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good looking vs intelligent

Which Would Your Rather Be?



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Poll Of The Day

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How much money would it take for you to watch your wife/girlfriend get banged by another dude?



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Instagram Model Sells Her Virginity For $2.7 Million “To Make Her Mum Proud”

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instagram models sells her virginity

A Instagram model from Azerbaijan has sold off her virginity online to the highest bidder.

The auction winner is reported to be a politician from Japan, who paid an estimated $2.7 million.

Mahbuba Mammadzada, 23, said she was taking part in the bizarre sale “to make her mum proud”.

The model from Azerbaijan wants to use the money raised from the sale to travel the world with her mom.

Mahbuba also has a certified medical note confirming her virginity.

Under her profile name “Maria”, she says she also is looking for a sugar daddy to provide her with a monthly allowance of around $34,000.


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LGBTQ Rights Activist Nikki Joly Accused Of Burning Down His Own Home To Get Attention

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nikki joly house fire

A transgender activist in Michigan is accused by police of burning his own home and killing five pets, months after authorities investigated it as a hate crime.

According to a police report obtained by The Detroit News, police believe Nikki Joly, 54, may have burned down his house his Jackson, Michigan, because there were no gay rights controversies to campaign against.

Joly is a well-known LGBTQ activist, and in the months prior to the fire he helped open Jackson’s first gay community center, organized the city’s first gay pride festival, and helped lead the fight for an ordinance that prohibits discrimination against gay people.

The fire killed Joly’s two dogs and three cats and was investigated by the FBI as a hate crime.


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Poll Of The Day

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Which Would Your Rather Be?


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Taking The Day Off

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Hey guys going through some personal shit, trying to sort it out. Be back tomorrow.

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Father Of Four With No Hands Or Legs Proves Everything Is Possible!

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joseph reed no arms no legs

A father-of-four without arms and legs has proved that everything is possible, despite losing all his limbs to meningitis – inflammation of brain and spinal cord membranes – at the age of two.

Joseph Reed, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, takes care of his kids, helps his wife with household duties and has a full-time job, all despite having no limbs.

The 34 year old said that although growing up without his arms and legs was hard, he can now live ‘no problem’ without his limbs, and that he doesn’t care what people say about him anymore.

He told Barcroft TV: ‘It was hard growing up with no limbs, everybody used to treat me differently back then, plus I grew up in a foster system.

‘Now I can live without limbs with no problem and I don’t care what people say anymore. I have to live for myself and be comfortable in my own skin.’


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Elderly YouTuber Wrote Down His Subscribers In A Notebook And Thanked Them Individually

February 11, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: main |

One elderly YouTuber/world grandpa has taken the internet by storm, all through the power of good, old-fashioned manners.

Nilson Izaias is a senior citizen who loves to post stories about the flowers and fruits in his garden.

As January came to a close, Nilson had a very respectable number of subscribers – approximately 7,000 – but did not let this go to his head.

With what must have taken significant effort, Nilson wrote down all the names of his subscribers in a notebook, as a means of thanking them. He then showed the list in a heartwarming, gratitude filled video.


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February 8, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: main |

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MMA Fighters Try Women’s Self-Defense Techniques

February 8, 2019 | No Comments » | Topics: main |

mma fighters try women's self defense techniques

There’s nothing you can be taught in a 5 minute video that will make you competent in physical self defense. If that’s what you want, it require years of commitment and pain in a gym. If someone is telling you otherwise, they’re selling you some bullshit.

These 2 MMA fighters try out these self defense techniques taught in a women’s self defense video in order to find out. How much is reality? How much is BS?


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