Still Illegal) Sports Gambling Scene That Exists Behind Bars – Sports Illustrated

From summer janitor to CEO of Disney: What fueled Bob Iger’s rise to the top – Make It

Gabbie Carter at the 2020 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo (nsfw) – BB Blog

Cool Pictures Say More Than Just Thousand Words (39 Photos) – The Viraler

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